Jenna Fischer’s Wardrobe Malfunction

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Jenna reveals why she came out for her interview in a towel and she talks about her new ABC show 'Splitting Up Together' with Oliver Hudson.
Trump vs Biden - Sarah Knucklebee Sanders Weighs In

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Jenna Fischer's Wardrobe Malfunction
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Caption: [ cheers and applause ]. ?. >> hi!. >> jimmy: what's going on . what happened . >> why . >> jimmy: no one is in that . dress. >> no. so this was my outfit. >> jimmy: for tonight. >> i wait a little too long the . get dressed and then my zipper . broke. and i panicked. [ laughter ]. so we just -- . >> jimmy: did you the right . thing. >> i am a missouri girl. the show must go on. >> jimmy: that's what they say . in missouri. the show must go on stage. >> so i'm here. we'll just -- . >> jimmy: i'm not complaining . for sure. >> thank you. >> jimmy: welcome. it's very good to have you here. >> i've never been more . comfortable. >> jimmy: are you really . comfortable . >> yes and no comfortable. i am mentally a little freaking . out that i'm on a talk show in a. towel but i'm physically very . comfortable. >> jimmy: good. i feel like i ran into you at . the spa. >> i wish that's why. >> jimmy: like we're at a . destination wedding together. and you went to get a massage . and i'm waiting to get a massage. and you came out. oh, how is it going . >> let's do that. >> jimmy: and you're wearing . jeans to a massage. that's a strange thing. >>> and heels and diamonds. >> jimmy: congratulations your . show. you opened tuesday night. it was a blockbuster night with . roseanne. the line-up, two roseannes, . blackish and then us. >> jimmy: that's quite a mix of . shows. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and your husband on . the show is oliver hudson. explain the idea behind the . show. >> the show is about a couple. in the first else, we announce . that we're getting divorced but . we'll continue living together . sort of. one of us will live in an . apartment in the garage is the . other will stay in the house and. take care of the kids. >> each week we swam. it is called bird nesting and it. is something divorced crumbs . doing. rather than pack a bag for the . kids each week, the parents . alternate in the family home. >> jimmy: i know people who do . this. it seems weird and it makes . sense. well, it's a show. oliver is kate had you had son's. brother. have you met her . >> no. i want her to come by. i'm a huge fan of hers from . everything. particularly overboard. >> jimmy: the movie overboard. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that was one of those . movies in the 80s that was . always around. >> and it's a family favorite. my family and i can quote every . line. >> jimmy: give me one line. >> listen to me, medical people. .

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