Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence Present the Oscar 2018 Best Actress Nominees

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Watch Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence grill Meryl Streep and present Best Actress nominees at the 2018 Oscars.
Gentlemen, two-time academy . award winner for "the accused" . and "silence of the lambs," . jodie foster, and academy award . winner for "silver linings . playbook," jennifer lawrence. >> i'm so sorry. what happened . >> streep. yeah. she i'tonya'd me. but you know, i prefer not to . discuss it. >> no, it's cool. she tripped me once. >> but we're going to not talk . about that. we're going to get on with it. >> legal reasons, i get it. she's always so nice at the . luncheon. >> she's acting. >> ah. you wait. what is so powerfully evident . about the past recipients of . this academy award is the . strength of the women, not just . that of the characters they . portrayed on screen, but in many. cases, the actresses' personal . strength forged in the . challenges they faced as women . in their real-life journey to . the oscar stage. >> it's a new day in hollywood, . with new challenges ahead for . all of us. but none of us will ever forget . those who came before us, those . who blazed a trail for my . generation and for those to . come. like jodie, who gave me one of . my first jobs when i was 19 and . has inspired me every day since. >> that was nice. >> i improved it. >> and now, let's take a look at. the five very inspiring women . who are this year's nominees for. .
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