“Gucci Gang” Country Edition! (Dear Ryan)

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Hey guys so as you guys can see i. finally moved in it needs to need some . work don't worry guys it'll look a lot . less dirty hopefully soon that's a lie . it's probably gonna look the same just . just get it started . that's not the off button i just covered . the lid there we go . dear ryan can you make a man's not hot . parody pretty sure i could do that this . part there's actually words in here i. thought there was no words the dingo . tingles mmm tingles yet done now you . don't know which one is it you're done . now or you don't know boom boom . you don't know gonna hear that again the . tingles. [music]. you don't know you don't know i don't . know dear ryan can you grow your beard . back you look like a pussy without it . hey do not dear ryan can you fart in . front of your friends . this one supposed to be difficult umm i . mean if you don't fart but hit your . friends you're not real friends there's . a bunch of fakes actually that could . just be our group of friends we're . pretty disgusting but guys fart in front. of each other all the time it's funny to . us for whatever reason it's not gross to . me most times we have farting for my . girlfriends easy well unless nothing i . just i came to say hi hi i'm ryan higa . and every single year of each second of . the day. horrible acts of sexism are being. committed by men who don't even know . they're committing them it's called. sexist party many men don't even realize . that by holding in their farts around . women you're not only depriving them of . the joy that is farting but also . systematically teaching them to hold in . their farts in front of men everyone . deserves an equal opportunity to . experience parts and if we truly want to . create equality amongst men and women . this is one very necessary step we must . take we have to do better so please join . the movement and do your part have a . heart. sponsor girl and just fart thank you . [music]. you know what no i didn't come here just. to say hi i came here to do this . [music]. that's when i realized they were letting. me into their group and she did laughs . we pass gas and i knew right then i had . to do that fitting so i just lift up my . leg clench my piss and just let out a . big old dear ryan can you please stop. using this voice for all of your dear . ryan's i have no idea what voice you're . talking about dear ryan can you turn . gucci gang into a country song could you . find what you can whoa . this song is a lot more cursing than i . knew they said when he heard it on the . radio so i didn't know it was so vulgar. spend ten racks on a new chain my love . do cocaine we got to change that but . could we change that to my grandma loved . to use cool canes there we go that's the . only that's one down oh gramma lucy's . cooking game my teacher call it tutor ii . i feel dirty i can do this we just clean . up the lyrics a little bit easy . [music]. father cost more than your friend your . mama living in a pen still had some hope . in the jet pm my grandma gonna need meds . donethis poopy new to me and from a . teacher called for some tutoring bottom . red bottoms cause allergies f your . airline amp your company baby for breath . smells like sun cigarettes got an f to . be on all my projects give me out the . plane off a red and yellow purple jade . now little pump line in a private jet. everybody screaming a fresh dead little . pond still sell in there . my bishop and i'll check if a lil b get . a kitty way put your games which meant . in wax on a brand new nick j my grandma . loved to use cocaine by gnomeo any rain . rather going by something called all . fans google ball means domino that means . gonna change don't know what half these . words main house and drugs and money or . something. all i know is the title is gucci so. leave your questions in the comments . below and you could be responsible for . the next video . [music]. so please join the movie i'm kinda busy . .
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