I Bought An Expensive Car Using Only $1 Bills

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Hey so i need a lot of $1 bills for a . funeral. and so i was just wondering could i. exchange $1,000 for ones . today we're gonna be buying a car using . only $1 bills and then surprising my . brother with the car should be a lot of . fun you guys will get to meet my brother . and you know let's do it . so before we buy the car using only $ . bills i'm at the dealership where i . bought the car with pennies i don't want . to tip the accountant here $1,000 for . you know counting them because it's kind . of rude of me to make them count the . pennies and i thought they could just . put it in a coin machine but apparently . they couldn't and so they had to count . it which kind of wasn't fair to them so . i'm gonna go in here and i'm gonna give . their accountant a thousand dollar tip . just to hopefully semi make up for it . because i'm really sorry for making you . count all those coins i thought you . could have just used a coin machine but . apparently they couldn't i just you know . yeah okay do you mind if he films so we . actually we had a guy call up here from. canada and asked if we would do . something similar with james or him yeah . like let him cook i want to know what . youtuber was that trying to do it find . out. [music]. those are all $1 little sister there's . another there's another wheelbarrow with . them recycle it's better than the . hundred people had to take the change oh . no what do you think of this this is . this one of the ladies hey i say i've . been doing this 20 years it's the first . time i've ever seen i mean it gets a . kick out of it's real i believe it's . true alright boys i don't know what's . gonna happen . [music]. we hit every strip club in north . carolina. $17,500 tell you something joey is gonna . meet you the last dealership had to . count like a million pennies this should . be pretty easy . there's just 100 hours a day i think you . need to stop making accountants angry . the accounts of america asia this is my . use for managers eric's muscle . account by the way i asked my brother a . couple weeks ago by car he wanted and he . told me he wanted a camaro so he . probably forgot i asked by now but this . is what he was hey guys see this picture . frame enjoy there . appreciate that all right guys we're . only using $1 bills but i'm gonna expose . myself we had to put a tarp under it so . it looked fuller because we didn't have . that many $1 bills . full disclosure there is a tarp under . here but this is still 17,500 $1 bills . expose see these stacks they're coming . out of my wallet no sponsors so if you . want to allow me to do more nice things . for people by the merch it looks pretty . good. hey are we in your way remember guys . always stop plugging to let people see . fictions everybody you guys should join . her and subscribe hey ethan why does. jimmy make us wear this ugly merch all . the time. alright why'd you say i said this . literally my favorite sweater is me too . man i'm glad you like he will get in . this car. he's gonna like it it'll be fun it was . about the pennies it was ridiculous we . had to drive all the way to wilson for . the buying a car sure sure it is pushed . into feeny's work oh yeah oh yeah the . paintings weigh like a thousand pounds . all right comments section let me just . say this chris can't have a kid for at. least like three years right please yeah . preferably five every one comment how . long he has to wait to have a kid and . that have katie read the comment section . yes so the accountants didn't want to be . recorded so we're not gonna fill them . that's completely fine and they're . currently doing the paperwork we're just . gonna stand outside we don't really want . to annoy them so we let them do their . thing and whenever they're ready they'll . let us know can i stand outside and look . hot in our mr. besmirch we've culligan . emerged once maybe twice and that's it . stop so this is the owner that starts . yes if he should film himself taking the . money to the bank i know what do you . think i think i probably should . just taking the wheel bear in there and . saying hey these guys brought a carnie . to make a deposit right five minutes . nice pd i appreciate ya price t new . happy - yeah absolutely. if the video doesn't get a lot of views . though i might have to return it this . says they had a surprise the fee . [music]. [applause]. [music]. give us a speed like to thank my brother . thank you thank you if you guys buy a . car you have to buy from this place . east carolina dodge in greenville you . have to buy from here thank you for . being us oh i like hats obviously we . don't please switch off the colors in . we're gonna go surprise my brother thank . you. all right actually just kidding cj i'm . gonna take this far i'll get you a car . some other day that is nice i like it . oh man thank you i appreciate it guys we . should thank you man thank the viewers . hey how you doing hi li day she's a fast . one oh my goodness all right guys i'm . gonna call my brother real quick and. we're gonna see what he's up to he has . no idea we're surprising him hey you . know i was out of town and i'm actually . driving past chauhan do you mind if i . stop by for a little bit yeah okay i'm . in do you have class or like what are . you doing okay i'm driving right now all . right cool i like so i'm gonna pass by . so i'll be there like an hour but okay . boys so we didn't even know this was a . thing but apparently they can do this it . must cost 399 they can do this can it do . it can you focus on driving please no . hey cj this is me i'm using krista's . phones as my phone died come outside we . have a present for you yeah i know you . like to surprise people i was expecting . it all right guys there's my brother . it's pretty dark out but all right guys . today we're gonna do a brother reveal . this is my brother come here . don't be camera shy see ho hey tell him . to make a youtube channel he's at . college and he's gonna have like a . horrible job with that hi everyone my . name is cj i'm mr. reese's brother i'm . pretty sure you already can pick up on . what we're doing with this car we bought . you a car get in it and broom broom it . yeah here get in a room. wow. hey that's a broom broom actually i . think my back i want to keep the car now . say it again you should subscribe jimmy . you didn't really need to do this though . dude thinks of all the views and now . they don't like me to because i gave you . the car this is perfect for my publicity . i don't even know how do you want it how . much oh you'll see it in the video don't . worry we bought it in dollar bills so . this is my car correct yes is mine yeah . yeah we're not gonna call the cops on . you and report it stolen ha ha this is . frank right this is legitimately this . mike i'm not logan paul it's yours it's . mine. yep it's really cold and i'm by myself . from house people are staring at me i . don't know what to do like the video i . guess somehow got the car that i wanted . yep i remember breaking listening to me . for wine i remembered you telling me you . wanted this car like a couple weeks ago . you just thought you'd have the best . brother in the world . exactly oh wait what about jake paul . jake paul is not in the world mr. v's . okay so actually the dealership is . calling me hello . yeah hey i have you guys's a number of. my phone. what's up how much was it like an extra. thousand or oh . viewers do we do we water five dollars . or do we one or five dollars i'm good . yeah you guys could just keep it they . fell in the snow yeah buy a car from . tony so he makes more money . all right you were all right thank you . all right guys that's it for this video . this guy got first coming out last video . won $100 if you want a $100 get first . comment on any of my videos idea me oh a . gift card and make sure you follow me on . instagram cj i hope you enjoy . car and lastly by my murder because i've . watched you guys buy my merch i'll have . more money to do nice things like this . so link will be in the description just . by submerge and yeah we can surprise . more people at things it's kind of fun . place they have the best brother in the . world. i love them to death panel and if you do . buy more his mercy i can get more nice i . do some cds buying them are . .
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