Brothers compete in this ice cream vs real food challenge with real food & gummy ice cream sundae food candy diy challenges and its epic! Collins Key and his brother (not twin) taste test and don’t try eating massive giant edible gummy worm sour candy like worm spider pizza egg and a lot more of the best gross ones in the biggest in the world smoothie drink challenge but with ice cream flavor flavors. And they eat them all with a simple life hack / hacks!! Next we’ll be eating the sourest warheads toxic waste! You’ll learn how to make the worlds largest and yummiest sundae comedy fun and family friendly funny video for kids, teens and all ages! Yummy
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Caption: (screaming excitedly). - oh no!. you challenged us to make. the craziest ice cream sundae of all-time,. and we're kicking it off right now. with the first ingredient. you ready . three, two, one!. yay!. - whoa, what . - oh yeah, i forgot to mention,. one of 'em is the delicious ice cream,. and the other one is spam,. or something gross. - wait, spam . (sinister laughter). so here we go!. - dude. what !. - oh!. - we just went through this!. - i missed!. so now, kind of mix it all up. (sensual music). - yo! this is now. (incoherent screaming). (gagging). - you good . - yeah i'm good. this is so good!. (screaming). - oh, oh oh wait! can i sprinkle some in . (mumbles). - we didn't clean the. table before this bro!. (mumbling). - here we go. wait i need some too!. - there is the first ingredient. of my super ice cream sundae. and now time to eat yo spam. - oh!. - oh!. - that smells so gross!. - i tried my best to get as. many sprinkles as i could. - oh! and they all dumped off. - don't say. - sorry, sorry, hold. - i'm just getting the bowl ready. alright three, two, one. (coughing). - you can't do that!. okay fine, i'll put the rest. of the thing in there bro. - this is the one. yeet!. (buzzer ). yeet!. (buzzer). oh my gosh. ow!. there we go, okay great. now guys, we're on to the next round. (evil laughing). this round, devin, do you. want to keep em or stitch em . - you know what i can. feel some cold emanating. from the top of this so i'm gonna keep it. - oh man, okay here we go. - three, two, one. - yeah!. - no!. i got wasabi!. - i got salted caramel cluster. - and i gotta eat wasabi. - yeah you do. alright, i'll just go for it. that's so good!. the caramel mixed with the chocolate. mixed with the saltedness. - yeet. - so good. - here we go. time for some wasabi. oh, i'm not looking forward to this. three, two, one. - wait!. - oh yeah, five second. subscribe challenge. we wanna see if you can subscribe. to this channel and turn. on the channel post. notifications in five seconds. you ready for this . five, four, three. two, one, done!. comment down below "keyper squad" if you. were able to do that. and right now, it's time for some wasabi. here we go three, two, one. (screams). - better or worse than last time . - way worse!. - did you add it . - oh!. okay guys!. (screams). - [collins] okay guys,. next round, let's go!. - collins, do you want. to keep it or switch it . - i'm feeling spontaneous. we're gonna switch it. right now, here we go. three, two, one. - yeah!. - no!. woo!. - yo, bro, mediterranean mint!. (slurps). what did you get . (cough). - [collins] you got clam. bro! and clam juice!. - oh!. - the juice of a clam!. - yo! just the color of it!. - how is it . - love. - yeah . - this is by far the greatest ice cream. i've had to date. - don't rub it in bro. - just the freshness of the. mintiness and whatever is. mediterranean about it just. makes it feel like you can just. you know, mediterranean. you know what i mean . - no!. - it's time for you to eat your clams. - that was bad. - yeah, that was really bad. does anyone just straight. up drink clam juice . - i'm already queazy. - oh! dude you're splashing it everywhere!. - i, ah okay. here we go three, two, one. (laughs). - oh the faces. you guys, screenshot and like tag him. - no! uh no!. - yes!. and you gotta get your clam juice. - no!. - [collins] this is gonna. be the most delicious. ice cream sundae of all time. so devin, you get to choose. you wanna keep em or switch em . - the top is cold again, i'm keeping it!. - no!. - three, two, one. - yeah!. - oh gosh no, dude, i got kimchi!. - it's gonna smell so bad!. - yeah man!. - oh man, chunky monkey. alright, time to eat it. mm, wow. - oh no!. - it's like, hissing and fizzling!. - it smells so bad!. (screams). - [collins] what is going on, no!. no no no, go back!. how do you think that fit in there . who packaged this . i'm like, covered in kimchi. dude, it's still bubbling. how is it still rising to the top . where is it all coming. from it was in a jar. i don't understand the. physics or science of this. oh man, it's going everywhere. it looks like a cabbage. i gotta