Half in the Bag Episode 140: The Cloverfield Paradox and the Netflix Conundrum (SPOILERS)

Mike and Jay discuss the latest film in the Cloverfield "franchise," The Cloverfield Project, as well as it's release strategy of being dumped direct to Netflix. SPOILERS AHOY!
From the bag what are stories but . mystery boxes there's a fundamental. question in tv the first act is called . the teaser it's literally the teaser . it's the big question mystery boxes sure . is good to be back at the vcr repair . shop even if the heater is broken i see . you have got a sweater on okay 15 layers . on i don't have any layers on because . i'm covered in fat oh the phone's . ringing . oh lightning-fast vcr repair shop this . is mike how can i help you oh hi mr. plunkett how are you. aha oh sounds intriguing what does he . want hold on it's mr. blinken he wants . us to go on another wacky adventure i . [music]. mean he wants us to talk about the new . cloverfield film. [music]. i'm getting sick of only seeing you want . to scream why god . shazam razzmatazz super bowl i mean the . big game marketing scams it's time to . talk about the new film the cloverfield . paradox ever wonder how a large godzilla . monster came to earth in a previous film . no neither did i hi i'm red letter media . and today we're talking about a group of . characters from earth on a space station . trying to turn on a machine to create a . power source for an earth that's running . out of energy and on the brink of war . sound interesting well it's not well j . while watching the super bowl i mean the . big game there was an advertisement . surprisingly for a third cloverfield . film yes i think we should discuss that . before discussing the film because i . think at least for me my feelings on the . movie play into this lead up to it but . yeah just out of nowhere they kind of . did that with the 10 cloverfield lane to . where it was like two months before the . movie came out like hey there's a new . cloverfield and nobody knew it turned . out that it was sort of a retrofitted . movie it wasn't intended to be . cloverfield and they're like hey this is . a movie that nobody's heard of nobody. will see we'll put the cloverfield name . on it and it'll get a little more . interest in it which work of that movies . advantage because it was a really good . movie and then this movie comes out of . nowhere the day it's released direct to . netflix nobody knew it was coming just . hey there's a new cloverfield movie you . watch it after the game but yeah i. thought that was super exciting i was . like this is neat because well this is a . fine super exciting no well this ties . into well i like the idea of the . cloverfield series as being these kind . of unconnected an unconnected anthology. series yeah i i am like on the opposite . side of the planet okay i just don't . give two flying shits like the twilight . zone but theatrical it's what a john . carpenter wanted to do with the. halloween series with the third one and . then nobody liked that so yeah and . michael myers again . the ology series never ever work unless . they're episodic television in movie . form how often does that happen in . movies that's kind of what i think is . interesting is that it's a unique idea. it's it's a scam it's a link idea it's a . scam they watch a movie in this . particular case it's turned out to be a . scam they're right they're running off . the steam still off the gas from the . first cloverfield movie and cloverfield . now is a tarnished brand to me yes and i . would agree but i used the word brand . loosely but i have my own theories about . how this came to be maybe you did some . research i did absolutely no research . yes i can put forth my theory if you . want and you want me to tell you if . you're correct or not yeah okay . because this movie was produced by jj . abrams he's but his company bad robot . so it was unless they retroactively lee . said we produced it after they picked up . some movie but so maybe they did set . forth to make a third film in the . cloverfield anthology they made it they . test screened it everyone said it was . terrible and they said what do we do how . about this scam where we release it on . the same day as a super bowl i mean the . big game and we'll save a whole bunch of. money on marketing costs because we . won't do any marketing people will think . hey i'll watch this we'll sell it to . netflix for $1 over what we cost to make . it so we can write it off as a profit . yeah and move on with our lives that may . anywhere close to being correct not . exactly. it wasn't shot as a cloverfield movie. much like 10 cloverfield lane it was its. own thing and then it was what i think . happens is they realized that they had a . big turd on their hands so they said . let's shoot a couple more scenes which . they did to connect it to the . cloverfield universe universe the big . monster at the end didn't feel tacked on . so i completely find this hard to . believe. well i don't think they even say then . like it's because the ship is called the . cloverfield but i think that's just in . like