FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Mermaid Fantasy with Raja and Aja

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Hi everyone its raja and asha and you're . watching this week's episode of rupaul's . drag race fashion photo hi treasures . it's me ben de la creme and i am so . excited to tell you that i am going to . be at drag con this year may 11th 12th . and 13th at the la convention center . this year it's going to be in the south . hall which means it's going to be even . bigger than ever cuz the south halls . bigger get it where you get your tickets . i'll tell ya rupaul's drag con-com . that's where single day tickets are all . available now so act now will i see you . there. this week we've got asia back in the . house where the goods bravin ma she's . just missing we puttin up behind she's . on all the milk carton and this week. we'll be talking about the looks of . season 10 of. [music]. all right so we're talking about season . 10 we're talking about this week's a . theme and challenge which is mermaid . realness was it called mermaid fantasy . mermaid man to sea bitch hold on i said . that i took. madonna very seriously hats really . seriously but i also take mermaids very . very serious absolutely our people honey . these are people we are both from the . ocean fish fish right here fish the two. of us mom two women judging women this . women let's hope all the bitches serve. the runway mermaid realness and co-op . the entire look is inspired by the . divine miss miss bette midler herself . who used to come out on stage you know . dressed as a mermaid wheelchair . fantasies so all the girls were carted . out wheeled out on wheelchairs . i've been wheeled out of a club before . i'm very sure of that first contestant . ladies and gentlemen let's bring to the . stage b what the only monique arch the . makeup is good i like that the fin . matches like the earrings it's like i'm . sorry i forgot to manscape today but you . don't have to call me out . shady availablein i like it it's it's . safe for me i like the hair color . everybody knows that my national hair . colors lavender i like the thin it's . mermaid doll honey we're talking about . some serious here we're not around . anymore this is season ten and the theme . is mermaid can we talk reiterate top . again bring that back to me and say to . me what you really mean it's a it's a . quote if you think it's a good fit it's . all we i think it's like for me it's . like it's there it's not there but it's . eyes . it's safe i don't there's nothing really . hard on this because it's mermaid she . looks like a squid she's literally . calamari twitter fish oh i don't give up . cheese that the theme was mermaid not . squid age maybe it's an either for me . it's neither is there something between . shoot and boot we can think of one you . can be the first like it's just like new . like neutral it's just like no new like . it's not good but it's not bad boys and . girls and everything days in between. yeah newt but for me it's actually not a . newt it's a boot but if you want to nude . about it and nude all you want. next we have ms cracka baraka i love . miss cracker . i'm not crazy with the entire ensemble. as a whole i feel like the headpiece and . the bra go really well together but i . feel like the fin being gold is not . enough to match it to everything oh my . god and another need out of construction . paper . what is that go ahead i just wish the . scales were either all pink or all blue . like i would think there needed to be . either something to tie it in or . contrast it i don't know for me for me . it's a boob it is like sad mermaid it is. a sardine okay it is a canned sardine . not a beautifully like sea salted one in . barcelona in the summer she looks like . she is a frog but i am not a crazy about . the fin shape next we have a query i . [applause]. really love like how the top looks like . it's melting thar . onto her body and the wet hair she's the . first queen that we've seen today . wearing like wet hair with our mermaids . mm-hmm we're buddies don't happened . right here well if gaga i see the . reference cuz gaga did a mermaid tail . look with oil flick like black paint all . over her and i definitely see that . reference but clever loves it into it . loves it loves it loves it and i like . the fed the fin looks like it's like . distress and shredded this more bait has . been that's your new dragon a distress . distress. like cheese oh my god and leather . leather friends i love this i love this . look i love that it's black i love oil. slicked and even though we're talking . about the mermaid fin i think a really . intense highlight shimmer for all black . is like to me this is a booth i mean . this is a tube rockin with a beam i have . it's a - it's a - dude it's a - it's a - . - to the moon - ladies and gentlemen we . have to the stars . aja o'hara no i'm not completely crazy . about the silhouette but i will say i'm . happy she did like not the traditional . mermaid similar cuz she had something . else but the face like it's like this is . giving me like dimension there's a story . here like she's just not a fish she's a . sad fish she's a mermaid she's been. through some stuff most things that are . mystical and like weird in the ocean are . kind of ugly right yes so like she went . for that so we're for like ugly pretty . and i'll say this all season has used . like these like weird problematic. patterns