calm it down. and just enjoy kimchi. i mean, clearly it's being sold. - oh, i feel so bad right now. what . it doesn't look like you're enjoying it!. nobody does that when they enjoy stuff. i've never had the ice cream and was like. "oh yeah, it's so good,". i can see through your facade dude. well you gotta shake it harder than that. they packed that thing in so well. - next round, let's go. - alright collins, it's your turn. do you wanna keep it or switch it . - yo, i wanna switch it. - you wanna switch it, alright. - sike! we're keeping it!. - no, why . - i dunno, i just wanna. mess with your emotions. three, two, one. - ah!. - no!. - you gotta eat a raw egg bro. - uh, i don't think so. - alright, now all you need it a glass. (claps). dude, i got cherry garcia,. the third most popular flavor. yeet!. - ah, perfect. - that looks gross!. - so i guess i'll take a. bite of mine first, no!. - yeah!. - dude, do you know how disgusting. the outside of an eggshell is . - oh. - i can't believe you've done this!. off sides violation. you have to do two eggs now. - what . - two eggs for how you messed up mine. don't you ever put your. shell in my sundae again. this is so frozen, the. spoon isn't cutting through. i gotta warm it up in my mouth. (laughs). trick shot time. three, two, one. - that worked out. - oh!. three, two, one. - no! no, you can't do. it swooping towards me. i feel so ner,. - man! i'm just gonna. take a bite this time. - when will you learn just to eat it . - oh my god, ow. - yeah, i know. - gotta have more!. - that's way too much dude. i saw some smoke fly out. cause, you know, it's so cold. you look like a little fish. - ah, that was delicious!. now time for you to drink your egg, devin. - i think we should just move on. - i don't think so. three, two, one. no, wait wait wait. first, three second like challenge. we wanna see if you can like. this video in three seconds. you ready here we go. three, two, one done!. alright devin, time for you to drink it. - i'm super nervous. alright, here we go. three, two, one. (gags). - [collins] oh no!. alright, we'll get the other one in there. woop, nice. and we'll be making these up,. coming up here very shortly. and eating it all but right now we are on. to the next round. - finally. - so, devin, it's your turn now. do you want to keep them or switch them . - there's no doubt in my. mind i wanna keep them. - alright, here we go. three, two, one. - yeah!. - no!. - [collins] what the heck is that . pickled pork skins!. uh, you have got to be kidding me!. - oh, it's sorbet,. i love sorbet. (scream). - dude i got it all over me. no!. - no, no, no, no, no!. alright, here we go. oh!. - oh dude, it's like pure rubber!. holy cow. i'm like, mentally. kind of freaking out right now. okay, here we go. three. i don't wanna do this anymore. - i'll just count you down, ready . three, two, one. - alright dude, that's. enough; that's enough. (screams). - i feel so bad for you. - it tastes like gasoline. - that is not healthy. - no! like it tastes like. it feels like i'm in a. car and it's about to go. you know what i mean . [collins] the ice cream sundaes,. guys, are coming together. and right now we are on to the next round. - alright collins, do you. want to keep it or switch it . - see, this one is very important because. this is the second to last. round so i'm going to use. my intellectual powers right now. (electric buzz). - this one here, is the one. with the ice cream under it. - okay. three, two, one. - yeah!. - no!. - what even is this, what . - [devin] hot pickled jalapeno slices. dude that's going to be so hot. - my superpowers are on point. p. b. and cookies. ah. this is like, multi-layered. - it's not just normal cookies,. it's like oreo cookies. - oh!. three, two, one. - so jealous man. dude what are you doing,. you're gonna break through the,. dude, don't, what are you doing . - that was amazing and. i bet yours is going. to be even better, devin. - oh yeah, i'm sure it will collins. - i can't wait to see. your reaction to this. - alright, here we go. i don't think there is anything that could. prepare me for this. alright, here we go. three, two, one. oh, it's so hot!. - it was just the juice,. you didn't even get any. jalapenos in your mouth!. - [collins] it's almost the same face as. your brain freeze face. - uh huh. it burns so bad. (grunting). (grunting). - we're coming up to the finale and then. we're gonna be eating the. biggest ice cream sundae. in the entire world and maybe. even making a milkshake. - i don't think anything can help me. - ice cream!. (screams) - yeah!. - bro, it's all empty. if only devin had ice. cream to soothe the pain. this is an important one for you, devin. you can keep them or switch them. and if you get ice cream,. it will soothe the burning. in your mouth but if not,. it will make it even worse. so right now, do you want. to keep it or switch it . - bro, i am very aware of the situation. i'm gonna do your technique. of this x-ray vision thing. - okay great, go for it. - alright, here we go. (electric buzz). okay, got it. (electric buzz). i'm gonna switch it. here we go. - okay. three, two, one. - yay!. this is what i needed. - holy cow, that looks delicious. dev, watch out for the elbow. (moans). it's like sweet relief. what flavor is it . - [devin] pumpkin cheesecake. ah, i feel so much better now. - i'm glad you do, because i don't. 