KSI DESTROYS Joe Weller, KSI CALLS OUT Jake Paul! Logan Paul RETURNS Tomorrow…

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Hey what's up guys it's kerr's here and . you guys know my video is gonna be on . today i mean this is massive right ksi . and joe weller had their big match today . and it was everywhere i mean this fight . did insane tomato for 1. 1 million . viewers at the same time on youtube i . mean that's incredible i've never seen a . youtube livestream gets so many viewers. man definitely was one of the biggest . youtube events in history and i'll get . into chaos i enjoy bowlers fight in a . little bit here but one of the first . fights that went down during this event . was jmx . and mike fox they're both very big . youtubers from the uk and these guys . decided to fight it out in the boxing . ring and from the beginning the fight . kind of seen one side it looked like jmx . was gonna win i mean cuz jam x was much . taller bigger than mike fox he just . looked like he had this one in the bag . but mike fox did fight very hard and it . definitely was a good fight to watch but . the best part about this fight is at the . end mike fox actually proposed to his . girlfriend which was pretty awesome and . actually a lot of youtubers twe . afterwards saying that mike fox was the. real winner here because he ended up . proposing michael green at tweeted out . saying wow mike fox loses his fight with . jmx but wins big when he proposes to his . girlfriend live now let's talk about the . main event here so obviously jo weller . and ksi were going to fight we've known. this for a long time now it's been . months and months ever since pretty much . the summer of 2017 we've known that . these guys were gonna fight it out and . honestly i have to say i saw a lot of . viewers siding with jo weller at the . beginning i felt like a lot of viewers . thought jo had this one in the bag they . thought he was gonna win because it . looked like he had more experience than . ksi it looked like he knew what he was . doing a kiss i was just kind of jumping . into this whole thing but like kiss i . ended up winning we all probably know . this by now kiss i destroyed jo weller . the third round by tko jj has got so . much. wake up . about the spot the site men rushing away . from all joe's team surround him . probably just kicked all away from joe . is looking away from this but there are . huge scenes as the sidemen he's . wonderful he celebrates everything you . said was going to happen you've got to . see that was an amazing performance . victorious is incredible scenes here the . camaraderie between the sidemen @jj is . there for everyone to see . i really enjoyed it was a very very . interesting fight and i love the ce que . si i'll just destroy joe well at the end . there because he proved so many people. wrong the youtuber face sensei also . decided to make a video telling the . truth about ksi he pretty much says here . that when he trained with ksi he could . tell that his work ethic was on point he . was doing everything he could to be able . to learn boxing and and these guys watch . sparring for hours and hours and since i . taught ksi a lot of stuff about the . sport and right after kiss i wanted the . match against joe weller he ended up. calling out logan paul and jake paul he . wants the paul brothers to fight him now . and to be honest jake paul has already . tweeted out saying that he wants to do . an influencer mma tournament type thing. and a lot of fans have actually been . calling out jake paul now saying jake. needs to fight ksi i think that would be . a great fight i want to see it happen . said you wanted to call someone out well . wow. ose matt's got this boat right now if . any youtuber wants it you can come get . it. jake pull tape pull no can pull and . there's a pool i don't care bring it no . if any celebrity wants it yo where's . real wrestler . everyone's i know they're doing a bad . thing also it looks like logan paul . almost died yesterday this is huge news . logan paul actually went skydiving and . his main parachute didn't open that's . right he tweeted this out he said here's . a photo of my empty pack after i cut . away my main parachute because it didn't . open i can tell you the feeling of the . blue. parachute opening and functioning. properly was miraculous this has never . happened to another student before at . this school logan paul lives on now i'm . sure a lot of you guys know who hampton . brandon is he is a massive youtube . streamer one of the biggest youtube . streamers out there he's been hit by a . car on his stream i mean he's had some . crazy moments on his stream and you know. there's people that like him there's . people that hate him but recently he got . into a fight with the fox news camera . crew that's right so fox news was doing . like a story on this one shop in la that . i guess was selling counterfeit stuff. allegedly and you know they were . apparently scamming people allegedly so . fox news decided to report on earth they . decided to film the store and while the . camera crew was filming hampton brandon . decided to come up and i guess he was . friends with a shop owner and he . defended them by pretty much fighting . with the fox news camera crew was crazy . later i reiterate that we are there to . talk to the owner of old school we're . here to talk to collins not you . but right after