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This Dinosaur Surprise Egg is one of the BIGGEST Super Giant Surprise Egg unboxing videos we've had on ToyLabTV, and it's full of Jurassic World toys that LB is going to open and play with. Our Jurassic World egg surprise opening includes Jurassic World toys like the Brawlasaurs Battle Set with Indominus Rex and T-Rex, Jeep Wrangler R/C Vehicle, Mosasaurus vs. Submarine Pack, Tyrannosaurus Rex Lockdown Playset and the Peterbilt 387 Hauler. In our Giant Play Doh surprise egg there is the Jurassic World Diecast Jeep Wrangler, Matchbox car and blind bag, as well as a Yowie Surprise Chocolate Egg that's like a Kinder Surprise Egg. We also unbox the T Rex Dino Bones kit, and Aaron play battles LB with more Silly String Spray Streamers.
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Surprise eggs are called huevos sorpresa in Spanish, Überraschung Eier in German, oeuf surprise in French and uova sorpresa in Italian. Playdough is called plastilina, Knete and pÒte à modeler. Toys are called juguetes, spielzeug, jouets and giocattoli.
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Caption: All right i got my own dinosaur egg now. and start my own dinosaur park. . . not so fast i can guarantee its park. ranger lb i gotta get out of here. . . he keeps coming. . . ok. . . it's coming. . . that's running out. . . get out of here. . . let's go all this pain if you have a tv. . . look at this - dinosaurs here be. . . hey i'll be i think you should go check. out the egg for more toys. . . ok. . . wow look at school they'll be it's the. jurassic world jeep wrangler remote. . . control. . . travel let's go try it out take out. . . indominus rex ah - are going to eat it. . . are you didn't knock them down oh god im. t-rex's ya did it yep and they did it. . . yep it's a cool its most of the source. vs. the submarine. . . what an awesome set will have that. inside to the back double try it out. . . i felt okay i'll be sure to have this. most of the source vs. submarines. . . networks. . . ok so this can pop out like the means to. get a pop out and then shoots at the. . . camera. . . where is the most the source was like. it's floating upside down over here look. . . at delegating you want. . . ok i'll be go get another toy for the. tyrannosaurus rex lockdown set also the. . . lb tell us how the t-rex cage works. . . ok so this opening yeah i so the. lightning comes out one bring the door. . . locks out the same time and as the door. gets farther the liteon gets five. . . yeah. . . and there's like a little on. . . like a mantra. . . look goal isn't what isn't there a. gyrosphere over there. . . oh yeah here so that can just like. opening up the gate and then and then. . . the t-rex will get you like just hanging. back and happy. . . i don'ti rex got out now he's on the. loose is going to attack somebody. . . oh i think you better go find another. toy in the edge. . . wow it's being dominated scratch brushes. that. . . - awesome it's gross or services. . . cool let's take it inside and try it out. ok i'll be ready for summer allosaurus. . . action you take your indominus rex and. i'll take my t-rex we crank them up and. . . put them in the launcher put it back. like that. . . on your mark get set bro. . . oh it's a tie. . . brawl oh nobody wants to try again third. time we win this one wins and brawl in. . . d1 and ominous wet rex win yeah it does. it get it did it doesn't tip out. . . whoa look at this drastic world trap. . . it is so long. . . yeah. . . whoa. . . cool truck lb hey let's see if there's. some more toys in the eggs. . . oh look at all those dino bone. . . we are gonna make it she wrecks ok here. is i'm dinosaur kit. . . it is the mouth open up bro me out. . . hey what if you have a t-rex wore a. skeleton where i won the egg. . . so now we're gonna bring this stick. . . and. . . yeah. . . okay that's one it's always a little bit. trick with the pool. . . i wonder what's inside here wow this is. a lot of noise and we are going to start. . . with. . . it's drastic part keep this is running. the jurassic world no. . . so here's i jurassic park ji all your. back tires coming off their lb. . . oh yeah my back tire i haven't seen it. . . what. . . yes alb i think it's a chocolate. surprise that called yo we kind of like. . . a kinder and once you open it up. . . yummy chapter. . . ok now i'm going to open up the yeah we. all look like it a little like dinosaurs. . . his name is crap pretty cool isn't the. lb we should try to collect more of. . . these. . . wow did jackson world wine that isabel. be. . . i don't know but this is a bag guy. . . okay it looks like a drastic world. matchbox cool it's like a offer vehicle. . . isn't it. . . yeah he's the rest of our collection. cool we got a pretty big jurassic world. . . car collection don't we all be. . . yeah if you like this video please gasps. of thumbs up and subscribe to our. . . channel and if you'd like to see a giant. play doh jurassic world surprise egg. . . click here on the left to watch now or. you can click on the right to see a. . . super-sized giant spider man surprise eh. . . thanks for watching. . . yeah. .

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