Honest Trailer Commentaries – The Room

Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, and Joe Starr give more thoughts on The Room along with a behind the scenes look at the making of the Honest Trailer!
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Oh hi screen junkies it's me spencer for . honest trailer commentaries. i'm here with joe my best friend and dan . my future wife spencer is my best friend . and dan is my future wife i love her my . best friend . hey guys if you didn't know by now we're . talking about the room which we just did . an honest trailer of this show we're . gonna be watching the room giving you . our behind-the-scenes look at what we . really thought if it wasn't clear from . the trailer and we wouldn't normally be . giving you some deleted scenes but i . think they all made everything how can . you not how could you not all gold and . also like what is there to say about the . room guys which is why we have an honest . trailer up until now the disaster artist . is the reason we're doing this we've . been talking about doing the room for . many many years but the question always . came back around like what do you say . well let the room speak for itself is . honest trailers to present it honestly. and that movie is very upfront about . what it is very honest i don't know it's . such an enigma the paradox because the . movie is so bold and it's presentation . but i still don't know what the intent . was behind me like the intent was tommy . rizzo he's black comedy yeah yeah is it . he's pretending he's in on says the . black comes to be a black cop yeah which . makes it sad the reason why nothing he . does works now is because now he tries. to pretend like he's been trying to do . funny things all along and now it's just . sad like i don't know like i've been . watching his post room who had his show. roommates on for a little while i don't . know if it still exists there anymore so . we watched like one and it was just like . mmm this is uncomfortable and sad i . think it's gone from set from i think . we're actually back around to inspiring . oh god i think we've come back around . he's got a james franco movie coming out . everybody . this is movie now they know who he is . that's true i think that if the disaster . artist is nominated for an oscar and . tommy was oh is at the ceremony this . year will truly be living in the . upside-down academy please yeah if the . disaster artist is nominated for an . academy award i beg you to let tommy . wiseau present an oscar yes it can be it. can be costume design sound editing. sound editing sound mixing you he put so. much work into trying to find out the . difference between shooting on film and . hi-def he has to give santa toxic right . that's the only director that's ever . shot okay simultaneously on film and hd . who's better qualified to give the . cinematic fact they didn't make it into . it's in the disasters but didn't make it . into the honest trailer is that he just . instead of usually a production rents. camera equipment and they rent digital . or they rent a film and then they shoot . their movie and then they return it to . the equipment place tom who's out bought . two complete sets to two years two of . like cinema quality film and digital. cameras set them up next to each other . and shot the whole movie on both if . you've never seen the behind the scenes . of there's a there's a sequence of just . the crew trying to build the rig so that. this can happen and they're all just . like why are we doing this and i just . like this guy's like what is the . difference between film and hd and it's . like i'm going to write a book and study . it and it's like why why do you need to . write it what like everyone knows what i . want to see i'm assuming the version of. the room that we know is the film . version okay i want to see the other . version that's the same but six of us . like switches from of course he does. because what of course why wouldn't you . yeah yeah but never a second i thought . you . say the room we know is the one that was . released in theaters i would like to say . the zack snyder cut you watched all the. behind the scenes were there any other. nuggets you could glean from that he's a . i mean he's a weirdo of it like we know . this but like he's truly the just a . crazy person like the his auditions were . all super weird he would go and have . them like outside there's so much b-roll. of him complaining about how much how . many people they've had to fire and like . introducing new people to the crew and . hoping that they last a day it's it's . truly bonkers okay sweet yeah all right . well shall we dive into the room let's . do let's do it. what a story joe also he i think he . voted for trump . [laughter]. [music]. in a world where most movies are just . okay one film will be so bizarre so . obsessed and so aggressively bad the . sheer amount of suck will collapse in on . itself like a dying star and explode in . a supernova of unintentional genius tell. me why so stars in rights produces and . directs a film two different vanity . cards