you hear voices say it like . off-camera voices so there's a couple . pickup shots here and then here and . there the ending is reshot so i think . what they they said . is okay we have this movie it's subpar . we'll make it a cloverfield movie and . we'll dump it on netflix we'll have an. ad on the superbowl to make it feel like . it's this interesting new marketing . technique as an event which i fell for. because we've talked recently about our . hope for the death of theaters and this . played into that where it's like hey . there's a new movie in this franchise . here it is but yeah it turns out to be a . scam this doesn't help no no this has . kills any interests in one the. cloverfield series but also it almost . feels like the phrase dumped on netflix. is becoming a thing yes it's like in the . 90s when there was directed video was. head like a negative stigma even though . i loved a lot of direct-to-video stuff . but they were all like lower budget crap . movies you know they're not your your . ninja turtle franchise or your star wars. it's just cheap directive it's the . puppet master series. so i think director netflix has . potential to become the new director . video. everything's on kind of it's like a . toddler learning how to walk right it's . it's you here you have amazon studios . producing films good movies good movies. that are in theaters on amazon . manchester by the ceo is an amazon has a . lot of quality films and netflix even i . mean like you have you have the bright. situation which was like this big thing. because of how how big the budget was . and then it comes out and it's like it . gets terrible reviews but then it's like . the highest-grossing netflix viewed . thing ever and ever and so what wait . what's happening but but netflix is . there on thin ice with me with their . content its original content yeah well . it's it's like gerald's game is one of . my favorite movies of last year and that . was directed netflix and then 1922 which . is another stephen king adaptation. that's a fantastic movie made for . netflix but let me correct that as if . their feature film department okay now . that's not that made for netflix well . their series yeah there's some good . serious but then there's also like i . don't know what the fuller house or . sandler movies they seem to be catering. to like is there an audience for the . spoon will plug in and we'll make it . yeah so they've made some excellent . feature films i have not seen the open . house did you see that one okay yeah i . wanted to bring her to horror movies . that the open house was was god-awful it . was it was dull and dry and then it had . the stupidest ending i've ever seen in. my life okay where it was a non ending . it was a whodunit but at the end they . don't tell you who done it and then it . just ends and it was awful and i watched . another film called before i wake and it . was like had this spooky little kid on . the cover jacob tremblay tremblay he . somehow d aged three years and the star . of the room his acting is is bad in this . oh i see and that's the same directors . gerald's game which is a fantastic movie . and i like some of his other movies so i . don't know what happened with this one . but i know which sat on a shelf for a . couple years and then they're like i'll . just sell it to netflix . yeah like you said dumping ground and . it's it's like jacob tremblay star of . the room i mean the room was a great . film and room star of room was gonna . avoid correcting you because i wanted to . keep having the room poster bomb yeah . yeah so i have to taught myself you know . he does good in that movie hmm . but then there's this like yeah this. piece-of-shit movie that was on a shelf . and then they they trick you . it's everything's you're just just trick . them you said recently just tricking . it's really disappointed in the case of . this movie too because i was excited by . this sort of release strategy cuz i like . the idea of like we're not gonna worry . about reviews we're not gonna worry . about rotten tomatoes we're not going to. worry about advanced buzz and releasing . trailers a year before the fucking movie . comes out and just like constantly . releasing new information about it new . behind-the-scenes stills and having . people that make terrible internet shows . discussing all the my new show of it . it's like oh this movie just exists now . like that's exciting to me. i swear someday the big theaters are . just gonna be disney it'll just be every . theater will be owned by disney every . movie in it will be a disney products . and that's where you go to see the big . spectacle movies that if you want to . watch real movies you go to amazon or . netflix and you watch them in the . comfort of your home ready not to deal . with annoying assholes it might it might . go that direction but they've really got . to be mindful of the quality because you . fool me once shame on me i'm sorry i'm . doing a george bush only once shame on . you fool me twice shame on me . we got this turd will dump it
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