Horrifying Uma Thurman Video Released, Cover-Up Allegations, and KSI & Joe Weller Push Limits

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Uma Thurman:
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Caption: Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you have a fantastic monday. welcome back to the philip defranco show and let's just jump into it. and the first thing we're gonna talk about today is the super bowl - kind of. last night the new england patriots played the philadelphia eagles - the eagles won (!). it was huge. it was their first super bowl win ever and in response to this big win. a good amount of people just went batshit crazy in philadelphia. you had around 100,000 people in the streets, there were just these pockets of craziness and destruction. myself and around 10,000 other people were listening to a live police scanner in philadelphia. "we have a large, secondary crowd at clamoring at right in front of st vincent's; chanting free meek mills and throwing bottles and cans". and the videos coming out of this thing!. [you've got] people flipping cars, fires being set in the middle of the street, people tearing down light poles. then crowds carrying around parts of the light poles. some people looting, destroying property. these geniuses on top of this f*cking awning. there's come people jumping then the thing just collapsed. there's a video of a guy eating a horse shit and people cheering him on (wut). i mean what we were seeing in a good number of places was - it was a riot. but i also want to point out and give props to the people that weren't being a part of this. and adam ferrone of barstool sports filmed a lot of it. you've got people chasing away looters, and some fans pleading that we're better than this. so that said, i'll say congratulations to the eagles; good job to those trying to defend their city. and to the people destroying their own city because their f*cking team won. you're a f*cking idiot - a fantastic job looking like the asshole you are. then we have some youtube news; some awesome some interesting/concerning. to start off with the awesome. i want to talk about ksi and joe weller. if you do not know they are massive creators on the platform. on saturday they had a livestream boxing match. they've been hyping it up for months. i don't care about any of the drama stuff - whether it's fake or real. or any of the build-up. what i care about is that when they live streamed it at the height of it. they had 1. 6 million concurrent viewers. this split between the two main live streams on their channels, the vod the video on demand of those live streams. after the fact as of recording this video 20. 8 million views and those are just purely. insane and amazing numbers and regardless of who won - ksi did win the fight. this is a big moment. it's a big moment for they're legitimizing what is happening online, the people that are behind it - massive. so congrats and props to both those guys. and the other bit of youtube news actually has to do with news itself. youtube announcing that if a news publisher is funded in part or in whole by a government. they will now put a disclaimer underneath that video and so there are people that are happy. but also people that are very concerned. a lot of people view news that is funded by a government to just be a propaganda machine. russia today (rt) has blown up on youtube, they have 2. 2 billion views. for transparency's sake that now gets a disclaimer. aj+ (al-jazeera plus) that will now get a disclaimer since they completely funded by qatar. so there are a lot of people cheering this move saying that it helps transparency. it helps show people that maybe they should also look at other sources if they're watching this video. you've also got people concerned because it's taking something like russia today. and putting it essentially in the same category as a pbs or a cbc and understandably pbs has some concerns with that. a spokesperson of theirs, saying. now on that point i will say if there is a difference in the disclaimers. russia today gets the disclaimer: "rt is funded in whole or in part by the russian government". whereas pbs gets the disclaimer "publicly funded american broadcaster". which pbs's concern is still too vague. their concerns seem to be youtube's creating a situation where now they have to educate. the viewer on something that's underneath all of their videos. but with all of that said i do want to pass a question off to you. do you like this move; do you think that it helps transparency; it doesn't matter. i'd love to know your thoughts. from that, i want to share some stuff i love today. and today in awesome: the main bits of awesome today, we have our trailers, trailers on trailers. we got jurassic world: fallen kingdom. mission impossible. fallout, avengers: infinity war. west world solo, a star wars story and then one of the trailers. i got the most excited for was the cloverfield paradigm. the new cloverfield movie. not only because it was a trailer, but because they released it that night after the game on netflix!. i will say as a huge fan of cloverfield; i was also a big fan of 10 cloverfield lane. it's-it's the paradox. (ugh). paradox is the worst of the three. now keep in mind if you are a fan of the franchise, just go in with extremely low expectations. you'll be fine, you'll be good, it ends with some questions, but at the same time a lot of just random stuff. that is kind of unexplained happens. that said i am at a point where i am worried about the franchise, the closest thing i can connect it to is if you were like a big fan of. paranormal activity right, i was a big fan of the first three movies in each one, there was something kind of unique and then it. kind of felt like there was it sh*t-show cash-grab. and that's what i'm worried about, i even feel like i don't want to admit to myself how much i didn't like paradox. just because i am actually a fan of the franchise, and i want the next one to be better (struggles man i getchu). but that said i'm still putting this in tia because the marketing around. showing a trailer and releasing it the same night. that's awesome. although once again the cynic in my head is like yeah, it's awesome. or maybe it was their way to get around critics bashing an inferior movie. and if you want to see the full versions everything i just shared; the secret links of the day, anything at all -. links as always are in the description down below. and then let's talk about the nunes memo. we talked about the potential release of this memo last week, after i had already finished filming the friday show, it was then released. if you don't remember this revolves around devin nunes, the head of the house intelligence committee. and it was claimed that this memo that he wrote detailed abuses in the use of the foreign intelligence. surveillance act court process. specifically taking aim at the fbi and the doj. regarding a fisa warrant they wanted for carter page. and the reason carter page matters is he's a former trump campaign adviser. and it was also suspected that he was working with the russians. and so then of course as we talked about there are a lot of. people saying release the memo we need this transparency, others saying no, that it's misleading. it could potentially be harmful, the house intelligence committee has the numbers so they vote to release it, the white house, president trump approve and. they released it on friday. i'll link to the full document down below. but there are two very different. reactions we see from this. we see trump tweets "this memo totally vindicates "trump" in probe. but the russian witch-hunt goes on and on. there was no collusion and there was no obstruction ( the word now used because after one year of looking endlessly and finding nothing,. collusion is dead. this is an american disgrace. also tweeting:"the top leadership and investigators of the fbi and the justice department have politicized the sacred. investigative process in favor of democrats and against republicans; something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. rank and file are great people. what's being touted as a big bombshell moment. in this memo by many people who support donald trump is around mccabe. the memo claims that then deputy fbi director andrew mccabe told. the house intelligence committee that no fisa warrant would have been issued relating to one time trump campaign adviser carter page without the steele dossier. that dossier put together by christopher steele, a former british spy secretly funded by the democratic national committee and hillary clinton's campaign. also noting that it wasn't explained who funded this venture. but what the other side is saying is that we just have nunes' word here. the actual fisa court warrant is still classified and there are sources that said mccabe didn't say that. additionally saying the mccabe did disclose where the funding came from. so that creates a little bit of a he-said she-said situation, and we don't have the actual exact. information because that is still classified. that brings us to what the fbi said before this release, that they have "grave concerns about material omissions of. fact that fundamentally impact the memos accuracy" and after looking at the document that seems to be that it places too much. importance on the steel dossier. also an important thing to note there is that the director of the fbi is not some. foreign person trying to attack donald trump. the director of the fbi, the head of the fbi is. christopher wray, a man that donald trump appointed. if the memo mentioning trump adviser george papadopoulos. his mention's important because he's not mentioned in the steel dossier. and he relates to this entire situation. popped up on the fbi's radar. because reportedly he told an australian diplomat that the russians had thousands of hillary clinton emails. he's now pled guilty to lying to the fbi, and he was working with special counsel. the memo also stating that steele was desperate for donald trump not to be elected president. they also found out there is more information about carter page outside

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