I found all my old Pokemon cards ($1000 )

Mostly everything featured in this video was previously received, loved and credited mail from many years ago on the Maxmoefoe channel. I tucked away the cards to go through in detail on this channel but it never happened and they remained in a forgotten big chest for years.
Today is the day I open that chest.
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[music]. glod warning id restriction do that . hurts hey guys hey going massive legend . to you sorry you had to see that but . also sorry you couldn't see that he did . cut himself pretty bad i'm not about to . get this channel completely screwed up . and blacklisted and everything else like . all my other channels ok this channels . child-friendly ok this is the families . this is family time . warning the video you are about to view . contains footage of a grown man opening . and assessing a children's trading card . game but if you guys are fine with that . let me give you the rules of the dig i'm . gonna shuffle through thousands of cards . right but every single time we see a . holographic pop up we've got to freeze . and we're gonna see the price and the . actual value of that card pop up on . screen so we got --card --card --card . --card --card --card holo stop freeze . check the price now a lot of these . normal cards we're gonna go past . probably have a lot higher value than . some of the low-end hollows we're gonna . display but this video would go for. ever otherwise so we need a . system that's the system you're gonna . have to wait about 10 minutes into the . video before we get to that but . otherwise enjoy the video. what the hell why do we leave a booster . pack from the last episode i don't think . i opened them all okay that's . embarrassing. let's just that let's just get a . long-distance shot of this for the . starting start of the episode okay okay . okay . got on all right it's time to go up . get pocket monster i just can't i'm a . pokemon it's came out of the bowl a . water-type apparently anyway i thought . i'd take you guys with me . and let's go have a look what's actually . in this thing all right let's take . another look okay. i have genuinely oh my god just boosters . in here i have genuinely not gone . through this box yet . it has been years since this stuff was. put here oh my god wait next destiny's . we've got the action 3d collection you . used to get these out of the chip . packets i'm not sure if this is a . complete set or not okay bunch of . different cards . muhsin bad god cards will go through it . at the end there's just some loose cards . we'll go through everything yeah so what . i did was i received stuff on the mouth . show i'd go through it but then i'd also . put it aside and i'd say hey i want to . go through this in the pokemon channel . so all this stuff is in here because i . was going to go through it on the . pokemon channel but i never did so some . of this stuff might still have the. original letters jesus christ . but if we go into yeah versus oh . yeah plasma storm more boosters okay . thanks josh palmer. fantastic zefram reverse we've got . reshiram hollow oh my god . we've got dark magician again they . reprints so much of this this could . be garbage okay this is gonna be this . may have been a mistake but a bunch of . these whoa number 40 wigglytuff i've got . a bunch of these character cards pokemon . tars oh that looks fake we've got um. these one of these pokemon marbles i . remember when i first saw these in. school and that they come in these . little pokemon marble bags good times . okay this is gonna be a mission right . now we're just going for a quick grab . and white someone sent me this okay . more on that later and folds of just . cards and things we've got oh my god . dark wheezing . wow different things in here right . reprime nice and fresh . okay okay i saw a lapis ax just big wads . of cards able sort i'm not sure if this . will be an interesting video this may be . a nice delta species typhlosion in there . alright not much in there more cards . okay we get it it's all cards i might . just have this might just have to be . some insane insane lee long video . another bundle another bundle movie . booster their mustache and a . gold chain is just a bunch more . cards so cards sweet lord . is it bad another big ass teabag . actually you know what this is at least . we can get rid of this this is um this . is all my brother's basketball cards . that's what's in here i mean it's a . whole bunch of that alright . let's get this treasurer to both side . all right whoa let's get this underway i . don't know how i'm gonna do this episode . yet i don't even know if this is . interesting to anyone but first of all . let's take a look at this okay i wasn't . supposed to do that but alright okay so . i don't know how to value these cards . and all these are these weird like tv . movie cards so this is episode 23 . haunted us cadabra actually that was a . really creepy episode it's with ads . sabrina and she had this doll . there's some weird happens with it . but yeah you can look at all these are . all just different parts of either move . the movie or the tv