H3 Podcast #45 – Jake & Logan Paul’s Predatory Merch Machine

Today we examine the unstoppable merch machine that is Jake & Logan Paul.
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Welcome everybody to another episode of . the h3 podcast a lie what up . today's episode is sponsored by the . elderscrolls legends quip and teddy . fresh oh wow but that's us that's us my . friends we have for you today planned a . cringe miss miracle and by miracle i. mean disaster arrangements cringe miss i . mean take from that what you will . we were scheduled to have tommy wiseau . today and unfortunately due to . scheduling or whatever happens in. people's lives you could not make it but . it was serendipitous so i say that right . serendipitous i don't know i'm missing . an accent there it was serendipitous . anyway because we were planning this . huge h3 video about jake and logan . paul's merch machine the church of merch . oh my god i have the culture sure i . forgot to wear it right it's okay i can . channel it spiritually we were planning . on hd to make this huge logan and jake . paul video because the way that they. plugged their merch has evolved before . like during the the everyday bro period . when they first exact i won when they . first started it was cheeky it was cute . like hey god church merch weak wink buy . my merch but it's actually transformed. into something a little bit more . nefarious a little bit more dark and . manipulative predatory even in my in my . opinion and since the christmas season . came it was such a big season for them . the way that they marketed it was really. something to behold so i was putting . together chronology and all the ways . that they marketing their merch recently . but we're leaving on the 31st to go . visit ella's family in israel and we . just don't have the time to do it so i . we put together all this content all . these videos and we said hey this this . will work in the podcast format anyway . so today. we have for you a an extravaganza a . study this kept put your cringe suits on . but it's more than that there's . something interesting here that i think . is worth taking a closer look at so . that's what we're up to today . now this like i was saying just to touch . on something really brief this is the . last episode of season one i like to . call it season two we're coming back on . what day would come back the 19th i . think of january we'll be back and i'm . and i'm really seriously toying with the . idea of coming back strong season 2 . thinking about maybe doing five shows a . week bring on a writer. why get serious as hell what i would . love what i would love and i'm again i'm . not this isn't final i'm just toying . with the idea maybe you guys can bounce . some ideas but like keep the interview . once a week on friday i then have like . 30 minute episodes every other day of . the week where we tackle some topic . every day something that's come up with . in this case we're talking about this . merch machine i think one day a week . should be about shredder one day put on . shredder karen please okay so yeah we've . maybe five all five days about shredder . yeah . you lose obsessed for sure how are you . gonna live without shredder for eight . days nine days ten days anyway so let's . begin this is gonna be interesting for. me so you guys know jake and logan paul . as the cringy child entertainer . goofballs that they've been they've . they've owned this year on youtube and . i'm not i can't mince words and i can't . deny them any credit those guys hustle. they work hard they shredded they shred . they're savages by the way they also . ruin everything i love well i don't say . i love savages but they they ruin things . savage you can't use that . word anyone dabbing i think logan paul . single-handedly killed daddy daddy was. like cool for a minute like rappers were . dabbing and now all the sudden logan's . like oh i'm gonna i'm gonna have all my . eight-year-old white kids dabbing and . they're like double dad you just see him . on video he said this is still funny is . it lit hey i saw that in the chat lit he . ruined he ruined gucci yeah. logan's walking around in gucci and it's . like bro you you if i was good she i. wouldn't i would make it a policy tesla . it's not just him but they killed tesla . as well i have i mean he'll i got a . tesla i'm thinking about returning it . but it's not just him every it seems . like it's the youtube dish doucher car . these days i'm gonna buy a tesla i . bought it because i care about electric . vehicles i wanted to help . elon in his mission to protect humanity . i'm returning it i'm returning all my. sisters with savage on it to which you . have zero oh i had a ton of savage stuff . before if i was saying if i was gay i . would make it a policy not to sell to . them what do you mean that's kind of . know that we would probably fall in that . same category i don't that's why we met . that's why we're like gucci clothing i . think it's cool but we're like don't . what would they say we don't sell it to . youtubers fine