Gatlinburg Fire (Full Video) (Smoky Mountain) Pigeon Forge

Gatlinburg Fire (Full Video) (Smoky Mountain)Wildfire
Gatlinburg Fire (Full Video)
Gatlinburg Tennessee On Fire (Full Video)
Gatlinburg Fire (Full Video) Wildfire
Pigeon Forge
Oh my gosh this is not good this is so close to the resort so close to my god it's so hot me and them and once per m crazy so where this is like 10 introduce / it's pretty bad right now the ashes pretty big kind of hard to really keep your eyes open or breathe or less there's a lot of people stop on spur right now guys a lot of people there's been fatalities already injuries are happening there's a lot of people at risk right now looks like they're letting some out thank god i drove right through there i know it's burning the whole mountain is were were stationed up it while they're in his west gate hotel can't really go nowhere law enforcement is doing great they're so awesome love pigeon forge but if you're here in this town do not come down here to see what it looks like do not this is crazy it not good at all there's a lot of people vendor and they're trying to like what down and get it under control but there's been a lot of tourists fighting with believe you know about the cabinetry of course so all these cars coming out a lot more local network and keep this place running so you guys become your vacation it's just that the ashes so thick but i think i'll be right there that's news channel wait alright yeah it's bad it's really bad here firefighters have joined with their trucks to block the road because people were not listening to the police so hey hey what you say on my way why are they are they blocking down there the parkway down there i don't you freaking need to be man he got mad yeah look at my brother's ashes think it's going to throat because everywhere pretty much we're going to stop actually carefully can't really go anywhere so i'm just letting you guys get a front-row seat um this is just tragic for if you're here stay home stay home do not come out all of gatlinburg is being evacuated they're trying to get everybody out um wasting our time together they're trying to everybody out just stay home do not come down here to look at cool fire that's what a lot of people have been doing and i've been getting stuck so you get stuck you may not get out i mean it's that bad and anybody that comes down here you know the spurs a tight spot is super super super tight so all right every news channel america's heroes ingredient yeah give all the mass before i think one is they all have mass right i'm first day home say a prayer this is really close to town this is close to resorts cabins people are staying in and live in like me i live in common so um please pray it's not good people thanks roger she is for yeah it's crazy here being all your comments re yes and manny please pray for them at a play very good hitters calls in the restroom opponents blowing happened videos got no apology thank you alicia amy thank you the air quality is poor rob bowl like horrible horrible why you i can reclaim all prices were so close but sheriff sevier county we're doing great here county sheriff's department reports police department gpd everybody's doing really good most people would stop fighting within those okay we're just doing their job trying to keep everybody safe as possible he said you're not going up that road every oh this is so great like all the firefighters are showing up to help block the road and just direct traffic hey guys sorry about that i got out that was the school system calling all schools are just been cancelled fyi local people don't you get the call but sevierville gatlinburg were all out tomorrow yay for sure sorry about the interference i just want to ask you all get 1i never my like she's border whiskey laying your leg that high five for the westgate employees who like in advance oh my gosh look i'm not a lot of facebook hope i was like 1am ass don't put me on there westgate already on bart just got the money money money family stay in their kids children if whoever's watching so close to all schools throughout that we're all schools to gather for severe weather here we go thank you jean the blue the blue good when they need you bad go get those people out of there this is also think i here quick oh my god work max capacity to you cheese is right what is it our family lives in nashville that's where we're heading out to a nice things for doing that with you they were born in black mountain right yeah oh yeah we stopped we stuck in a fireman ahead it's not funny but you got me something later this crazed not my head is pounding and we're pretty much done breathing in all this so we're just hanging tank can take haha oh my god i'm so happy those troopers came through winning tennessee this is the best vacation place in the state of tennessee so this is going to hit hard news channel 7 is he over there are you doing anything about people all the time well yeah because they're stuck me and my phone is blowing up ok alright he's like nigel i'll be walking around here like hey but you're mad crazy and it horrible was your facebook like them bloody west you man happy with getting the house will be with gary barnidge i love westgate that close the world eventually it is like girl i got a video it's very old school and schools are closed we're gonna get what we're starting to get back would you do boys getting all five i know that's one thing in there goes our jobs within out now will be alright just gotta get on worried about hold them there they need to come out of there we're at max capacity store we r max capacity for we know bacon god hey my mom's on here yep hey mom i'm alright just let you know right wobble it a bit sorry we got a lot of years in this body but this horrible for robo we leave around me and i working with 10 pigeon forge what does he got isn't it looks like a tablet but the news channels over here asking for interview by the way to actually know right speaking otherwise that thing you ever sit on the day and easy yeah i you really think this one was that there's no way they found two gas a little cottage cheese is more oh my god what is wrong with people okay seriously guys everyone its viewing room hydrant raise your arson like what is wrong with you you just put thousands thousands of families children like so many people are jobs or it could be at stake like so many things you just put on the line what is wrong with people i hope they find you sorry i hope they find you may be burning state like i'm i'm god i need to say that but real seriously the driving akb this is the side of the spur towards pigeon forge we're like 10 right here this is the entry to the spur not headed into gatlinburg headed now it was blazing but i drove through as you see the other video on my facebook and it is across the river and i mean it's gonna spread so sorry all your questions carrie and stop it shut them i love you miss you girl thank you kevin hubbard yes state troopers are doing so good [music] there were so many parts down there and real stuff that can move and i'd when i drove it was so hot i was like i can't imagine what you're under a lot of back and not the team please i know the communities are no jobs my gosh i'm don't even own boots like it either these are the boots like to thank you it's horrible he's smooth thank you megan ryan mitchell do not say whiskey is burning to the ground as we watch where ru message somebody let me know [music] are you happy with where you say that man for real that recognizes the decadent west a gold pickle files now don't we are you trouble there's our economic talking about all that stuff to put on all out right i know i know that's not playing you know with the 621 viewers hey guys this is crazy super crazy right now they're trying to get people off thus far that are stuck because they evacuated gatlinburg if you see the video that i posted earlier it's blazing so big big shout out to her welcome for smits they're doing good you're doing dude mom i can't go home the metal bear in which is west gate hotel so everything's all right away from the right-handed that with we are not in gallery we are at like number 10 as you head onto this burg this is the last light before you get the gatlinburg you can't get the skirt part of the opposite direction because their step so because i'm better what's going on is the spur in gatlinburg tennessee is on fire half of the mountain is slaving you can check i posted a video of it here on my facebook page as i was leaving the town nobody was really aware that it was happening yet so i caught a glimpse of the first even first stages are there people are step jason humor gosh it's not our body it's right outside the tunnel right by others or on an open quickly so what's going on is the spurs on fire there's not really much more to say about it and they're evacuating gatlinburg schools are closed fyi any local people watching if you have already got the call for tomorrow gatlinburg pigeon forge sevierville world how come they're bringing people down the opposite direction of the spur because they're stuck and they can't get out of gatlinburg and the fire is spreading really fast as the wind here is really bad right now yeah you better put your men's cut we are pretty much stuck right here where we're at we can't really get out the roads are blocked for right now until they get everybody officer hence why i'm on live with you guys we're very awesome cool mask you know too i keep the ash from going in our nose and mouth it's just a shame it's really scary it's really close to home a lot of us work at westgate and you know you're nervous for guests and tours that are in gatlinburg and pretty much everyone that's down thats berg sheriff's department and police department and thank you fabulous drunk and everybody out according to worry about that sorry about that i mean we make out in it i mean it's just that you can really wear right now in this entire town without reading it that obviously yes as far as row between galesburg in pigeon forge where the river hits the road over the river it's the middle yes it's ash lori a
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