JURASSIC WORLD SUPRISE BOX! Indominus Rex, Velociraptor 4-Pack, Raptor Claws and more!

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Jurassic World Boys' Dinosaur Graphic Tee - Blue: http://www.target.com/p/jurassic-world-boys-dinosaur-graphic-tee-blue/-/A-17136145
Jurassic World Velociraptor 4-Pack: http://www.target.com/p/jurassic-world-velociraptor-4-pack/-/A-16626968
Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure: http://www.target.com/p/jurassic-world-chomping-indominus-rex-figure/-/A-16821688
Jurassic World Chomping Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure: http://www.target.com/p/jurassic-world-chomping-tyrannosaurus-rex-figure/-/A-16821687
Jurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” Figure: http://www.target.com/p/jurassic-world-velociraptor-blue-figure/-/A-16819021
Jurassic World Velociraptor Claws: http://www.target.com/p/jurassic-world-velociraptor-claws/-/A-16821685
Jurassic World Chomping Velociraptor Head: http://www.target.com/p/jurassic-world-chomping-velociraptor-head/-/A-16822614
JURASSIC WORLD IS HERE! And so are some pretty cool action figures and role play toys! We got a huge box from Target filled with a lot of Jurassic Park goodies so we could recreate epic scenes from the new movie! We also try out the free Jurassic World Movie Maker app to bring the dinos into the real world!
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VELOCIRAPTOR 4-PACK (Target Exclusive):
Clever as ever, Jurassic World's velociraptors are masterful hunters. And you get 4 of them in this incredible 4-pack! It includes Velociraptor Echo, Charlie, Delta and Blue figures, and they're ready to team up to jump the fence for the hunt of a lifetime! The Velociraptor Blue figure is only available in this set. The included LED light triggers their light-morph skin, and that may be the only warning tiny humans will get when these monsters are on the prowl!
Includes 4 figures and light.
• Velociraptor 4-pack includes 4 savage dinos
• Velociraptors Charlie, Delta, Echo and Blue
• Team them up to hunt together
• LED light triggers light-morph skin
• Velociraptor Blue figure is available only in this set
• WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts will be generated. Not for children under 3 years.
• Ages 4 and up
• Includes 3 "A76" batteries.
INDOMINUS REX with Color Morphing Skin.
The air is still. The earth shakes with a menacing rumble. Take a deep breath and don’t move! It's a prehistoric fight for survival and there is no telling who is going to come out on top. Control the action with Jurassic World toys!
Jurassic World is the greatest destination on Earth, and the dinosaurs are safely contained … for now!
Enlarge Image
The Ultimate Predator
A formidable terror has been unleashed in Jurassic World, and it’s stalking humans and dinosaurs alike. Meet the king of the dinosaurs: Indominus rex!
This Jurassic World Indominus Rex figure brings the fun of Jurassic adventures with chomping jaws, sound effects, and color-morphing skin to make this dino look like one of the fiercest predators in the dinosaur kingdom.
Chomping Jaws & Roar
Created in Jurassic World using the DNA of a multiple exotic creatures, Indominus Rex is a formidable opponent and the king of the dinosaurs!
This Indominus Rex figure includes the beast's signature weapon: chomping jaws! Pull down the Indominus Rex figure's arms and the figure's jaws open as it unleashes a mighty roar!
Create dinosaur battles between the Indominus Rex figure and other Jurassic World dinosaur figures.
Color-morphing Skin
A monstrous bite isn't the only trait Indominus rex inherited when it was created in the Jurassic World lab. With DNA spliced from other dangerous creatures, Indominus Rex was genetically engineered to blend in with its surroundings!
When you pull down this Indominus Rex figure's arms, a light feature is activated that makes this dino look even more ready to take on the rest of the prehistoric kingdom!
Dinosaurs roam the earth, stomping their massive feet and chomping their savage jaws – but even among dinosaurs, none is so fearsome as the terrible clawed velociraptor! With one of the foam Velociraptor Claws on each hand, you'll be just as scary as the razor-footed dino ever was! You'll terrorize all the other dinos as you roam the neighborhood with your savage Velociraptor Claws!
We also show the Jurassic World Chomping Raptor Head, Chomping T-Rex figure, and Jurassic World Velociraptor "Blue" Figure.
