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Terra and Jesse prepare a super funny, exciting, and epic adventure at the mall today for the girls!! It is a crazy scavenger hunt that leads them on a wild hunt for many items!! There are two teams, who Will complete the race?!

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Aydah is 7
Jayla is 10
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Aydah is in 2nd grade
Jayla is in 5th grade
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Caption: You're entering journey will they let us. have a free stock think we have about . minutes so we got to keep going we got . to go fast i think we're going to be. running now what's up guys and a . terrible smelly belly tv and we have an . awesome video plan today we are on . location at the mall what do you guys . think we're gonna be doing here shopping . maybe but probably not in my hand i have. stabbed in journalist for the crazy girl . we have eight yards right here what's. your name pyaar ko ko ko hey so we out. lena and j lo antes potaters and never. will forget haley and ada who are the . other form part you know you're bored . obviously i'd let the traffic their own . a and i would probably told him . something different so that's okay we're . going to have fun so there are 16 things . on their list and they have to get done. in one hour all of them are points based . so whoever has the most points at the. end of this month is the winner women ok. team taters what's your strategy to win. thank you okay all right now get all . right you have 44 what's your strategy . thank you are not harder yeah we'll see. you guys when we're standing in the. winner's circle. all right what time is it 256 so we have. to be back as a few earth and so of . course as 357 invent deal is taking out . our list we're gonna come over here . quick their first test games can find a . pickle okay jalen realized that smarter . strategy she's going to look at the. entire list and decide where would be. the best place to go you know where we . going first justice okay you better. apply for a job quick email break all . right we are here at justice jayla ask . the question we're wondering if we could . get a job application oh my gosh they. have 15 ahem yes we're gonna get like . five points right right yes oh yes . awesome thank you so much by the first . thing i earl is like pig a selfie with . some panda john we're at forever 21 we. have to go in and find someone who is 21 . years old so we're going to do you think . they think they found some how do you . know did you ask yet we got lucky guys . hi what's your name yeah and you are . yes the girl who's not what way faster . than expected guys okay ha who our next . location thank you bye our next stop is. clear what i feel like you guys know . exactly hope you have to do there until . we get there so let's go up there we're . at elevator right now currently going up . okay let's get the clear of guys go . let's go . okay girls what do we have to find it . clear how something rainbow all right. let's do it all right guys we hit two . birds with wait one bird which i don't . know how it goes but we have a belly. belly on which is also on the list and . we're inside of claire's we found . something rainbow and we have what was . your name again cake can you say eat. your pickle kitty you think okay next up. on the list guys we have to stop at the . band source and get a selfie okay one . two three cheese perfect oculus guy. right now restless i'm really really. curious to see at this point in time how . far along jessie any other team has. gotten do you think they beat us we have. how many do we have now guys coming. three we have three so far jayla and . lena have racked up five points by . getting that job application let's do. what we can get next we are trying to . find some superhero underwear and i. think jayla might have found some is . that it is that it right there yeah i. wonder woman yeah you got a selfie with . it go quick okay all right guys they're . getting their selfie with the superhero . underwear good job guys jayla and lena . just racked up another seven points by. getting that underwear now we had . points in total we are at h&m in the . men's section because the girls have to. dress me up like a boy and then jesse is . getting dress up like a girl right now. i'm showing you that they're so excited . to see that here he is wearing a button . up shirt and some cargo jeans you can . call me . and we call me. hey i me. they make. the next challenge is to be a mannequin . on the front of the mannequin for two . full minutes you don't lose you can't . move guys i want to see if anybody . thinks anything of this when they're . coming in the super this is our lair he. is i love it and you're done you can . move well mannequin and dress as the. opposite gender done hi we're trying to . get one french fry at savoy see if you. can do this i offered a bizarre like . that on an hour you can get one song. single yeah it's like a single sucks i . have to work. she is honestly like the most awesome. person she got one fried for the girl. that it's just like so sweet right we're . moving on to more points are going to . see if you get a free sample a very . strong. oh racking up more toy thank you the. girls were supposed to take a selfie of . eating their free sample but they forgot. to do that mr. t in their tummy so . they're just taking a selfie other tummy . so the girls are stopping at subway to. see if they can get 1-click last one . pickle they already got a prize let's. see if they can get a pickle pickles are. right down there ain't that we're going . to see if we can get one there we go . actually your sheet only says slimy. pickles so we don't even have to get one . so we found the pickle pickles are right. there kayla sick just step selfie of the . pickle all right we're good to go right . exam. ya got the packet yeah we gonna have one. yeah yeah we were doing up yeah but. we're doing a scavenger our jailer was . successfully getting a ketchup packet. way to go so the girls had to find a . purple candle right and boom there it is. purple candle but i wonder if that . counts because the wax is white but i . guess it counts because it is purple . glass alright account all right what did . you guys find here urban camo on the . list ready maya one two three perfect . mon we only have twenty seven minutes. left guys how many more things we have . our list but gretchen it off the way. guys you so we need to do dick stand 3 . or we have four more but three of them . are in the food court so as soon as we . make sure the food court we're done and. we can be the winners i don't want to . say since i'm rory i think our team. should get extra time because genius i . float us down at least about 45 seconds. by now i think we should get extra time . what do you guys think yeah i think so. journeys an axis result yes we have to . go to journey that ass for free soft . sofa need some socks guys are fear. called you're entering journey will they. let it cover free stock i don't know. let's go on in come on guys we