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Yo what is up bugs guess where we're . going we're in the cast iron logan palm. press conference right now he's gonna be . the biggest trash talk battle thus . attribute of all about trash ugly you . know this guy loves drama i love drama . we're here live are you about to see . jake well live face to face you have . anything plan or you're just gonna go . off the top got some things okay okay yo . look at this stadium these youtubers out . here are doing big big who wouldn't know . that youtubers are gonna be selling out . stadiums you know say this is gonna be. little you look so confused like why is . this guy even standing in front of it . because dude you really get a win and . i'm winning . i believe it being just tweeted this are . you good these zooms in on kids why is . he even looking there i don't know why . why now but here's kind of packing heat . though hey yo guys actually yesterday i . was up this club with snare cyanol them . and randomly as soon as i let go get him . and they started beefy i said i could . have been there i missed it because i . left i saw i'm in the same things about . to go down there but to go on the stage . roast each other logan jake can't sighs . did she oh dude there's just so much . drama beefy oh mike that's going down . it's going down . [applause]. let's go it down is going what is going . on what the . [applause]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. when i see one severe and continuous . absolutely judgment no good war you . conor mcgregor wannabe you dumb piece of . shit. i can't wait to punch you right in your. stupid smug face oh oh you remember this . right oh it's off with you bro . [applause]. [applause]. they're just screaming back and forth . this over i'm home now keep start get . your ass here breath question edgy jake . paul who do you have winning from cuz i . know you're friends with you know desi . and the jay paul paid your rent for like . a month. what you know what jake walt did paint . for like my rent for a month i'm gonna . lead towards jane ferrell dude you're . gonna do desi like that you'll honestly. debbie's my boy but like jake is kind of . taller he's kind of i don't think dan . she's ready i don't know but look maybe . dead she seen as todd scratch from a . baby it feels him up so maybe if you did . you know we're rooting for you but like . jake might take it easy you're the homie . i love you to death but i may have put . money on the other team all right no but . the other question low get kissed . i bet rudy a hundred percent per can say . oh i don't know i don't know is they . both look tall and big and strong who . knows dude we were right next to kate . aside jj is jacked bro but so is logan i . don't know but anyways many fears that . make it to the end make sure you guys . drop a thumbs up oh see you guys. tomorrow. listen tomorrow and um yeah man thanks . for the support and catch you guys . [music]. .

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