i love that she incorporated . that into this because a lot of times . like jimmy four-way stretch spandex can . kind of come off really cheap but when . you use use it and utilize it and really . make it work mm-hmm and put it together . you get this you get a show hair oh i . love it i think it's it's ingenious it's . like another way of looking at things . and i'm all about bitches who look . outside of the box and not think and so . far all i've seen is you know box fish . stick and this one is live it is a . thriving in the ocean and no one has . discovered her yeah and they've pulled . her out of water because she's like i . will say this so asia so far this season . has worn a lot of nude illusion mmm . i want to see some of her like actual . like skin - whoo i was your body queen i . give a shell hera eight - next we have . the vixen boot . yeah i come on to a book for me as well . i wish that the tale would have had a . higher cut like a beat cut for the . waistline because the belly button and . then like the abs like it's sexy but . like i feel like i don't know the fins . just starts too low . i like that vixen is doing the bra thing . but here again the bra feels like this . place like before it was that it was too . low now it's too spaced out and i'm not . saying that i get to choose where you . put your to do but those titties are . really far titties like you know debts . like the cross-eyed the titty right now . like it's just like i like the hair and . i like the crown i just this is not . super unique i give the vixen of boots i . give it a boot boot next we have cameron . michaels i love this i didn't think i . would like the green hair with red but i . like the way the green melts into like a. green blonde like pumpkin fantasy well i . just like the fact that she looks like a . fish like the fin like the potato oh it . gives me like koifish it like gives me . salmon it gives me pescatore delights i . love this i like the details and i like . that she has little fun yes it's not . something like cardboard things stuck to . the bottom of old flipper pool flipper . like give me a break this actually looks . fish like ocean like and i live for this . fish realness i give it up - she is the . whore of mermaids and i live so i'm . going to give this a toot and the the . bras great the jeweling the seashell the . yasna and even the detailing in the fin . like the colors where they blend - . beautiful - ladies and gentlemen next we . have mona . oh wow exactly she's next and she is . giving us mermaids is that a landline on . her it's like a mace i love this she's . giving me battle fish i love that her . mermaid is different yeah it's like this. is different it's fishy like aquatic but . like she obviously like a scar. on her face you know i like that she's . gone through some stuff i think as . mermaids we're all slightly scarred i . think this is my favorite monet look. that she has worn this season and it's . also the fish here no no a bad pun . martin ah ours looks amazing to me i . love this look i give this a choose i . give it a two okay next we have eureka . oh i like that it's a thin with the nude . illusion on the tail this is so . hilarious cuz i was thinking the same . thing i'm like you know i love this . thing from the fin and that's about it . i like why i like the arm gauntlet fin . moment i'm not crazy about the top half . either but i do love the fin i love the . cutouts and for me i'm on the fence but . like i i think for me this is like a . safe choose to believe i just i'd only . think i would change is the hair and the. top it's baggy it's like she needs some . stones she's to stone her fin i don't . curl please it's the only thing really . wonderful like i said is the fin itself . and i wish other girls would have taken . note or had the advantage to create. something as wonderful as that fin but . everything else i wish someone wore . their fin as like lingerie was like a . garter belt been there done it i'll show . you pictures and this is a absolute boob . man i'm not really into this i see the . intention but i just find it to be very . lackluster and without embellishments. and it needs more i agree but i'm gonna . cheat it because i i like i like i like . where it's going i just wish i had more . for now or for me their nests finesse . giving me fish sticks giving me oh. giving me an aquatic giving me like omer . me. lll give me underwater fist . this fish is fish fish fish fish fish . fish yes our top two to the week is all . right we had a time yes very personal to . us this mermaid theme i just got her own . and rogers got hers . so are you first my top two to the week . is monet exchange i just live for the . storyline and uniqueness yes god my top . to the week is aquaria yeah i love it . she looks like a evil little battling . fish drenched in bitch yeah . the murmur bitch the merb bitch you're . kind of a mur bitch oh my god are we . done with her send me home tune into vh1 . thursday nights for a new episode of . rupaul's drag race season ten check out . the link below and make sure that you . can watch rupaul's drag race in whatever. country you're in on wow . presents yeah make sure you come see us . raja and asia doing a fashion photo . review live at dragon con 2018 come see . us yeah we're gonna be getting crazy if . we begin buck wow especially raja don't . trust us mostly me . [music]. .
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