Jimmy Kimmel & Seth Rogen List Top 4 People to Smoke Weed With

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Seth talks about smoking a joint in front of Steven Spielberg at an Oscars party, his comedy charity special 'Hilarity for Charity' to raise awareness for Alzheimer's, joining a fraternity at the University of Vermont, getting asked to share joints and Jimmy reveals the top 4 people to smoke weed with.
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Jimmy Kimmel & Seth Rogen List Top 4 People to Smoke Weed With
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Caption: >> i can't be dead. there's so many things i would . do differently, i would not have. smoked weed in front of steven . spielberg that time i never look. at me as a serious actor again . that's true. i would have taken lead roll in . "ted" the humanity an friend of . the bear. >> you mean john. >> i don't think that's it. >> i'm satan the eternal prince . all that's dark you don't think . i know the favorite movie all . time directed by my favorite . filmmaker, okay, it's [ bleep ] . john. >> jimmy: please welcome . seth rogen!. [ cheers and applause ]. ? . >> hello. >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> you too, man. >> jimmy: couple of questions, . first of all is that story about. steven spielburg true . >> yeah 100% true. >> jimmy: what happen snd. >> i was at a party like an . oscar party maybe i just lit a . joint which you probably . shouldn't do at those things but. i did and at that moment he came. up and started to talk to me . which was insane but i just lit . the joint so i didn't know what . to do, and i know he doesn't . smoke weed and is not a big fan . of it and i found myself like do. i stop, do i hold it, that's . weird, i guess i have to keep . smoking it. i kept smoking it steven . spielberg's face where he is . like i'm never working with this. [ bleep ] again and that's why . i'm not the lead on that show i . was going to be that [ bleep ] . kid. >> jimmy: that's a shame. very close minded of him. >> it was. i think he's prejudice of him. >> jimmy: that was a clip . hillarity for charity. you put it this on to benefit . alzheimer's dilz ease. >> yeah my mother-in-law as . alzheimer's and we started to do. the benefit show six years ago . and it's raised millions and . millions of dollars over that . time. >> jimmy: that's great. [ cheers and applause ]. >> and it's great we just sold . it to netflix this year land air. starting april 6th. sarah silverman is part of it. >> jimmy: i think that's . tomorrow by the way. >> yeah i'm bad with dates. >> jimmy: i wonder why that it . is. >> exactly do i look like a guy . good with dates. there's many, many names it, . including post malone, jeff gold. bloom. just . in -- . >> jimmy: the whole thing is . very funny. very well done. did a nice job with it. >> thank you i worked very hard . on it. it was nice. came together well. >> jimmy: maybe won't go to . hell. >> that's the whole reason i'm . doing it so i can get away with . as much dispicable debehavior as. possible. >> jimmy: part of this is you . have colleges compete to see who. can raise most money for charity. and will you go to the college . who raises the most, you will . visit them in person. >> 100% and we've done it three . years and every year the . university of vermont wins they . are tenacious so i go and show a. screening of one of our movies . that haven't come out and last . time i went they wanted to . induct me into their fraternity,. and i was like yeah, my first . question was do they put . anything in your ass if so what . and for how long. and when they asked me to do it . i'm like do i ask them if . they're going to put anything in. my ass or do i just, i really . had to assess whether i was . ready for that. >> jimmy: were you . >> i was i guess, right. >> jimmy: when in rome. >> yeah, when in greece, i . guess. yeah, so i did a secret . ceremony, it does not involve . any penetrative activities, i . guess you would say, again, not . that i wouldn't have done it had. it called for that, that's how . much i believe in this charity. >> jimmy: is there a hand shake . you learned. >> i can't do it because of the . secrecy of the fraternity. >> jimmy: did they have a party,. did you hang out with these . kids. >> afterwards they were like . will you go to a bar with us, i . was like that will be a . nightmare for me but i will go . back to your apartment and smoke. weed with all of you. [ cheers and applause ]. >> jimmy: that's nice. >> so i went back to one of . their small, terrible . apartments, i was like where's . the weed they're like we don't . have any. i'm like guys if there's ever a . time to not have no weed it's . now one of them ran out and went. god know where's and came back . within five minutes out of . breath with a giant bag of weed. >> really . >> yeah. and i rolled a giant cross joint. because that's my gimmick if i . was to have one and we smoked it. and they all got really stoned . and asked me stupid questions . for like three hours. it was fantastic. >> jimmy: wow. i was think being this today. i feel there's a mt. rushmore of. people to smoke with. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and on that correct me. if i disagree, i think obviously. willie nelson. >> of course. >> jimmy: snoop dogg. >> yeah. >> jimmy: probably woody . harrellson. >> yeah he did a lot for weed. he'd be a easy head to carve out. of rock as well. >> jimmy: i feel you've bumped c. he e ch and chong. >> that's nice thank you. yeah, i've been smoking weed a . long time. >> jimmy: do people give it to . you or ask you for it. >> yeah i smoke out in public . all the time and people will see. me and ask if they can have some. of my weed. >> jimmy: they do . >> which is crazy to me. >> jimmy: why is that crazy. >> because it's like if . someone's drinking a drink like . yo can i get a sip of your . drink. i'd be a walking cold sore if i . shared joints with everyone who . asked to share joints with me. >> jimmy: so what do you tell . them . >> i say no. if you see me in public and i'm . .

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