I Let My Dog Walk Me For A Day!

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Inspired by that one Buzzfeed video. Today I will let my dog walk me! Wherever he pleases to go, I will follow him! The only rule is if he decides to cross the street and cars come, I will step in and make sure he does not get hit by a car! I hope you enjoy!
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Caption: What is up youtube today i'm going to . let my dog booty accept me how you doin . he is definitely a dog boy so ok is . going to be walking me instead of me . walking okay she's tired is gonna sleepy . we're gonna see where he takes me and . yeah hopefully we get home safely . alright you ready for this okay . okay yogi before we start i just want to . lay down some ground rules okay . one if you cross the street and there's . a car coming i'm going to take over cuz. i don't want you to die okay and that's . about it you do you and walk me boy you . ready to do this alright guys so this is . the beginning of the destination . hopefully we will end up here it depends. on who's memory yeah without further ado . go lock me watch me okay he's pulling me . this way so i'm just gonna follow him . this right so one minute in he led me . this way so here we go still doing this . thing here it's really really aggressive. when it comes to pe coz he pees like 10 . times per minute up there yo he's . pulling me this way if you guys don't . know this loogie i rescued him from the . shelter he was a stray dog so he has a . tendency to pee pretty often when he . woke he is very aggressive with this oh . what you doing fine so far so good we're . still safe in the neighborhood there you . go he's pooping out so good poo make . sure you always clean up after your pet . it's just like common courtesy you know. he's very anxious i have his poop i have . no idea where to throw it away but here . thank you let me to a dog i guess i'm . just gonna chill here prove it i mean i . can't do anything all right . oh man is it going quick all right guys . it's been about like 15 minutes into . this walk he brought me into this . intersection i might have to intervene . pretty soon cuz i don't know are you . tired i think he's tired so if he chills . i chill so good good i pants taking a . break not doing much all right . i'll chill as long as you need to bro . all right guys we're on the roll again . take me to this main road we're finally . moving it's been 30 minutes he is loving . this i feel like since he was a stray . dog this is where um his life used to be . imagine that that is insane i'm so glad . i rescued you bro cause you would have . been doing this for like the rest of . your life stop the trash can are good to . go taking me to a dumpster a little bit . sketched out cuz i don't know where we . are in los angeles everything here's a . little bit sketchy but i gotta follow. his trust i trust you indy where we . going i guess we're taking another break . you want to take another break you gone . you wanna go okay let's go he likes just . sniffle ah he likes to pee a lot so . gonna let him do his thing there's just . chillin right now i'll chill - you want . to chill you can chill together all . right take us home dude do you know . where we live. you can't go there alright guys i don't . know where we are it's been about 45 . minutes into this walk is that the point . where he's trying to pee but nothing is . coming out because he already peed too . much i kind of get the glimpse of what . his life used to be as a stray dog this . is what they usually do randomly oh man . i don't know where we are . i can't imagine his life like this . absolutely scary like where do you even . go where do you find food where do you . find water sometimes it's better to . rescue dogs than just to breed one is . you gotta save dogs that live lives like . this you know i don't know where we are . but it's like very dirty very very elias . oh man look he's peeing random things. that's not even there he's probably. triggered right now like oh my gosh i'm . homeless again it's okay i got you i . saved you look at you like random . motorcycles flying around everywhere. it's kind of scary dude like this is a . train track for pete's sake i would go . home right now but is walking me so go . ahead are we going but they just wants . to chill i'll chill here for a bit then . we'll chill however long you want to . chill for growth . [music]. he stopped right here which is pretty . cool cuz this is a beautiful background . really letting him do his thing here . okay it's a we're an hour and 45 minutes . in i'm getting really tired about to . call this quits cuz i'm thirsty alright . they were making good progress because . pooping again this is the third poop oh . that's cool . i'll pick it up alright make sure you . clean up after your dog dog yes it's . taking us home honestly been like 2 . hours and 10 minutes he is taking us . home come on boy . there you go he knows the way dude . that's awesome because you know the . things about stray dogs when they leave . they always find the way back home oh my . gosh that was the longest walk well guys. we were finally home thanks to this guy . i'm so proud of you after 2 hours and 30 . minutes we found home yeah i'm gonna . give you a bath wipe his butt because he . has poop on his blood cuz he pooped like. four times well yeah that is today's . video of my dog walking me that was very . stressful with his i thought we were . gonna die i really had no idea where we . work was kind of sketchy but we're on . thank you all for watching . allelujah movie monster on instagram . [music]. [music]. .

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