Karl Pilkington predicts Black Mirror (spoilers)

After watching the finale of Black Mirror's 4th series, I couldn't help but notice that Karl Pilkington thought of these insane ideas first.
Charlie Brooker must be a fan of the podcast.
[music]. now sometimes i don't know if i feel . well it does not any sense to either . what do you mean sometimes you don't . know whether you feel well because i've . been in my body for years there he goes . again. to mine mr. wizard if there was some . sort of kit that the doctor said how you . feeling mr. pilkington oh no i think i . feel alright they go well do you know . they go will step into the machine right . get into the machine and if he could . somehow transfer my feeling into his. body so i could feel how he feels and . then he can feel out i feel and it'll go . oh you're not well at all your . heartbeats irregular for a start you are . a mental case i don't know what that i . don't know what this is because why make . that observation like it does when using . his knowledge observe the precise scene. from ghost this is like patrick swayze . this and it's hard to explain an ache so . we have to feel the ache and then he . could make an assumption thank you so he . would presumably go through training . going in the machine and they'd bring in . various sick people and he would . experience and feel every single ailment . grayson let's not let's not dismiss this. idea out of hand of course because . you'll famously remember rick that karl . had the idea of a man who can't go . backwards so he's born as an old man who . died as a young baby i think we're all . looking forward to the new brad pitt . film that is exactly that plot a little . strange. karl said the most exciting words he . said i've had another film idea . wow sell it to me like you're only a . hollywood executive show me the film so . what i was thinking is it starts off and . the people you know you've seen into . their lives from like the morning yeah . it's like a nice sunny day yeah . radio was on you know they're going . about the day they say no what we're . doing tonight anything you know they've . got a nice life hmm . he walks out the house gets it back . oh so clive warren's their dad no what . happens is she's devastated. doctor says your husband's dead. she's not our god what happens then is . he says but listen what we can do now we . can take the brain out right right the. brain can it can run on half of it . you've actually got a full brain buff so . this is this was in my mind still well . her whew my dear so i said what happens . is morgan freeman's has been working on . this you can run you can run your life . on half a brain right she's sort of a . bit like what you tell me this for now . we all spend just died like 20 minutes . ago and he goes yeah but if we weren't . gonna do this we've got oh that's quick . she's might do what he says look you . know what we're gonna do where we can . either turn the switch off well we can . put your dad in you're right but why . what he does so what they do then . they're gonna take half his brain now . for his brain to put out half of hers . pop it in place . why would she do that because she loves . him but hold on well no wait wait wait . wait what would she then me because this . is what i'm trying to okay okay so what . happens is he's gone. but you'll you'll have these thoughts so . in the morning when you say i don't know . what so i only have cornflakes is better . the brain will sort of settle wait a bit . wait yeah sorry sorry so the point of . this film is that the dead man can . reminder what breakfast cereal she likes. [laughter]. this is where you get the maddest . it's the honestly it really is the . ramblings of a case i have to say that i . am hooked now i want to know what's . gonna happen next in the story oh christ . remember i was making all this up it's . not based on true story . [music]. .

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