whatever just whatever . whatever it takes man just get it off . him all right but so not that anyone can . even afford that's it yeah it's like . come on he's walking around in one of . these videos with like a ten thousand . dollar gucci like denim jacket i love . their clothing it's ridiculously priced . but i admire what they're doing it's . really cool . take it off bro you ruined the brand you . just did millions of all these rappers . there they're returning the gooch i have . a tracksuit you guys saw it from the . vapenation . and 150 battery ma'am i burned it but . something's changed something has . changed they used to be cheeky and cute . about selling merch and what i think has . happened is that they're so competitive . with each other and they share the same . fans that they're having like the . psychological warfare they're each being . forced to ramp up how aggressively they . sell merch to top the other one because . they're there competing for the same . audience the same kids and they're all . have this identity crisis of i'm reject . paul or i'm a sap i'm a maverick logan . logan so they're stepping it up . possibly unconsciously in a way and it's. come to the point where they're . basically telling kids throw out the . shit your parents bought you and i'm not . making something yeah and one of the . videos will watch logan paul says throw . out whatever shit santΓ© aka your . parents bought you and pick up this. maverick merch and the more maverick . mercs you have is how much my love . increases for you it's like it reminds . me of this some show i love nathan for . you he has this bit where he has he's . trying to market this toy and if you . don't know the premise of the show he . does these really ridiculous unpractical . solutions offensive in some ways and . he's got this toy that won't sell so he. has all these kids in at a table about . eight same fucking ages these guys as . fans and he's like so this toy everyone . who doesn't have this toy is a baby the . only way that you can be a big boy is if . you have this toy and so he gives it one . to one to everyone except one kid he's . like do you feel like a baby you're a . baby right now do you want this toy and . the kids like yeah that's what they're . doing gosh they're like and another . thing before we get into the videos that . i want you guys to focus on there they . become like youtube mobsters they . started to churn out these music videos . and the point of a music video is . usually to entertain to provide a song . and a dance right but what they're doing . is. these these are essentially more . commercial and to sell their march than . it is to entertain and so they're doing . a kind of like a double a double take . like you show up to the storefront . pretending that they're selling a jeans . once you you know blow out the candles . and close the blinds and when mommy's . not in the room it's crack it's not an . actual crack it's metaphorical crack. which is much scarier you'll see what i . mean it's it's all about their merch and . there's almost no content left and the . craziest part is at the end of these . songs they still go by this song on . itunes it's like buying a taco bell . jingle for some shit on itunes . it's like demolition man if you guys . have seen that so let's just you know . and let me just say also there's nothing . wrong with merchandise i mean especially. in these days a merchandise is the . lifeblood of a lot of youtubers it's . huge for us particularly and a lot of . other people but when it becomes the . entire body of your work and the soul of . everything you do it becomes strange and . especially when you're selling it to . kids who don't have their own money and . you're saying shit like tell your mom . like i'm this is a lyric you wanna tell . your mom buy everything in my store and . throw out throw out your other shit it's . good it crosses into scientology like . levels of weird cultish vibes so it mic . thesis here is that there's some brain . there's some legitimate brainwashing . going on. it's very predatory on these kids and . they're selling like garbage there's . this one i want to show you i don't want . to ruin the surprise but some of this . merch will just drop your jaw so let's . start i've got a game plan here let's . see how far they've strayed from god's . light or as jake paul would say from god . church's light it's been a while since . we have goofed on the old blind boy . logan paul so let's start there this is . around six months ago . same time that everyday bro blew up and . i think i've been around that time . everybody started understanding that you . turn out these music videos and it's . like this insane. easy to produce money machine because. they sell the song they plugged the. merch and it's like this whole thing it . is crazy they get so many views every . day bro what are the views on that let . me know that was that was a bit of a . phenomenon but a lot of them i remember . that was like on the top charts on . itunes
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