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Fuck. [music]. still out there . hey huh let's get it for lit this get . that contract - papa felix just get a 40 . dis cut that out . phil oh ready welcome to youtube's . favorite show their rule is simple if . you laugh you lose and you can't do . either one of them challenge accepted by . leaving a like on this video right now . we solely wish that did not even close . to rhyme what the actual fillery are you . trying to say love the tune though it's . hella lit alright now let's move on it's . hard to just sleep when you're tired . because people are tired most of the . time yeah you did jerry come on . brilliant my code jerry is still living . on in the seinfeld show in real life and . as always brofist everyone oh my god me . bro booting a picture of pewdiepie for . 12 minutes and 29 seconds well it looks . like my job here is done this video will . now play on for the rest of the video . enjoy scattered it for lowrider . i have literally anything else to do . i'm joking i'm joking stop crying does . he actually though i'm losing brain . cells every second let's move on. wait so live dead like this it's catchy . sure it's catchy like ke$ha . okay alright i'm sure you've seen this . playlist on youtube called . instant regret clicking this playlist. paranthesis memes it's got that stupid . picture of that guy's face making their . face like i'm sure you've seen it . youtube has been shelling this playlist . more than anything else in the entire . website for some reason this playlist is . god and it rules upon this wretched land. is he'll actually live streaming right . now sorry i just saw dark toes is he . playing with his feet hey hey it's the . leg man . no one really turns in 20 streams i do . but i feel like why not both alright . it's it's surprisingly difficult to just . keep your leg in a camera because you . have to try and tilt the whole camera . away from you okay where was that yes . the instant regret play clicking this . how do i speak playlist thank you this . is my job this is i have to describe . things you are welcome . it gets millions of views and i am now. going to react to this playlist as a . poor attempt to get in recommended to. these videos so that i can get millions . of views without any form of talent and . original content . oh he's self-aware that's so funny i'm . gonna leave a like on this video right. now don't forget to buy the merch as . well thank you now let's say let's get . into this playlist shall we . [music]. [applause]. shawn white for the cold they to take . down on you move and gets it the second . [music]. double mctwist 1260 shot was broad . moorhead will it be enough . [applause]. pretty solid add it but did it make me . skirt that but don't make me laugh i . mean literally don't that's the point of . the game okay let's keep going . [music]. stop the hammering stop the hammering . out there who's got a hammer okay that . one was good congratulations but i . didn't skirt that get out of here do you . know what that means . [music]. and let me teach you a lesson lemme . guess he's going to throw the glass but . it's going to hit someone else oh wow . what is this dolan dark they're too fast . how do i supposed to react to this just . replay the video . yes cuz it's lilly six seconds and they . need to process what happened i still . don't understand my god so annoying this . is just annoying people like this people . like this shit my god hey guys this is . barack - octavia and the johns hopkins i . want you to know i love means i love . them all right thank you thank you mr. q . the trump means jumping . [music]. yeah that's wrong within i love for . traitors oh my god miranda this playlist . sucks and you suck for liking it okay . i'm gonna be the first one to say it . that's right i mean it's not for me to . have a contrarian opinion it is my . genuine duty to review this as a meme . reviewer the way it truly needs to be . reviewed you are welcome what do you . want me to sit here and laugh and be . like that was funny cuz i can do that i . [music]. can't i get literally can't i can't even . force myself when you have it on your . hand you really feel like you're . suspended oh the heights - she'll go - . [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. you did it dolan dark you did it hurray . for you good good for you an actual . apple ad you best be joking hey what you . doing on your computer . what's the computer oh my god what's the . computer we're apple we try to innovate . in the future don't know that this is . painful this pain its inflicted upon me . with this pale a list that i can't . articulate myself help me hey look a . video longer than six seconds how about . that everyone wow. [music]. it's actually so relatable i whenever i . was in school i was over say all right . let's just get this done and then you . can go home and play video games and . look where that got me . hooray yay for me what is this an . unlisted video wow . what's he doing . is he gonna get hit by a car no that was . a that was a that was all the memes are . you kidding me it's not funny . your shitty memes aren't funny unless . someone gets hurt if he doesn't get hit . by a car then what's the point . what what's the point of that seriously . have we fallen that low have we stoop . that low that no one will even be close . to death then why is it funny why is it . funny then what was funny about that . nothing was funny about that nothing is . funny unless someone gets hurt so my mom . try to be cute make these little . thanksgiving snacks here she saw on . pinterest this is what they actually . came out that's great . fine fine instant regret by clicking . playlist you got me one time what do you . want an award i will not laugh at the . next one. oh what a savage possibility then now it . leaves wow hey hurry well i think that's . a good time as any to end it here wow . wait so late tap like this hope you guys . enjoyed this video if you did leave a . like and if you didn't laughs make sure . you leave a like as well anyway also . make sure to subscribe everybody check . out the instant regret playlist shout . outs to that wonderful playlist i'm now . going to end this video with something . out of context because literally . anything out of context is extremely . hilarious how about maybe a vsauce me . [music]. .
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