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I've never seen my twin cry so much..
Yeah lucas lucas wake up wake up today's . the biggest day of my life . lucas wake up come on come on lucas wake . up we got to go we got to go . go where well just get dressed get . dressed what's going on is everything . okay no please a big day just wake up i . hate what's gonna happen just wake up . yeah come on yo hurry up wake up i am . ready to go yes go i've literally been . waiting a year for this so alright let's . go yo you excited bro well with two . hours and a half away i can't believe . the day's a day bro. yeah you're excited for him not even i'm . kind of speechless honest i know right . look at him yeah he's so excited look at . him hey hey look who's excited . we're almost there almost there i can't . wait for everyone to see how happy this . makes marcus like you subscribe very . much at shop-door calm . we just came out with new merch i think . today's the last day to get it so get it . much today right now guys this is gonna . make mortgage so happy and you guys get . to watch it and enjoy it so i'm so . blessed to have this happen and we're so . grateful it's amazing . wait it's not your old car but this is . not old car yeah still miss you baby . here now world to new things . what's better things today's biggest day . look exciting yeah signing my life away . if you like okay yeah i'm great i'm . getting a drink or anything . yeah i'm good you want a cup of coffee . or anything i'm good daddy yeah that's . how i mean that'll be great. did you guys step out for this one yeah . very business dizzy he's handling . business do see ya like we said shout . out the porsche of a mainline for her . goodness up its course easy never best . dealership miss you guys check him out . and buy our clothes in here i can't wait . to see it like unlike right mom just . excited as mark you know there's many . seven ones for this . congratulations marcus thanks gift it is . careful bro wow no is there any way we . can like not just eat it just gonna melt . yeah take a bite . yeah i want a bite hmm well good. hey look at your new kid this is my new . wet hey it's come on sit on this is no . take it for a spin thing for a spin. other guys push me oh yeah bro i think . you might have to return it you ready . for this yeah i'm ready . a year in the making bro yeah all right . no peeking no peeking no non-psychic no . sneak peek wise neat peek little like a. little color i didn't even see ya you . know nope i'm not showing it yet oh this . okay oh the chocolate ready for it now . listen and be aware top it up looks like . you ready . this going out rain gonna help home . already. [applause]. oh my goodness. yeah what look at this oh my goodness . dude yo look at this look at this look . at the details drivin yeah no driving . butts going sank sit down . go ahead bro yo look inside look inside . oh yo goodness i gonna start it up . no the fire extinguisher in there that's . what doesn't know what to say it's . basically a squat . right . there it is. morris what are you thinking right now . oh this is like this is all i've ever . asked for like god is amazing let's go a . little bit fast cuz there with that . we're always safe. [music]. oh i'm speechless right now yeah well . this is honestly crazy guys i feel like . i'm in a little video game drive and . mike . [music]. how do you feel in it well i'm so happy . i'm so happy for you we have the . extinguisher here for safe we got a . bigger shock there for safety . this isn't sam i'm so happy for you . marcus you deserve this. look at the red ceiling look at the red . roof that is my favorite color . i'm gonna race you and beat you oh you . know michaels faster than you . morgan's extreme call about you well i . had so much flipping a big wing it's . like a bass calling . [music]. grab it yeah hold on . [music]. look on fish this is beau i think i've a . scar oh you guys we want to drive from . the outside i yo i really hope he's . happy with ya honestly honestly i've . never seen him this happy before right . yeah. [music]. seeing off like a rocket ship yeah . [music]. i don't know if i'm supposed to tell you . guys but micah's failed his driver's . license test like feet time so no . actually wasn't it for i don't know i'm . not sure but he's a good driver now so . yeah bro do you see the flyby yeah i did . see that i filmed they wouldn't talk . about yeah it's awesome . the entire interior look at the kids . yeah . should be back any minute now i thought. i heard it i know right don't get the . car in the dirt please you like it yeah . all the ladies now so muggy so i have . another surprise for you really . yeah all right what is it i'll be back . okay so you go inside all right cool . dude what's up boy it was a pause for . you what excited haha yeah i'm super . excited what is it what do you think it . is do is open the yo what the heck look . at this good no no i shoot that the you . laced the model core give us a minute . okay. don't forget to give it a thumbs up and . subscribe we post every tuesday thursday . and sunday and like i said shout out to . porsche to the main line for this and . guys don't forget to give you much a . shop-door be calm get your merch is . telling that really quick i love you . guys. .
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