show so a lot of . shittier these are all okay these ones . are all mewtwo strikes back so we're not. going to really go through all these but . i am gonna just have a quick look to see . if we can find anyone that actually . gives a about buying or selling . these okay okay here's one where you get . to just pick a card for a dollar seventy . six you sort of select how many you want . or whatever but they're so hard to find . like there's so many from france this . must all be from the same seller so this. cube on here this one's in real bad . condition but this shiny cube on these . are still the lowest prices like five . dollars with 25 postage this is super . confusing so here we have tops pokemon . the first movie value box 10 packs by . tops $91 12 pokemon tv animation edition . trading cards set number one and as a . dragonball z tazza hey here's that . episode where damien trusts it literally . murder the charmander and leave it out . in the rain what a prick here's some . from that sad moment where ash gets . turned into stone what a prick but . either way we've got you've just got . bundles of all these either profile or . tv cards or all different pokemon tops . alright i think i think i think . there's a ton of stickers and things . here as well but we're just gonna move . on there's some of these action 3d . things in here and then some of these . stickers you guys remember these does . anyone remember these you'd buy these . sticker books and then you would um . to get the sticker packs and you open . them and you see which ones you can get . there's different rare ones and things. and the book would have all different . squares where you would stick them and . you try to basically collect them all it . was like a poor man's pokemon card . sticker i hardly know uh all right . moving on we're going through our second . bag that i've just got here on the side . which looks like it might just have a . leaf energy we've got a bunch of cards . here and they are all real and let's . flip around and they could potentially . be that's a sexy charmeleon okay they're . not old energies there doesn't seem to . be any hollows in here so let me just . sort these oh there is some hollows okay . this darkrai is real sexy these were the . best reverses this is i think . technically a reverse and not a hollow . where they have the actual the little . logo for the set there and the card is. just this weird sort of flat shine . there's there's the same sort of thing. with venus off crystal guardians mag . mortar god mag mortar it's hard to think . mac mortar is considered old but this . it said it's 2007 still we're gonna . be going all the way back to 1999 in . font color="#e5e5e5"> with the upcoming . few cards i don't know why the . you're in there and we've got the the . cacnea and this one yeah let's see we've . got fake cards a bunch of fake cards . these are all fake cards but we do have . some little tin things which have . probably also bootleg all right let's . move on to this not sure if this is a . this okay this looks like a fake tin . let's see what we've got inside i . remember we've got okay we've got a . bunch after ok we've got some good . in here i think i said i see some shiny . stuff okay so we just have oh here we go . giovanni's machop the slowpoke spaghetti . slowpoke that i opened ages ago rockets . ekans all different sources stuff and . this was the one that has these . naruto cards in here . okay we've got celebi from one of the . neo sets that's not too bad at all so . here we go this dates back to the year . 2000 huh alright now i'm excited now . we're picking up i think what i will do . post video is when i edit this i'll put . all the the sort of general prices . popping up of course a lot of cards are . a lot harder to sell the singles than. others some almost impossible but you . definitely be able to sell this okay . we've got a very nice-looking rayquaza . again some of these cards if anything . pops up on screen that says okay we've . got a very nice-looking cyndaquil as . well if anything pops up on screen it . says it's worth a lot but i didn't know . when i'm actually recording it and we . have a very nice-looking pictured . emerald reverse then i've. clearly just edited in and while i was . priced checking on my computer while. editing i probably myself okay . we've got a lot of nice stuff here . there's a crawdaunt from the ext oxys . 2005 okay is this whole thing just nice . cards minim okay hold on let's just . let's just go through these there's a wb . kids dragonite promo these are these got . printed out in the shitloads though most . promo cards do so it's not worth a heap . but the shit's from 1999 and this is i i . really do like that dragonite we've got . bag on reverse okay this is we've struck . the mother lode here mist revis . we've got evie reverse oh he'll come . pelkey appel kai from platinum era . okay now we're on to okay now we're . on to magic the gathering and him and . any magic bros i'm going to tell me if . this is this stuff is any good at all . i'm sure i'll edit it and know the sim . aesir i'm not gonna obviously price
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