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Going through some of the worst designs ever made from /r/crappydesign reddit
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Pewdiepie will reportedly close his 63 . million subscriber channel within six . months oh my god . oh my gosh guys reportedly everybody. reportedly thank you brad thank you for . making my life easier now everyone is . literally tweeting at me calling me . emailing oh you notice i have different . the offices it's different thank you for . noticing some would say it's good design . but you know what's bad design me . neither . but let's look it up on reddit everybody . yay do you think did you like that . segment segway just notice my watercolor . set it's named fine fart . [applause]. now that's that's a watercolor said that . i would buy oh jesus crying people on . welfare people with a full-time job . wow those graphics really look accurate . to proportionate to each other . 7 million difference out of a hundred . million boom this is why we need pew . news an accurate news organization what . is this man 73 awaits sentencing for. killing sleeping stein just in time for . father's day buy one of these knives wow . this is so offensive . if we hit 5,000 likes on this video . right now guys see the hottest products . trending this week only wow . you want to embrace they i just stepped . in dogshit it's static here you go guys . this can't be real i'd not i'd nut . myself i do not see myself no no it says . i'm not myself that's embarrassing . it's got a lot of fruit nutrients you . know what can i say okay so this thing . is supposed to hide scratch but they . just put the bottle in front of it . wow this product truly works incredible . just put the bottle in front of the . scratch and no one will see it . amazing it goes on in an almost . [laughter]. doors opening everybody the peak of . comedy we have finally hit it it when . one door opens another one closes the . way netflix portrays shrek makes it look . like an animated porno why would they . keep those eyes to cover place ten feet . away what i don't get it oh hey please . charge but ten feet away . plot twist it's actually an intelligent . test yeah i guess that's i guess that's . chuckle worthy look at her eyes they are . so silly she's making a funny face guys . is it funny lauren keeps the look . neutral by stacking books back to front . i never met lauren but i already know i . don't like her but it keeps it neutral . it makes all the book feel equal it . makes sense this way right there sliding . door company welcome do come in . demonstrated above is a new fire signal . box that locks the hand of alarm sender . until released by a policeman or fireman . with a key thus deterring the sending of . false alarm. guess i will die dot meme everybody my . dad when i was eight well that looks so . nice to drink from thanks and prevent . your kid from being afraid of the dark . [music]. turn the lights on please they keep the . life an unfortunate logo for a fitness . center fat forever hey where do you work . out yeah over at fat forever there's a . best 50 meters to mcdonald's okay but . it's spins oh no which way is mcdonald's . help me it keeps changing where it . dammit . i love these hey kid. when i step and you wanna stop over . here's a key oh hey this counter looks . like someone smeared it . segway . well it actually looks like that jesus . christ dude this nickel could save a . child's life then why'd you give the . nickel to me oh my god hey no this can't . be real . rejected flag of the year you jesus . christ why did it get rejected this is . to certify has completed the course . child abuse . i am now a certified child abuser where . can i sign up is that real . [music]. please time ticket oh boy i sure hope i . have my ticket. sorry sir i only have my ass today feel. free to punish as you wish my ass is . always ready do not exceed 20 children . everybody that's a good advice . thank you saying thank you very much i . was just about to hit 19 and now i . realize hmm it doesn't matter who you . click with happy pride. amsterdam well actually it probably does . great design would pay money for again . wow he got epic trolled by that machine . if you were smart as me hmm thousand . intellects that wouldn't happen the . library is now selling free coffee for. one dot what that's a great deal thank . you rui barry this is ribery oh they . included the watermark of the desire . this is nexus level intellects cruise . the net faster with two wheels . oh my god i'm sprawling so fast now guys . whoa dude how did you learn to scroll so . fast it's all about the right tools the . right equipment row line i use roland so . i can scroll tumbler twice as fast . thank roland . oh my god. wow i love to wipe my butt with . spider-man's but web my nephews faces on . pillows for a mother's day gift was a. great idea wow that is so sweet . just love cuddling up with those demonic . children i'm not saying i wonder i'm . woman just saying no has fo me ever do d . and seen one woman in the same room . together. i'm not hmm some new ancient language . perhaps wakandan do not go further. [music]. why would they put that stop using . donuts . in their stupid ads jesus christ dude it . amazes me how they put this thing up and . hit the on button and then was like yeah . you know and i just i just keep it it's . moving a little bit it's good enough . taking your eyes off the road too long . or too often could cause a crash. resulting in injury or death to you or . others focus your attention on driving . press ok or press language could we tell . you anything more information on the. screen right now to keep you attracted . on the eyes on the road babe that was . crappy design everybody wasn't that just . a good time did you have a little laugh . leave it like if you liked leave a like . if you liked and leave a like if you're . not even watching this video right now . dude that'd be epic . i noticed people click away even before . i do my outro and that's just really . hurtful to me that people will just . click mid-sentence when i clearly have . more things to talk about so please just . stop clicking away for i'm giving you an . opportunity as a way of integrating . comic relief where you can cut away me . while i'm still talking as a mill old . metal joke there everybody so don't . click away please because that would . just be . [music]. i'm done with pastor mike the edgar . .
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