he says that alex walks . into view of our cameras before he . notices us right there he puts his hood . up and walks out of the back of the . store the employees then shut off the . lights and closed the store down for the . evening several weeks later our . investigative team went back with . security we showed old schools neighbors . to search warrants detailing allegations. of the fake merchandise that's crazy you . know i'm gonna give them the benefit of . the doubt and say that you know maybe . was just a mishap but i'm sure they'll . get to the bottom of it you know but our . haircuts are not fake the same security. guard from old school saw our cameras . and approached our team again but this . time someone else got involved we got a . cookie pipe in your hair bro a man who . seems to know the guard targeted our . producer hey give me that which brings . us back to the confrontation you saw at . the top of our story when security had . to get involved you better watch your . mouth hey guys i . nobody was hurt and the situation . settled down but it was a bizarre ending . to our month-long investigation into a . store accused of blatantly ripping. people off. i will never shop there again and if you. ever walk by don't go there . we will go out with him until there . they're stopped or they're in jail it . also looks like the youtuber hobby . stewart ended up getting lied to badly . by his girlfriend this is fucking crazy . i mean hobby stewart is a big youtube . ria's 300,000 plus subscribers and he . made a video in december saying he's . gonna be a father he thought he was . gonna have twins and apparently you know . his girlfriend told him that he was . gonna have twins and that she was . pregnant and that she was thinking about . having an abortion but she decided not . to get one but i can tell you this is . not clickbait i am actually gonna be a . father really soon in like two weeks i'm . gonna be a dad and i am feeling it's . hard to describe how i'm feeling to be . honest i kind of feels like it's not . gonna happen it's it feels really . surreal even though it's so soon it just . feels like a dream and his girlfriend . also told him that her parents were dead . she also told him a bunch of crazy . things that were all lies that's right . she lied to him about him having a kid . she lied to him about her parents being . dead this is unbelievable i mean i've . never seen something so messed up in my . life he just uploaded a video two days . ago where he says that his children . don't exist and you can tell he is so . depressed in this video i mean this is . definitely by far one of the biggest . ways to fuck someone over i mean telling. them that they have a kid and that . you're pregnant and lying about it and . then lying about your parents being dead . i mean i don't know who this girl is but . she is fucked in the head i met our . quota rents and my huge surprise she . picked up told me that she had gone into . labor and one baby was fine and one of . them was in intensive care but wouldn't . let me know where she is i was like why . what have i done well i can't i see my . kids and she was like i'm done anything . and then she was like okay you can come . and see and my cousin will call you and . just hung up so i text her again . pleading to let me see my children my . mom text her and then she texts me. saying . it's best you don't get attached to . someone that will die hobby you can come . if you just see one of them if you . promise me that you can come i mean that . kind of speaks for itself ready she . turns off her phone and doesn't contact . me for the rest of the day . then i call up our mutual friend to just . tell him what's going on because . obviously he was really worried and he . knew something strange was going on and . he was actually trying to help me figure . it out and he told me in that phone call . that her father was in fact not dead as . you can imagine i'm just sitting there . in my house like what an earth is . happening nothing was making sense to me . but still the possibility of there being . no kids was just too much after . everything my only explanation was that . for some reason she didn't want me to . see the kids since she was just gonna . run off of my children which was as you . can imagine the most distressing feeling . that i've ever ever had and that was . that there are no children and her . parents had no idea of any pregnancy . which didn't really sink in properly at . first and then later that night one of . my best friends done a google reverse . image on the scans that she had sent me . and found them on some american woman's . flickr . and they're all there which was the . evidence and everything that she had . told me and everything that i thought . was happening for the last seven eight . months was a lie . logan paul also just we had a couple . minutes ago a twitter video of him . saying that he is going to return to . youtube tomorrow it looks like he's . gonna start vlogging again i'm kind of . interested to see how well this does i . don't know if fans are gonna be angry . that he's volume or if they're gonna . welcome him back . who is also a giant charge . the legend. myth . [music]. and that's it for every house today guys. i hope it enjoyed if you'd please be . sure to leave a thumbs up and i'll see . you later peace . .
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