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Caption: Hey guys ever been to hd and i just got. this huge package from target. . . so i want to thank them for sponsoring. this video looks like there might be. . . some in prehistoric inside this is. awesome it came just in time for the. . . release on the drastic world movie. . . let's open this up and see what's inside. . . yeah. . . there's this cool blue box it says. they're here to see what we have here. . . cool we have one too drastic world boys. in fact this grace act we have to go. . . role play items and some figures. . . it also came with this color morphing. key shirt this is the exclusive target. . . shirt. . . let's check out. . . i think i'll try it on right now yeah. perfect fit. . . this is cool glows in the dark let's see. what else we have been hearing we have. . . the indominus rex color morphing figure. and the velociraptor 4-pack. . . let's take these into the studio for a. closer look ok so here we have. . . everything lined up on the table and now. it's time to do some unboxing. . . first let's take a look at the. velociraptor 4-pack. . . this is a target exclusive yet charlie. . . let go blue and delta these are. recommended for ages 4 and up and it. . . includes three alkaline batteries so. these figures you can recreate some of. . . your favorite teams from the movie okay. your eyes look at echo. . . he's got some full details it's kind of. an orange yellow with green stripes. . . there's a really cool detail on the skin. texture here's a look at delta. . . this one's brown with great stripes he. looks pretty mean too. . . it is kind of speaking out a bit more. and he has a larger people's next step. . . we have charlie. . . charlie's game was in dark green stripes. is also in hunting low your arms and. . . legs boucher compose them in different. positions and his teeth are pretty sure. . . two out. . . holly you put may and last name before. pack. . . we have with this guy's like dark green. is good at the different skin pattern. . . and the other raptors and it looks like. he's yelling and it comes with this led. . . lights to reveal the pattern. . . okay let's try this out. . . so when you can it on his back and. reveals the pattern. . . ok so as the raptor for back and let's. move on to the dominance rex. . . this guy's big boys from the movie he's. a genetic hybrid. . . it says you make sound then there's. color more than whites on his back and. . . this one requires two double a batteries. which are not included. . . ok let's get this turned on the miss out. of his cage. . . so here he is out of the package he's so. big that you have to put on his kill. . . after you a box him it snapped on my. this. . . you've got some spiking texture on his. back in the elbows and those are some. . . mean-looking claus. . . you can move his arms and his legs this. guy's head made out of soft rubber and. . . his arms and body are hard plastic. . . this guy is cool feature i'm going to. have to put in a couple batteries to. . . show you guys back when you move his. arms down you lord. . . and as a cool color morphing ability. . . there's a wife that you can see through. the skin on its back and it changes from. . . yellow to red. . . all right so he has mixed with the. raptor and now let's see who has the. . . bigger mouth. . . oh no. . . no excuse me. . . we also have another version of blue and. its small t-rex. . . this guy's white effects and growling. attack and this guy. . . chomping attack so let's try and map. it's got the same awesome detail doesn't. . . other rappers but this one either day of. damage the moon on its side and when you. . . press on it. . . it lights up and makes noise when you. move his tale his arms go up and down. . . any mix sounds the t-rex also has a. battle wound and some tiny t-rex arms. . . and eliminating ncn ribs and this guy. opens and closes his mouth when he moved. . . his tail. . . if you're into roleplay they have the. velociraptor claws or the velociraptor. . . head. . . these are also recommended for ages and up and this that you get one free. . . chan and this one's just for one champ. it's made out of soft foam and it says. . . claw like a wrap through and this one. says chopped like a wrap. . . you should check this out i got a cool. wrap their head and something like a. . . puppet and got . teeth that is not. really sharp. . . it's not even hurting okay i'm going to. try these on for size might be had to. . . play the piano. . . these i think i can use a manicure. . . target also team double draft that world. to make the dress of world movie maker. . . app that lets you bring the dinos to. white using the camera on your mobile. . . device. . . just take the video select the dyno of. your choice resize and edit and then. . . create your movie watch out for the wrap. your mom. . . mmm. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . ok so those are some cool drastic world. voice and don't forget you can get them. . . all. . . target thanks for watching see you guys. next time bye bye. .

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