H3 Podcast #72 – The TanaCon Con & Logan Paul vs KSI

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[music]. welcome one and all to the h3 podcast . experience house that has it pretty good . a lightness ex perience . we got superpowers over there's a . fucking experience i don't see joe . rogan's podcasts lighting up with a . reverb and lightning bolts hell no i'm . good thank you to quip dollar shave club . and fortnight for sponsoring this . episode of the hp podcast guys we . started late today because my day so far . has been pretty messed up oh my god what . happened. so having breakfast this morning you . know getting ready for the day and i see . shredder on his little bed next to the . breakfast table chewing on this weird. little blue thing and i'm like what the . hell is that . what does what a shredder gotten himself. into and he's like he's the pickiest . eater in the world he doesn't eat . anything but this little thing of course . he'd eat this and i pick it up and what . i end up seeing i thought was like maybe . a piece of detergent or something but . what ended up being was a frickin . adderall pill ooh that was like covered . in plastic and he was like much like . halfway through it so i'm online looking . up like what is this i'm like it's . adderall whoo . who the hell left adderall on my floor. so i call the vet the vet says call . poison control poison controls like well . he's a little guy and the amount that he . ate pretty much crosses right over the . line of being toxic so they're like you . need to take him to the vet immediately . and induce vomiting and shove charcoal . down his throat. and i'm looking at this sweet little guy . by the way shredder who's the light of. my. besides ela you know whoops and i'm like . dude this guy's gonna go through like. the craziest day they're gonna go pump . his frickin stomach so i get in the car . because he seems fine he just basically . ate a bunch of crack was what adderall's . so i'm in the car driving on the way to . the vet he seems fine at halfway there . he starts shaking and like crying and . he's confused he's like panicked and . it's like apparent that the drug had had . started affecting him and i'm and i'm . like crying because i'm so frickin . scared for my little guy and ila's out . of the country out of the country with . her family. it's a anyway we get to the vet he's . fine they pumped his stomach he's fine. he's a sweet little guy point is sorry . i'm late my little guy almost went . though i don't know if i can handle that . the government just break you man well . he i was talking to eli about it and . she's like if anything happened to . shredder i swear to god i i couldn't . handle that she's like i couldn't handle . i know what i do because she's over . there taking care of her of her father . who's sick right now. whew anyway he's fine yeah but who walks . around with an adderall in their pocket . just free flying just free flying in the. pocket any small creature that comes . across the vet said when he puked . they found the the pill was blue and . they found all these little blue specks . like a ton of the drug in his stomach . she said it's a good thing you brought . him right away cuz he puked it out and . he he i think he would have died . certainly if i didn't catch him eating . it right away he would have died crazy . so anyway so that's about that that's . why we're late i don't know if that was . an interesting story but i'm i was i was . very upset but he's okay now and i'm . also i'm the wizard of loneliness this . week because ela is gone . he's back helping her family and i am . truly the wizard of loneliness shredder . was gone with my parents the other day . and i just sitting there damn cast . loneliness on myself. level 99 but anyway i'm here to. entertain and that is what i shall do . next friday is the great and wonderful . bo burnham which we are all super . excited to meet and chat with him and . we're going to talk about his amazing . film that's coming up very excited about . that but we've got a lot to get to today . we've got the tanah con con it took me a . while to wrap my head around the tannic. on thing this was like a roller coaster . of fraud the thing about tanika i've . seen a lot of people talking about it . the thing that kind of surprised me most . about it. i'm not a lawyer i have dealt with a lot . of legal stuff though is that i'm like . damn like they're off being like yeah i. fucked up but a lot of people aren't . acknowledging that it seems to be . criminal fraud like straight up like the . fbi might want to say what up to her and . a couple of weeks from now i want to get . into that but first let's break the ice . because i've got a clip there might be . the best thing i've ever seen i'm just . gonna pop that up there get the mood set . get the feeling right man being in the . trenches solos a fucking brutal dude but . here we go no sound or there's no sound . on this so this is there's no sound on . this write down no no so basically what . you're seeing is there's a i think they . were shoplifting right . they're shoplifting and they try to . escape us a police officer he brings her . to the down he brings her down they're . all kind of doing having a little orgy . there at the entrance kind of just . hustling around so dude escapes from the . police he's running into the storage the . basically the back area where they store . all the soda pops as you can see now . this video is so perfectly like shot and . set. and the twists and turns in it he's . throwing halls at the officer the . officer has a gun pointed at him what . does he do he arms himself with a bag of . halls lawson well i'm getting ahead of . myself by the way these police officer . pants are kind of good she's fucked they . got nice taping down the leg it's pretty . stylish how did she escape . this isn't canada by the way if you need . to know if this was an america they'd be . fucking bleeding dead on the floor it . canada this girl's just wandering around . you know what i mean there's two . officers and she's still wandering. around the store anyway he's armed oh . little taser they're straight to the . floor did i miss the bat though oh yeah . here this motherfucker arms himself with . what does it say spritz they look like a . bag of peanuts or something here you go . if you take one step closer man i'm . gonna hit you with this bag of peanuts . his threats sadly did not avail as the . officer was was better armed than him. sadly so he's pretty much in submission . but nope he got a second wind folks he's . got a second one and his his wife is on . the loose and he points to her says back . the fuck off bitch he's what he said . now i yeah that that was a that was a . real spill i've wondered if this video . was fake but that spill is real folks . let me tell ya that was oh he's got a . she's got his knee right on his fucking . dick bone there ain't pretty . so the girl has got a she's like you . know listen the cop just need my . boyfriend the dick he's probably . impotent from now on so she's like i. don't have any much use for this guy so . i'm out of here . peace she tries to sneak out and that's . true love folks she's like he's fucked. i'm out of here . peace . there's the bag of spritz that was . thrown at the officer those re those . aren't evidence no exhibit c dude this . guy man. this officer this is like a real test . for him like how do you stop a meth head . in canada it's a lot harder to enforce . the law when you don't have a gun you . know if this was america they would have . just executed that guy you'd be done a . short video kind of sad because instead . of having like a wonderful almost three . stooge asked video doing joy it would . just be like drugged homeless man was . shot dead by florida me you know but . instead we've got this wonderful little . and it gets better folks stay tuned i . love the effort by this officer though . he's like you will not fucking escape me . meanwhile back at the ranch his uh his . wife having decided to divorce him is . looking for an escape route she goes to . the ceiling desperation my god now this . is like dude how the hell did they . capture this so perfectly that's what . makes me suspicious of it being fake . like you even get the ass shot in there . in the spandex and not saying that's . something that interests me just simply . stating that it is quite an . opportunistic shot well where is she . where'd she go let's find out having a . tussle and then suddenly look who's back . that's right the girlfriend she's back . she's back ladies and gentlemen and . aren't we so glad that the canadian . police force in this very moment aren't . armed and we can enjoy this video the . way she pops back up to it's just so . beautiful she what dude they must be . drugged out of their mind cuz she just . was like shrugs it off like it's nothing . let's get it let's get it let's get it . slow definitely let's go to quarter. speed on this one shall we so as you can . see . she's crawling around the attic space. trying to look for an out and maybe . maybe she had second doubts maybe she . said you know what i do love oh you . think she was trying to do like an . aerial assault hey yes she's trying to . help out but not quite not quite there's . tennis balls rolling all over the place . man she was just unharmed whatever . they're on i'll have one please christ i . could use a little invincibility my life . i could barely go up my stairs in that . evening but be that as it may she's not . wearing shoes either which i think is . interesting to point out i know she is . well she's missing one shoe she is . missing one shoe which is definitely . worth pointing out i wonder if she's . heading on over to the peanut bags to . try to defend her boyfriend stuck up on. the emo stack up on ammo she's like . listen all right listen i don't know the . guy i didn't do anything man yeah okay . and then then then the real the real . mf'er show up and put an end to th
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