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In this video I talk about how to unlock your iphone without the passcode.
What's up guys chances are at some point. or another while you are on youtube you . saw a video titled how to unlock any . iphone without the passcode so what . we're going to do is i'm going to react . to about seven of these videos and where . to test them on my iphone and see you . know if one of these work i mean they . have millions of views one of them has . to work and for every video i react to . that doesn't work i'm gonna smash your . laptop and i have a pot of laptops over . there have a feeling a lot of these . won't work there's no gimmicks to be is . behind this. so what you're going to want to do is. ask siri what time is it what time is it. hey siri what time is it . the time is 250 7pm hey did step one now . provides you with a time in which you . can select select and it will bring you. to this and i get what you're going to . do is push this little plus button in . the top right corner press the plus . we're going to want to do is type in . soflo just a hello and next what you're . going to select this select all let down . the option to share. it's not right corner select share . alright well looks like this doesn't . work because he said select all and then . press share but share is not a feature . on my phone it just says copy paste and . cut therefore basically this video . doesn't work. why didn't know it work . alright let's watch video number 2 i'm . getting i have i well i do have like . five seconds and what you're gonna do is . you're hold on the dot got niggas member . right now what you're going to say it's . a basically a hole down this home button . and what you're going to say is our what . what's the time sorry okay . siri what is the time . [music]. so that's the video we made a video . titled how to unlock any smartphone. without the passcode and it and it was . just him putting his phone in a sink . these stupid iphone videos hate oh . alright so video number three is titled . how to unlock any mobile phone without. knowing the passcode and it's pretty . weird that what would work for an. android work for an iphone but according . to this video works for every phone to . other and if you have if you know your . human id password then you're going to . look at two gees just put your phone . ok language you can unlock any more form . know what you're gonna do is to open . your formula could be more open it you . have to do is the best power button . okay hold down the two buttons together . start none of those are featured on an . iphone to basically made a video todd . unlock any phone doesn't work for an . iphone i was shocked . this one didn't work either whatever . work further ado i'm going to show you . how to unlock any iphone device. i'm ready boys lives use simple steps . you can get from the lock screen two . times . siri what's on its 19 . hey siri what's the time good evening to. you too. ok guys once you're here you want to . click on this then once you've done that . you're going to hold ya more do they . select all copy select all counting on . that you're going to want to close. that's reopen its going to see labels it . react well then you for few seconds we . refer to this right here is it but a . processor touch out okay okay . means everything and voila it did not . work for um yeah it didn't work for me . all what a shock just want to get in my . iphone my home button and say remind me . remind me ok just tell me what you want . to be reminded about like i will wake up . tomorrow at 11pm i will wake up tomorrow . at 11pm you all right now we're on this . screaming series was up with reminders . you're going to hit that reminder . alright so there's a reminder it's going . alright and the video already doesn't . work when i tap on the reminder like he . says look at it it just brings up this . so whatever he was doing this was. patched even though how to unlock any . iphone without the passcode my butt all . right time for video number six i . believe not quite sure this one is . titled how to unlock phone without. knowing the passcode / pattern password . / pattern it says phone . on the iphone running the latest ios . 10. 2 now i'm not a hacker i don't claim . form here go to my contacts and facetime . myself or facetime the phone number that . we're are targeting the phone that we're . targeting here to facetime it . hey i'm trying to just test something. can you just call my phone like facetime . i'm not gonna pick it up to you just . call it with facetime i so the guy said . to have someone face-to-face time the. phone and then he said clear it a click . custom message alright so my friends . facetiming me i'm gonna hit message i'm . gonna hit custom ok now let's see what . the video that says to keep doing so as . you see i'm not the same screen here . application that a big deal i can reply . from here but i have to do now is go . ahead and enable voiceover using siri as . well . the phone is still locked enable . voiceover enable voiceover okay so . voiceovers on this is an assistant . accessibility feature tap on apple . doubletap hold it . doubletap hold on the keyboard message . message to start until i get this text . field to recognize that happened on the . keyboard. it's a bit complicated but it is. possible return i i've been doing what . he said in the video but apparently they. patched it is i've been doing it for at . least 10 minutes now and it's not . working what he did so he obviously they . probably patched it because this video . to couple weeks old so yeah it's . official guns . you can't unlock an iphone without the. passcode about how many clickbait videos . you see. the park my girlfriend's phone again hey . siri what's the time. oh so yeah guys i watched seven . different videos on how to unlock an . iphone without a password or passcode. none of them worked non work and i'm . feeling no video on youtube shows you . how to unlock a passcode on an iphone . which is kind of ironic because there's. hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of. them on youtube yet none of them work . anymore and all them still are titled . like to do in fact the moronic that i'm . going to use the video where i talk . about these people lying so i can line . the title and get a bunch of views about . unlocking iphone and i'll see you guys . later. 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