James Franco Supports ‘Time’s Up,’ Addresses Recent Accusations

Stephen asks James Franco about the current conversation surrounding the 'Time's Up' movement and recent criticism directed toward him.
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Caption: ( applause ). now, we've got to go here in a. minute, but before we do, i do. want to ask you something. i mentioned backstage i wanted. to talk to you about this and if. you're okay talking about it, i. want to ask you about criticism. you got on a golden globe's. night because you were wearing a. times up pin in support of the. time's up movement which has. been created by many powerful. women in hollywood to say that. the time is up for the abuse,. misuse of women both sexually. and otherwise, not only in. hollywood but around the. country. they've established a fund, a. legal defense fund for women and. men abused in this way. you got criticized for wearing. that. do you know why and do you have. a response, anything you want to. say about that criticism . >> well, first, i want to say i. wore it because i do support it. i was, you know -- look, i was. so excited to win, but being in. that room that night was. incredible. i mean, it was powerful. there were incredible voices,. and i support it. i support change. i support 50/50 and 20/20 which. just means, you know, people. underrepresented, women, people. of color, people in the lgbt. community get leadership. positions that they fill all. positions they have been. deprived of, i completely. believe in that. ( cheers and applause ). that's why i wore it. there were some things on. twitter --. >> stephen: today. yeah, i didn't -- i haven't. read them. i've heard about them. okay, first of all, i have no. idea what i did to ali, i. directed her in a play off. broadway. i had nothing but a great time. with her, total respect for her. i have no idea why she was. upset. she took the tweet down. i don't know. i can't speak for her, i don't. know. the others, look, in my life i. pride myself on taking. responsibility for things i've. done. i have to do that to maintain my. well being. i do it whenever i know that. there is something wrong or. needs to be changed, i make it a. point to do it. the things that i heard that. were on twitter are not. accurate, but i completely. support people coming out and. being able to have a voice. because they didn't have a voice. for so long. so i don't want to -- i don't. want to, you know, shut them. down in any way. it's, i think, a good thing and. i support it. >> stephen: well, is there. something else that you think --. some way to have this discussion. that isn't in social media . is there some way to have this. conversation that piggy backs on. what's happening in social. media . because when accusations. happen -- because for so long. accusations were not believed. when accusations happened, in. your case, you say this is not. an accurate thing for me. do you have any idea what the. answer might be to come to some. sense of what the truth is so. there can be a s. e. c. silliation. between people who clearly have. different views of things . i mean, it's a big question but. i don't know how to leave or to. further this discussion. >> i mean, like i said, if i --. you know, i -- i can't -- the. way i live my life, i can't live. if there's restitution to be. made. i will make it. so if i've done something wrong,. i will fix it. i have to. i mean, i think that's how that. works. i don't know what else -- i. don't know what else to do. i mean, as far as the bigger. issues, you know, how we do it. i -- look, i really don't have. the answers and i think the. point of this whole thing is. that we listen. you know, there were incredible. people talking that night. they had a lot to say, and i'm. here to listen and learn and. change my perspective where it's. off, and i'm completely willing. and want to. >> stephen: well, thank you. for taking a moment to talk. about it right now. ( cheers and applause ). congratulations again. it's an absolutely beautiful. movie. thank you. james franco, everybody. "the disaster artist" is in. theaters now!. we'll be right back. .

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