before tsw productions tommy and . greg sestero is credited as the like . co-producer of the movie because he was . yeah the plays mark yeah write the book . the disaster artist which you haven't. read it the movies great the book is . better it is just it's insanity i mean . there's things like the fact that they . did that whole rooftop thing in a . complete you know like almost 360-degree . green screen which was very noticeable . and also very time-consuming and then he . visited one of tommy's warehouses in san . francisco which has had a horror amic . view of san francisco which is what he . green-screen into the movie it's . mind-blowing it's mind-blowing i keep . waiting for the kaufman to reveal that . he had it's just been 15 years of wow . yeah all right let's keep going financed . by a rumored six million dollars of his . own mysterious fortune and featuring . three long minutes of his own mysterious . questions a man with a singular vision a . unique personal style with the world. maybe it's okay to gank under dreams . how can they say this about me i don't . believe it i show them journey to b-roll . of san francisco so much fear oh johnny . your everyday all-american dracula you . know people don't office ferryman here's . dragon no they can feel it sometimes his . emotions run hard you . taemi part lisa sometimes he's so cold . it's like he forgets he's on camera or . laughs for no particular reason do you . think it's like a nervous tic oh yes . yeah really shouldn't be laughing at one . of them found out about it beat her up . so bad she ended up in a hospital in . carrero street dude what part of that is . funny smell that collecting the laughs . that was my task every laugh and every . hi and i didn't know what life was . anymore meant by the end of the process . i really felt like tommy was still was . sitting next to me going do you . understand life do you yeah i'm a little . different now you guys might notice that . i wasn't an s ju for about a week and a . half that's why i took the time off to . just go run in a park and throw a. football to myself cuz watching this . movie so many times in a row broke the . great thing about this movie is the . tummy we so obviously did like i have . the blu-ray and if you read the . description on the black back of the . blu-ray it's obvious even that he wrote . that because it's written in time lisa's . like what do you ever really know about . life one day your girlfriend is with you . and the next day she's in bed with best . friend it's like obvious that he even. just like it's it's amazing right man . you gotta do it yourself the real. outdoors yeah and i will i'm sure you . know this joe even on the special . features the special features on the . blue right begin and end with the tommy . wiseau vanity card so it is tommy wiseau . productions in globe special feature . tommy we don't productively . the trailer the trailer for the movie on. the blu-ray starts with the tommy wiseau . productions card trailer ends with the. tommy we saw everything is bookended by . a tommy wiseau productions . amazing he paid for it he did yeah all . right let's alright keep watching . continually simple love triangle where . johnny is engaged to lisa his wife of . the future you might future wife wife . screaming wife but she doesn't love him . i don't love johnny anymore i don't love . him anymore . i don't love him but i don't love him so . she sleeps with more kiss movies a. little bit like groundhog day just keeps . repeating the same three scenes over and . over again with his but in between he . would set that aside because the room . has enough dangling plot threads to . weave up like this this man explained . game of tuxedo football. johnny's promotion at whatever his job. is something red something appear and . disappear throughout the movie this drug. deal that's never mentioned again per . second are and the most casual i of . cancer of all time i got the results of . the test back i definitely have breast . cancer you are you gonna react to that . no cause for singing like i want to call . it the room of the room the room that . they're in right. it's so like cramped it looks like a . like a rental furniture storage shop. with like deep red walls it's just got . some bad vibes but it's obviously built . on a you know i mean get that and they . shot this thing on this the lot was the . lot of the company that rented them the . equipment or sold them the equipment . which is like i'm sure it's it's . functional for like commercial shoots. and you know but like not for a. three-month long film shoot so it's like. all of the sets are obviously crammed . into corner yeah like yeah the room. itself is like it looks like a sitcom . set right which is even better because . of what's happening in it but yes . smaller and darker yes with more . furniture it reminds me of the other . screen turkey studio it's a . multi-purpose room yeah movies cut . straight that's my favorite john reid . remember it is not almost cookies . where if a man makes at a badge on hi
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