Kevin Hart Speaks On Bill Cosby, Bill Maher & That Time He Almost Became A Stripper

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[music]. you're watching the breakfast club . [music]. moaning everybody in cej envy angela yee . charlamagne tha god we are the breakfast. club we got a special guest in the . building little kev the basket is here . we got a chance this kev actually bought . us chair i did my chair he bought his . chair i did my chair they took levin but . it was a month fault i know he felt . awkward coming back up here until the . chairs came because i'm not coming back . to the chairs come well thank you for . this you're damn right there little . chair they don't go that high the little . chairs on purpose everybody here says . they don't adjust all right i'm like. hard water that's what i did it so quick . my feet could be what as opposed to had . nothing to do a job it was all about me . my whole lot more about kevin hart after . we call them little cares about okay now . i don't care the best original evening . houses first comedy sounds like a silly . battle rapper but it definitely it . definitely has nothing but nothing that . says success in it nothing that says i'm . gonna make it though can you tell the . people why you a little character breath . look at the bastard that's the name that . out of my first name is stand-up comedy . that uh one of my friends came up with . because i was going when i was gonna . start performing he's like you need a. name and i was like somebody said you . can't just go up there like that you . need a name it was based off of you know . at the time the comedian's that were . popping i was like boost bruised and . earthquake and all those guys were real . big you know you need something people . can remember you by and we were in the . car he was like the bastard honestly i . was like what the bastard nah i was just . talking about he said the bastard just . be the bastard we kept going back and . forth and he was like a little cat . little cat the bastard so my friend came . up with him we were in a car and they . started now to me . yo comes in says little cat the bastard . i was getting all hype okay all right i . feel like his dope you think that there . was an old dirty out there already it . was already a bastard in the game i . didn't you know you don't think when . people give you a name like that you . caught up in a moment charlemagne you . become a negative nancy all right you . don't open more than one bastard in the . game at that point in time i thought i . was only one . whatever stop i realized that had . nothing to do with what i was talking . about. nothing that was nothing that was the . bastard and all there was a warrant . appointment oldest book of you look at . profit up in a bunch are the ones with . the would say it was the cases and stuff . the fittest and enough okay tommy we did . appointment i had was there was one job . that i really wish you would have done . was that uh that you rehearsed for . finale this would have an epic yeah i. was gonna be a stripper. it'll be super master bruce up about it . serious mac was against the wall make . yeah i guess i get money girls are. dances yeah i don't get i want to bring . that up because you know i wanted people . to read the book but yeah now read it . reading this in their manager this is i . was a million community college money . money is dry and i was dealing with this . girl and the shit she was like you know . just who you should you should start . dancing yeah so slippery huh what was . gonna be my stripper name we didn't get . that far okay we didn't give out we . gotta far enough for me to think about a . routine uh that i should do like we got . part enough for her to give me advice on . a routine and she got some outfits and . and has yeah she was like dude just . really gotta wear that's when i started. getting skeptical when she was like you . know this is what they wear she brought. in one of these things that that holds . you that hold your balls together so you . say i don't know what it was and you . just put it around your balls like this . way you stay right now that i don't know . about all this you don't yeah i'm young . i wouldn't know about this you think i'm . telling you i was actually putting it . down on this girl by the way too so . low-key she might have been trying to . pin me that you say it let you know she . was working there she might have . definitely tried to tell me out there to . make some money but at the time i didn't . think of it like that yet it's a partner . and everything we was going back to the . partner i convinced my boy he should do . it too we're both we all know by the way . i want to go ahead and blind everyone's . on their blind man you tell the story . about how y'all both wouldn't . room and y'all had baby i was wearing . y'all help each other put the baby oh no . no no this is done - oh brother i ain't . awkward is real this was i was 18 18 and . i know y'all do she said we can make. money you know rent and everything was . bad she said we could go somewhere where . nobody gonna see us he's like you sure . man i was like dude anybody says the way . she talking like we won't clean up it's . just been a big girl push you're a big . girl so i said she said she'd show us . help us out so we uh she she had us in . living room she's like y'all just got to . get a dancing routine so the stools was . supposed to be the girl and we in the we . in the living room. whatever so yeah genuine my opponent . anywhere laughing you off in traffic . jersey one genuine pony is what i was . gonna go with no i was working on a . routine is a true story on my mother and . genuine ponies playing and while i'm. trying to get my routine together my boy . ted and my brother and them came came in . it came to it like my brother always had . a key he just came in they hear the. music it can see six people sigma half . negative everywhere . we just have jeans or we had a shirt i . know so we we in there we in there quick . with oil long dances music blasted my . brothers like what the fuck is going on . hey hey there's nothing that you even . even though in my mind is justified . there was nothing i could say memo and . in that moment i'm like yo i'm charging . your weight out way to be done wait to . me desert when teen i'm almost at the . end but that's when i was like nah man i . can't do this my brother man he's stupid . and say being that take them goddamn . love i respected though because you and . her filly you could have sold dope you . could have freaking with the robin story . i wasn't do that i was gonna go that . route yeah the only reason why i was . even interested in doing that cuz she . had me so sold on the fact she's like . because you small them big girls gonna . let you she's like telling young she has . me stone cold . i'm not even lying you see i'm being . 100% honest like this there's no there's . no . for error in this in this in this story . to tell a lie like it was literally me . my back was against the wall i might . yeah i gotta figure it out man presented . to you no no no no and just for the . record i wanted to be clear i never hit . a stage i never even walked in that fall . to a strip club it was it was in my . living room as far as it went . i never even put on the bottom i never . even put on your doll sit on the bottom . no i was just had jeans on i have my . jeans on we had a shirts always going . over the routine okay and she was . telling us about the things to put on . like that's when the information was . throwing us all but she's a winning of . y'all can dance let me see with the . dance is so different if you would have . hit that stage i'm gonna hit to say no . y'all got drop old you really the really . the really dropping . that's not tell me already to get . dropped off elementalist a story last . week we talking about the book about how . you walked in on a comedian jerking off . not just in the community not just . anything mean one of one of the best to . do it man . patrice o'neal i paint patrice when you . walk in it that's why i listen people . this is with this book and gotta build . this story right here is legendary . okay patrice o'neal he comes to la . patrice needed to stay you need a place . to stay. so at the time i was living in la i had . a two-bedroom apartment . me and my ex we were standing the . apartment but you know we had a guest . room that we would let people stay . together. patrice comes he's staying there i'm . like do you come and go as you want . hey go to hkey you know patrice it's my . small head whatever you need patrice i. got you so man my man my ex we were out . i was just out and about during the day . and she's like i wall i'm gonna go hang . with my girls i thought you go ahead i'm . gonna go back to the crib so i'm not . thinking about patrice or whatever and . if he is home it doesn't matter so i . walk in and it's quiet . i literally just quiet on my own druce . you hear i'm hearing nothing right so . i'm going to back just in that back room . where he is. open the door you know he just he's in . front of like i had a big laptop so you . know patrice is big trees in front of . the left. up and i'm like yo what you doing man he. like yeah you know a person like turn . turn over look over the shoulder but . they don't move a body like some way . that yo give me a second give me a . second now they what you doing if you . say go make give me a second he move and. i saw baby oh you on the top all right . what oh you want to boy let's see . and now right here you know patrese use . those little arm on the other side was . like in front of them let you getting . down like oh come on man it's like yeah . come on man i know he's gonna be home . it's like so i go up close the door and . like two minutes go by he come back out . first of all he's disgusting cuz he . finished like when i blow the door again . icloud adoring he felt as though he was . doing and he came back out he's like . yard and expec
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