scored . we're getting a free stock oh oh it's . empty sad day we're going to lose my ass . and that's all we needed be seeing you . here we didn't tell her that you know . why no way we should have it a little . quicker if there's one more journey hey. how many things you have on your list. i'm i think we have about eight to nine . wow yeah and we've got the free french . fries try that they have nine so and we. have eight so we got to get going guys . we're halfway done as a total of sixteen . so i think we're going to be running now . now thats restocking is one thing in . common we're getting back here . my cock is it should be uninteresting oh. thank you so much oh she got a free. stock all right now you gotta put it on. i go in the head they go on the feet . yeah oh there you go there you go all . right good job guys by people of vans . thank you so much one of the challenges . is getting itself selfie with vans and. halo just accomplished that jayla and . lena are racking up quite a bit of point. and we still have i don't know like . minutes left on the clock i think we. have about 20 minutes so we got to keep . going we got to go fast we're in justice . and the girls have to ask for a job . application as i mean if you guys have. any more classes they want a job they. want to work here he backed off hi there . it is guys all right put it in your . baggy let's go ok the next thing on our. list is a hot a selfie with a yellow and . a blue shirt on and i think we completed . this challenge we are on to hot topic . define super hero underwear because that. is on the list so whatever is on the . list we will find. [music]. [applause]. i think the superhero underwear is going. to be the hardest part of our mission . today they didn't have any a spy or a . hot topic okay we can scratch off free . samples from arlen go ahead eat it you. have to eat it for its account all right . of course we had to have pickle on the . list and the girls are at chick-fil-a. right now i think we're going to get the . pickle and the ketchup packet that is . also on the list we have one last and . final thing on our list i want to see . how far jesse has gotten at this point . rena has successfully found the next . item which are these overalls and she's . got to take a quick photo i'm get it go . there go we are here at self and the . next thing we're supposed to find with a . blue and yellow striped shirt rozonda . right here may i take a selfie hit it . all right this is for it good job guys . we are on our way into jc penney's . because jalen lena want to do the. mannequin challenge we're basically they. have to stand like a mannequin by a. mannequin or two minutes yes my height. two minutes sir now let me see your. stopwatch all right here we go two. minutes. okay they both moved a little bit so i'm . gonna have to say the time has to start . over cuz we got to be fair about that. guys i don't know if i can give them the . points they've been moving around quite. a day i don't know if this is gonna work . i mean they're pretty still they're. pretty still so i think we're going to . give them the points because that is . difficult for anybody to not blink at . all so i'm going to give you guys the . point good job but you still got 20 more . seconds alright it's been two minutes so . they are done so the next thing was is . that we have to dress our parents in the . opposite gender so we're going to just . daddy is this nice beautiful flowy pink. dressing hardly flight will poke enough. on it so he's just getting changed to . liz's don't look so goofy thank you do a. little while for us . they're in search of a panda at. jcpenneys in the toy store because we. need to find a panda guys weiner found a . panda leave a fun a better way to go . lean on your awesome it's 348 and. there's still a couple things on our . list and we're going to try to do them . as fast as we can but we gotta run we . gotta go we gotta go come on girls we. actually have more time than what i saw . because i miscalculated the time i . thought it was before taking trimmins we . could stick now and forever 21 looking . for somebody to 21 finding somebody . and forever 21 was a failure for us and . it got a little awkward at least people . if they were what their age was one of . our items on the scavenger hunt was to. find a smelly belly in and say eat your . pickles kids and we found her her name . is amelia and she's right here is. actually getting her ears pierced done. at the same place that brewery got done . and now are you guys ready to hand yes. we did it thank you so much that was ten . points for us you just hope that our. team high five it's always like an . amazing feeling for us to meet smelly . belly and because it's just so cool like . we actually get to see who's on the. other side of the screen and that's . amazing time so i think this scavenger . hunt is been one of the best scavenger. hunt ever and i think the smelly belly . makes the best one ever yeah alright so . the last thing on our list is the. superhero underwear and i have a feeling. that in a little boy section at sears . there could possibly be solved or the. girls section we'll see look what we . found guys well actually the girls found. it they've been doing awesome superhero. underwear just answer that that's okay . picture hold up hold up probably one . laptop were worried since she's been. such a good girl during our hunt she. gets poppy slippers i was really worried . i bringing worrier along would hinder . there was all of us completing the . scanner humping she's been so good guy. she's been say her stroller she's been. following all the rocks. yeah they met cha it's your lucky day. today guys we're all sweaty and worn out. and tired but we did it we completed our . list i've actually never done anything. like this before a little scavenger hunt. i wonder if you guys have comment down . below if you have done something like . this and if you have it i recommend . doing it it is so much fun it is 350 and . it looks like the other crew already . made it back how'd you guys do is it. everything everything is 21 year old me. forever 21 wait how'd you guys get a. smelly belly and yeah was it um voser . named amelia no so we both met separate . smelly belly good job guys way to go. rory got some poppy shoes look at those. those are some fancy. thank you guys so much for watching . today's video it is clear that the . unicorn parts are the winner. congratulations unicorn farts and. actually i want to give them an extra . congratulations because they had to take. rory on their team way to go unicorn. parts and what is your name again hey . the potatoes sorry potaters you you will. get better yeah you guys there everyone . did off hey i think some of it was just . just luck of the draw and looks like you . guys were luckier than i we will see you. guys tomorrow with a new video at 6am . each of sanderson and remember to eat . your pickles kids click update my blog. what is discharged you know reach in and. grab in all the classes under smelly . don't see. [music]. .

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