Back to work. Getting irritated by Matthew too
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Comes in my way . just come back from the old do and how a . little wash and i'm gonna get ready for . the day i need to tell you something and . it'll seek someone who just did . so tomorrow we're gonna be doing like . the before pictures for 12 week body . transformation challenge and what about . personal training thing in ass-kicking . the mirror myself from the side you . notice my pants on and i was pretty . shocked at how far my stomach sticks out. and so much so that i took a pregnancy. test because i thought maybe i'm. pregnant. no way my stomach is sticking that that. far and i'm not pregnant . i'm just i'm just fat and blow it . continues and put my makeup on . [music]. [music]. we're gonna film to get because you . don't work and sort of hiring him i'm . not going to pay him i'm kind of paying . because my office or pay a share of the . bills moment which is a bit of element . mostly been home in my system so we're . gonna film people from topshop the other . time together and now i'm gonna do a . home where hole and put it on the. wallpaper and stuff that link and then . i'm going to do a kitchen tool really . about . [music]. [music]. film in and my battery ran out whatever . anyone little bit after that video to do . so we'll see . hello darling you okay oh my future my . receipts for me again. could another to come on your legend i . love the year and one-hop yeah i'm . filming so the task of having baked . potato and some tuna and boost . metabolism trip washes up 44 on which . can get one now so that future feel like . you twitch silly lady that i got married . again . well i'm good games but look for an . apple my house there are you friends . like because they get very angry and . very animated . so this is actually do it so i might . give it a go state . haha the broken dropped it . situation that the comptroller for juice . matthew making us lunch turned into me . making my own lunch in him because . you're too fucking place you to white . are you got chris the spot you like . white your stoppage watching she was . always doing that you know it's true all . fucking i the i right . so i wanted all i 1m i'm just good i'm . looking at my 2015 favorites to see how . i did that and then i'm gonna do it to . myself for 2016 favorites one item has . been collected already me this thing . came in my snack box that shows he got . me the christmas tree knife doesn't . really look like a conventional flapjack . but then again it's a healthy fat jokes . at this price mic then add chicken and . rice and vegetable mash watching a . program about fish is watching a scary . fishing program for my key things . because i study always happens like i . just did . [music]. .
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