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Fuck'em yeah i said i'm done i'm done . playing their games i'm sick and tired . of it jake paul is literally using this . hype and creating terrible videos from. it brad plus he's a liar he says no one . cares about boxing boxing isn't a real . sport boxing is soft no one cares about . box everyone would rather see an mma . fight that is a real fight not boxing . you can decide why would i box you it . doesn't show who's a better fighter but . then he says this literally a few weeks . before my fight there should be an . influencer boxing like league like just. youtubers instagram people . hey celebrity - everyone just fights . like as keemstar said it's just . embarrassing plus you lied again you . said that you followed me ages ago back . when i was apparently relevant but you . and i both know that you fooled me in . december. shoutout to the bread patch instagram . account for this but they let me know . that you followed rice in december as . well so putting two and two together. looking at your following list i'm right . next to rice so jake what are you on . about either way i can't be asking you . anymore bro . i said boxing and it will always be. boxing so that's that and logan you just . need to get your shit together bro cuz i . don't know you just can't stop fucking . up here's some advice like from a . youtuber to another youtuber just stay . away from dead things mode you just . don't connect well with dead things . simple as that anyway ladies and . gentlemen i am officially done with the . pool robbers so far vitaly . furious pete jmx adam sala and pretty . much fouseytube have cooled me out so i . thought instead of me picking who i . fight next why don't i let the people . decide so hear me out i'm gonna give it . a few more days so that if any other . youtuber wants to challenge me to a . boxing match . they can easily make their video and . call me out before i make a decision so . if you guys have a favorite youtuber . that you love watching and you would . love to see into the ring with me . the nightmare don't let them know people . let them know after a few days i will . mention in another video all the . opponents i could be facing and then a . poll will be made of said youtubers and . after that ladies and gentlemen you get . to decide who i fight next it's gonna be . a lot of fun ladies and gentlemen and i. could not wait no that's all i need to . say this has been your boy kiss ologies . every teen for those asking where they . can get the tea i know hoodie that was . wearing at the press conference then the . link is down below or it's at sideburn . clothing dakota uk or calm it doesn't . really matter and yeah take care and . peace oh baby . .
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