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Hey you guys good boarding i'm a little . bit nervous today cuz i might be doing . something a little stupid this would be . stupid shane you're still abusing tyler . what's smarter is back we can't afford . this jake club would buy me one oh my . god is this a shame video oh god no i . don't have that kind of money shane come . on you've been surprising everyone else . with your cars i'm starting to feel like . i should get a surprise i deserve one. nobody deserves that gee why didn't the . number one comment the number one tweet . everything i've been seeing for the last . couple weeks is that i have to get . ryland a g wagon i'm not gonna do it . what are you talking about that people . have spoken . do you really want me to get you and you . i gotta like imagine that i mean yes but . also know i would feel bad that cars way . too expensive for you to just give to me . i will tell you though i did d and the g . wagen and they said this hi shane thank . you for your inquiry unfortunately our . ambassador roster is currently full. however reach back in 2019 wait what. does that mean that they giving people . cars before i try and get that started . between y'all but you smack that bitch . okay well i guess the only option that . is for me to start a patreon people that . just google your new that's for free . what shane no i don't know i just can't . justify spending that kind of money on . something like a car you know me right i . never spend money on things so like i'm . not very materialistic clearly don't . spit out but it's your dream car it's my . dream car i just can't afford it right . now but i feel i have mortgages i take . care of my family i have employees i . have an office i have overhead like i . can't just go throw some money on a g . wagon that's why i drive my shitty s . jeep but soon hopefully once youtube ads . kick back in i'll be able to but you're . young you don't have any bills like all . and like we could all die tomorrow if i . were you i would get it i wouldn't even. think about it beach after visiting so . many dealerships i always walk away cuz . i'm so nervous . listen this is all there . first world problems obviously i . personally in my life can't justify . spending that much money on a car this . is so what you're telling me to get one . i love it if i was making good money and . i didn't have a million bills no but do . it because we go die tomorrow . just do it please i want to write it do . you oh my god just imagine me just . bragging in the jeep i'm gonna make my . life all around town it's eating . out the window being like you wish you a . minute huh i can't just a joke so it's . the next day and my sister's here from . colorado what an entrance we were in the . neighborhood of the mercedes dealership . so i know i'm obsessed with getting a g . wagon no i'm getting a g wagon and he's . obsessed with stealing my present i did . want to show her the car that i kind of. really decided that i liked and see if i. could get her opinion what's the most . money you've ever spent on a car well . when i crashed my 2006 bump in ford . fusion i had to put $1,000 on a credit . card which i haven't paid off yet when . i've crashed it so i'm gonna see if i . can find the same salesman who i've . walked out on multiple times at this . point to see if he'll show me the car . that i think is really pretty i mean . there's no way i can buy a g wagon but i . do still want to look you know do they . have a white one i don't know my hands . in the glass this is the exact color i . want the matte black oh okay we got to . see if we can find his name's arthur i . loved him yeah i remember his desk was . this way there he is . i've spotted him what's up you guys this . is arthur he's who was helping us before . this is my sister she's in town i wanted . to show off she wagons to her and maybe . maybe this time i'll think about buying . one. definitely not but maybe that's a . parolee way that's too much of a . statement for me this one's mine that . one's mom's so now the cars are gonna be . right in there oh my god morgan are you . ready to come i love my driveway this is . insane how many g wagons do you have in . stock this is about 40 oh . so so i'm in the market for matte black . or white and black what do you think i . think you should get one so that when i . win the lottery or marry josh peggy we . can match you said that you had one more. that you say for me that was the perfect . color this one's a perfect you brought . this one downstairs for big for you my . god it's honestly the most beautiful . thing i've ever seen i i don't even . think i could sit in it i'm gonna cry . i realize that beautiful thing i've ever . seen and i look at myself every day . wow. [music]. here's the key what are you gonna name . him is it a he comes with an ipad oh my . gosh. everything about it is pretty so what do . you think i mean it's beautiful i'm . gonna need a second to process my . intention is never to leave with one but . i'm sorry i didn't think like i can't . just keep coming every week i'm gonna . have to get one eventually i don't know . let me walk around the lot for a minute . or you can just do this one instead this . is more my aesthetic okay well while i . think about it and to make sure a g . wagen is the right car for me i think we . should probably test drive something . else too right nothing in this parking . lot just makes you go like that g wagen . does you know okay that's not even . people see you on the side of the street . they're gonna be like i'm having him . bring down a sports car just to test . okay arthur what you bring down for me . 