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Watch the official trailer & clip compilation for Incredibles 2, an animation movie starring Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell & Raymond Ochoa. In theaters June 15, 2018.
Elastigirl springs into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet – taking care of the problems of his three children.
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[music]. [music]. no laughter cycle you asked a psycho i . didn't know you had a buddy i had a . mohawk there's a lot about me you don't . know yeah . oh hook you didn't miss anything yeah . this one's electric. [music]. means it's . you will be great i will be great and . you will do we will both be great . [music]. i can't steer it or stop it and the . under miners escape . [music]. [music]. looks normal to me when did this start . happen since helen got the job i assume . she knows are you kidding i can't tell . her about this not what she's doing here . oh work i've got to succeed so she can . succeed so we can't 68th it bob i get it . when was the last time you slept don't . keep track of that besides he's a baby i . can handle that i got this handle so . you're good then you got everything . under control right that is freaky the . incredibles event i'm excited that we . get to hang out with them again . everybody fell in love with his . characters bye sweetie i'll watch the . kids no problem it's exciting to see . these amazing actors back hello . wow come on get yourself together carrie . so yeah i'm trying to play it cool honey . great he's in excellent health i think . what separates the incredibles from . other superhero stories this is . fundamentally a story about a family no . that way and their normalcy is so fun . juxtaposed with this unbelievable heroic . action that they partake in the push for. superhero legalization is becoming a . worldwide movement he loves superheroes . and he wants to have them come out from . hiding remember that these are people . who fight the good fight so this theme . that you should be allowed to be who you . are i think it's such a universal story . that anybody can understand help my. family i gotta leave it to fix the law i . gotta break it you got to before kids . can have that choice the strength that . they pull from is the connection between . them which is the most important part. you got this yeah . i'm just so excited for audiences to see . it then continue the legacy of who this . family is combustion imminent what does . that mean it means fire robert . [music]. what exactly is mom's new job she's an. advocate for superheroes but i thought . superheroes were still illegal so things. haven't spiraled out of control the. moment i left looks normal to me i'll be . there. hey little baby these new pixar seem . credible to get chicken snap ring pg . played the shank in the world to the men . [music]. bad guys know you can team up with . elastigirl i love my together you can . stop any toys old iconic she's an artist . she is the history of fashion like no . other designer she's a legend . modern graphic she's explosive yes i'm . sure your gratitude is quite . inexpressible i first encounter edna's . work i remember sitting in paris. elon driving me la hmm she's very . intimidating outrageous sulla can't . sleep . edna's a divisive figure that cycle in . theogony vuitton edna she's a visionary . a giant i mean well not literally she . comes up to my knees my favorite edna . pieces the nuclear ones the rocket . stilettos everyone has centipedes don't . ask me to do it again darling my rates . are far too have you ever heard anything . so different and they can't all pull it . off a tall dark and angsty i'm . elastigirl. edna designed this no some guy named . alexander gehlbach i would say edna mode . is like the modern-day andy warhol but i . think andy warhol looked up to her bravo. bravo darling your bill will be covered . by my feet for being mr. incredible . elastigirl and frozen's exclusive . designer throughout the known universe . and until the . [music]. who's the cat who's always cheap . know you can team up with pros oh boy-oh . frozone wherever toys us all . [music]. suit up it might get weird . heavy weight problems need heavyweight . solutions nest and pedals nice here oh . no you can team up with mr. incredible . super mr. incredible mr. incredible ever . toys are sold . the mythic struggle superheroes it might . get weird . i'll be there. [music]. hey little baby incredibles 2 rated pg . tickets available now did you wash your . hands with soap did you dry them all . vegetables vegetable i did so are we . going to talk about it what the elephant . in the room what an elephant mom's new . job. it's time to make some wrong things . right help me bring supers back into the . sunlight we need to change people's . perceptions about superheroes and . elastigirl is our best play better than . me i watch the kids no problem you're . supposed to do it dad they want us to do . it i don't know that way why would they . change math math is math hey honey . kit everything's great . [music]. he's in excellent health that is freaky. you know it's crazy right to help my. family i gotta leave it to fix the law i . gotta break it you got to before kids . can have that choice thank you young man . combustion imminent what does that mean . it means fire robert . [music]. the screen slacker interrupts this . program for an important announcer. sit-up and might get weird i'll be there . hey honey things haven't spiraled up . control them on my left everything's . great mom is doing your work done . properly parenting is their heroic looks . normal to me. is freaky. i thought we were heard your mother . trampolining . superheroes are illegal you wanna fight . bad guys defines who i am. we're not saying you have what someone . on tv said i was approached baddest . tycoon most talked-about hero stuff help . me bring supers back into the sunlight. we need elastigirl. [music]. kids no problem not the way you're . supposed to do it dad they want us to do . it i don't know that way why would they . change math over dusseldorf do those are . dogs in that's so heavy a troop he . [music]. closer i couldn't have done this if you . hadn't taken over so well i've got to . succeed so she can succeed . sixty-eight bob is freaky but i can't . keep nobody done properly parenting is a . heroic action done properly . they're called many paying swat zeros . supers incredible but only the strongest . among them can be called . i can't find him either but he won't - . money can't talk right now but look . under your bed okay happy mother's day . what's the kids easy easy huh you're . adorable from disney pixar's incredibles . - lady g . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. you have. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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