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The moment you've all been waiting for - The official HowToBasic face reveal. Don't want to ruin the mystery? Don't watch the video.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this video possible.
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[music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. hey vsauce michael here hi my name is. michael stevens you may know me as the . creator and host of the saw swamp on . youtube on december . i created the how to basic youtube . channel i created it as what i believe . to be step 1 in an important human . revolution as i looked around at what . technology was doing to us i realized . that we were offloading information and. skills to machines you no longer have to . know how to fix a dented car how to make . an apple pie you could just google it . the human mind was being replaced by . machines and once that replacement is . finished humanity's gone . i thought warning people would be enough . but then i realized it was too late only . a revolution that tore down the . infrastructure of technology in our . world would be sufficient and i could . only do that from the inside . i needed to upload diy informational and. educational content full of . misinformation and at certus commenting . that way the system would fall apart . people wouldn't trust machines and we . would all have to trust ourselves too . many of you this isn't a surprise there . have been rumors that i created . howtobasic circling for years i've been . including clues in plain sight i've been . hiding easter eggs if you will . throughout vsauce videos . hey . [music]. and stick the peeled boiled egg on top. this video is the 170 v installments 475 . 475 yeah full of seven five no that's a . four with your very right like six times . what do you think that's a full kind of . no no one would help if you wrote more . clearly if you didn't yell so much . yeah with anyone oh i dare you go get it . okay hole seven fine are you gonna . interrupt me again sorry god god . this video is the four hundred and . seventy fifth installation of how to . biscuit why wait . if you would stop insulting me every day . monitor your channel is gone don't . listen we have agreed to give you . exposure for v so i think it's not sorry . for that mix-up i probably just have to . come out and say it i . i'm had a basic never expected the. channel to get any traction really at . the styles you stopped loading like . garbage i think was one point where i . did like a hundred videos in one day i . hope you might be wondering how i did . the collabs with myself it kind of takes . away the magic a bit but i used to just . use you know this tennis ball machines . that shoot the tennis balls . i would load those full of eggs i'd have . those shoot up myself i'd have my own . hand green screened in light up sort of . just in post and i'd add the sound . effects and all that if you look at it . it's kind of easy to tell that's why max . miller hasn't had a person over in year . i've always said ten million subs . although face review really never . thought i'd ever have a chance to get . this far all my projects i've done max . mofo maxima for close one maxima for . games metamorpho to how to basic and . basic to it's like well like six . channels now and i primarily do all the . work for them there's three tiers of . awards that they send you you've got . your silver play button for a hundred . thousand you got your gold play button. and then you get your diamond play . button and that's for ten million they . haven't said pick mine yet that's my god . one for max my phone max my phone games . and then i had a basic collection the . 200 thousands on the top and then the . big 1 million it's been five years . here's to another five thank you so much . for watching guys yeah i can't think of . anything else is that fine . yeah yeah that's good yeah i think . that's good you think they'll believe . that yeah yeah i reckon okay we can put . that up i've been trying to deny it . anymore it was me i'm sorry i've been . trying to deny but through love all of . the youtube completions of perf you know . the time max and that snapchat honey . completely blowing my cover . basically what i have done is recorded . behind-the-scenes footage every single. video since i've started there's a few. things that i've done to try and throw . people off the trial i did an interview . with 9 news where i got a friend who . actually to base how to base i am how to . base how do prey of the basis how to be . actually how to base i'm not a basic . [music]. know how to base it you jack . i'm howtobasic you and your films . they're not films you dumb their videos . call them what the rest of us call them . videos you stupid sack of i would give . anything to just . research i spent the last last three. years almost four years trying to figure . this out all leads to one person and . it's not who they think it he's been . fooling all of you guys say state was . been appointed . he's been putting little red herrings. and everything and he's been laughing at . you guys and comparing the hands and . comparing different dogs and it's all . like they don't want it out but i'm . gonna get it out i'm gonna do it one . persons in charge of it one person is . doing it but these guys are all in for . all of this is like these two these two . are linked who thinks that all these all . these dudes just owned german shepherds . that's not how things work you get the . motor out in dark brown brown and dark. from browning look at this man they tell . us eggs aren't bad for us all of a . sudden egg truck the crashes in china . and look at this man look at this dude . same day he's been getting all this . evidence just planted in your head so . right here what max moto talks about he . talks about how howtobasic has left a . bunch of pepsi max's at his house and . right afterwards right afterwards what . ethan and the illest are drinking pepsi . max that's not how things everything's . trying to trick you don't you guys are . thinking you guys are thinking that . since it's youtube conspiracies can't . happen but that's wrong riddle me this . maximo close friend warren is in this . video he's in this video he's all over . max's and ceramic town up here and down . here because they were trying to make us . think it was howtobasic . and when that didn't work they flipped . the script on us and . this guy shows up and he's in this video . and he's in this video and he's in this. video and he's the pennywise they're . trying to get us to think we're smart . enough to figure out who howtobasic is . so we stopped searching but you don't . stop searching because they're red . herrings. here's that all of this all of this . right here all of this right here has . led me to understand who howtobasic . really is i know who how to basic is and . this right here this right here is the . egg that broke the camel's form here's . the thing i knew off the bat i knew off . the bat that that it wasn't gonna be a . square or a conical hand type okay but . but here's the here's the second thing . is what if i were to tell you that it . wasn't an e it wasn't any of the seven . hand types what if i were to tell you . that there is an eighth and type . [music]. .
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