'cause i got cat food. friskies, it's like, liver and chicken. i don't wanna eat it. ew!. no matter how many. times i've ate cat food,. doesn't get better. smell it. - i don't want to. - [collins] i don't know. what flavor, i don't know. what chicken is all blended together. it looks like a flippin' sponge. (screams). i eat with my face, it's like ha!. there's like, little like,. looks like bones in it. - it's all the stuff i'm. sure a cat doesn't care about. - a cat is like,. "a bone . give it to me!". (gulps). that's my impression of a cat. time to eat some cat food. i'll see you soon my feline friends. - i don't think any cats. are watching this collins. (piano music). are you sad by that . i'm sorry. - yo, if you got a cat, bring a cat. and the cat can watch this right now,. cause i'm about to eat. some of your food, kitty. - the kitty is like, "no!". three, two, one. (moans). your face right now bro. (screams). - the time has finally come to. mix up our ice cream sundaes,. so get it in there. - [collins] ohmygosh, the wasabi!. i forgot about the wasabi!. - [devin] i forgot about the spam!. - there's so much extra stuff in here. at least i got some sprinkles. in here, that's kinda nice. and this is definitely the. weirdest ice cream sundae,. but you know what . i wanna be able to experience. all of these flavors. at the same time, and. just with a big spoonful. - what . - and i won't be able to do that. - so we got one of these blenders here. we're gonna blend it up into a milkshake,. and then drink them. - oh, i'm not hype. - yours looks way better than mine,. but mine has way more ice cream. - but i also have something. called spam in mine,. and also jalapeno peppers. - oh!. you added some to mine!. no, no!. - [devin] splash guards, splash guards. - all that kimchi!. - oh that looks so gross!. - oh my gosh. - i'm already feeling queasy. - [devin] mine does, on the surface,. look a lot better than yours though. - oh my gosh, you good . - no, what, how could it be good . - [collins] dude, it's gonna splash!. - ah, it's on my fingers!. - and the spam, the spam is coming!. - oh snap!. - okay, time to pop on the top. - pop the tops!. - look, it's like dripping down the side. full blast, we're going max. ready three, two, one. - [collins] oh, that went quick, holy cow!. - feel like it's good. - mine is up to the max, here we go. - oh!. - [collins] all the pig skins, ohmygod. done. - all the clear bits in. there, and it's the pig skins. - you know what devin . there's actually one more. wild card i want to. throw in this right now. - wait, no, why . this is already a wild card. (clapping). - [collins] anchovies!. - [devin] no!. - [collins] here's how it works right now. rock, paper, scissors. whoever loses, has to put anchovies in. - bro, it's going down. - and we're going three rounds. each round the loser has. to put this in, okay . we might both get it, you ready . - rock, paper, scissors, shoot!. (buzzer). - rock, paper, scissors, shoot!. (buzzer). - rock, paper, scissors, shoot!. - bam!. - no!. - devin got one anchovy,. you gotta pop in right now. oh, it got on my fingers!. ew, it's like oil!. - it smells so bad!. - [collins] alright bro,. pop it in! pop it in!. alright, next round, here we go. - rock, paper, scissors, shoot! (buzzer). - rock, paper, scissors, shoot!. - yes!. - no!. i'm so not happy, how do i get this off . (screams). - [collins] dude i do not want to do this. this has turned into. an oily, slippery mess!. - [collins] alright, here. we go, three, two, one. oh it's not coming out!. final round, here we go. - rock, paper, scissors, shoot!. - no!. - yes!. - [collins] ugh, the oil's everywhere. - [devin] it's dripping on me, dude. (screams). - why would you do that . - i'm sorry!. so here it is,. the biggest ice cream sundae. milkshake of all time, cheers!. - cheers!. - we love you guys, and by. the way, comment down below. what other flavors of. ice cream we should use. in another video, and. right now devin, cheers. - cheers. - here we go. three, two, one. (gags). - it's so hot!. - oh man, i almost lost it guys!. look right here for a new video. love you, bye!. - i must have gotten straight jalapenos!. (screams). - bye!. - [devin] ohmygoodness. - oh my gosh!. i quit!. .

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