20:18 c300 what's the price point . compared to the g wagons it's less than . so it's more in my budget i don't know . let's test driver didn't think about it . less it's half let's get it let's get it . this car it's so small what happens if. your test driving a car and you crash it . this is nice but again it's not . comparable to the g way i definitely . don't feel like the king of the road . like i do in the g wagon i feel like the . king rode well driving that car . definitely solidified me still wanting . the g wagen my heart just sat on a g why . should i spend an abundance of money you . might as well just spend a little more . the greatest thing on me well if i don't . get them like so i've told arthur that i . am interested i guess what's next for me . is seeing if i can get approved more . good tonight i'm actually gonna pee my i . mean it's very likely that i might . here's my other justification i'm gonna . call some brands that i've previously . worked for in the past see if i can get . a sponsor for this video yeah i can . successfully do that i'll feel like it's . meant to be but my stomach is honestly . in my ass because i'm so stressed i . think you should do it mainly because . what really sold me is that this duggars . ship has free candy he's coming back i'm . chuck so i guess we're good to go . wait what forget to go you're approved . i'm gonna go to the finance and i'm . going to take the car you're not decided . that i'm getting the car hold on i think. i might do it because here's the thing . dollar shave club who sponsored shane's . video of getting his hater a car agreed. to sponsor my video and in no world is . it going to pay for the car but it does . help they like makes me feel a little . better. i think this is actually happening okay . so after like four hours of big at this . freakin dealership it's finally done . arthur just got the car cleaned and . details and beautified for us . shucks i'm actually should be okay . i'm the shiki cookie it's . covered sinan what do you think shane's . gonna say he's gonna be like . she's so beautiful and so clean do you . think is this real oh my god and it . smells so good arthur you're my hero . thank you very much you got it i can't . believe you convinced me to get this car . this is part your fault oh my god we're . getting in the car for the very first . time and it's mine this is marvelous . darling this bad boy listen to the . engine take a second i cannot believe . this is happening this honestly does not . feel real i feel like this is a movie . moment for me okay so we just got to the . office and i'm freaking out because i . haven't said anything to shane yeah i . told him i was coming to pick him up but . he doesn't know we're in a new car. nobody ever surprises shane either shane. is the surprise i'm freaking out hello . hey um we're out front okay okay . what's wrong oh nothing okay i'll be i'm . just second okay like what's going i'm . not good at keeping secrets . oh me either i guess we should get out . and like get his reaction oh my god . shane . hi i'm on i might have done something . bad person . what okay so i got a surprise i hate . surprises . alright oh shut up . i did it why i did it oh my oh just now . morgan and i were at the mall you were . working oh my god no it was more than i . ever want to admit that i spent on a car . i love you i mean i do you are you . really not gonna tell me how much this . was did you tell her did she know well i . mean she saw the sticker prices she was . there with what did you think when you . saw that sticker i just swipe well we . have to go through a drive-thru to show . everybody how bougie we upload you . haven't tried to talk about price will . hook me up with the cheese today i . already accepted that i am the way i am . here's the front although those are . messy look i'm messy they are well show . them the fries they want to see they've. seen them no show them a job trust me . they see my fingers on your seat later . oh get the one down at the bottom you . don't know everything you talk a girl . tastes the same . no while we're here and eating taco bell . i think we all need to come to a . conclusion on my new cars name what was . your mini coops name rachel . her name was rachel we're gonna miss her . a lot i say your car's name is something . big and like scary but also like sweet . and cute and friendly no he's cute i . mean it looks good from every angle and . that makes him the worst josh stop . trying to fall in love with josh peg oh . josh i'm holding in a fart daddy . big daddy and well no we call each other . dog dad i like just daddy does it have . to be daddy something . daddy - daddy gigi oh my god brilliant . ok guys so we just got home i've . gathered this squad and that's because . it's time for dollar shave club . sponsorship have you ever done a. sponsorship before no never but you guys . know how this works . i've done it before dollar shave club is . honestly the best i use it all the time . and it's not just for boys it's also for . you women you ladies up there here's the . team you guys the starter set is only . five dollars a month for new members it . has all of these cute fancy things it . has the shave butter it has the body . wash and is awesome one wipe charlies . that you wipe your butt with there . honestly everything and of course the . executive razor which we're gonna shave . your mustache are you really gonna do . that you're gonna do it to her while i . feel. now is good by the way i'm not just . saying that cuz this is a sponsor video . and i hope to get a g wagen by is that . razor on my shoulders every day i'm a . girl okay first we're gonna put some . shaved butter on that upper lip oh my . god it smells so good okay here we go . i'm scared wow it feels good right it's . just my god you know a lot of hair on . your lip. that's the executive razor at work like . god know the hair could you see that in . real life yeah do you shave your face no . i don't shave my well you do know the . cartridges are also replaceable for just . a couple of bucks a month which is . beautiful and all these products are . genuinely amazing they're calm / riling . to get you out today it's in the . description section but yeah of course . you have any long oh it's great but wait . till you try one of these on yourself . but far too far all right you guys one . more time in case you missed it that is . dollarshaveclub. com / r eyelid show them . some support if you can because they . helped make my dreams and become things . my g-wagen my brand new g is sitting . right there if you enjoyed your time . here make sure you hit that like button . and subscribe because i make new videos . every single tuesday and be sure you're . also subscribed to my sister and shane . as well and if you want to hang out with . me in between uploads i have listed all . of my social media accounts just right . over there thank you so much for . watching and supporting my channel i . love you very much good . [music]. .
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