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Oh doing huh to new dawn it's a new day . it's a new life ladies and gentlemen and . i am very oh there we go so right now . i'm freezing on top of the world the . logan fight happening this august very . excited for that man is going to be one . or that one and obviously i played a bit . of fortnight you know had a bit of fun . with that i'm also - single one is . enjoying yourself. oh the side man channels booming . is cara sighs all right here we go what . [music]. everything is good right now good and . that ladies and gentlemen i saw this . video no no they didn't oh no they did . it the five rows have made a reaction . video teens react to logan paul versus . ksi what if you know logo subscriber you . know back in the day they're the teens . react to ksi . oh my god that was that was a video goal . touchdown touchdown touchdown touchdown. touchdown touchdown touchdown touchdown. touchdown touchdown touchdown touchdown. pass now i've got my laptop ready just . in case any motherfucker wants to start . saying touchdown in this bitch so much. bigger than it needs to be it's not . little bit array of a brother my live . but my friend you know cause it's sunny . outside the sun's finally out though . when the sun is how in england england . is the best place to be . first of all screw logan paul and second . of all at ksi is a good oddest 25th you . know he's made of menthol doughnut his . brain like let me show i'm free i'm . gonna somehow fly to england and get . those fucking tickets and get that seat. she is disgusted she is oh i think jj . can get him in like three or four rounds . forget the paperwork . i like logan paul i watched logan paul's . he's done a lot of bad things . paul you fucking serious know this relax . let's relax y'all you know what it's . okay it's okay don't need to bring out . the laptop just yet i kind of view him . as like a motivational speaker i think . he did learn from his missus 2017 the . year districts . yes the way we settle our differences on . youtube is through like like physical . confrontation though this rap diss track . sharing or bro straight fist that's what . that's what we're at right now it was . probably just an exchange of emails of . like hey i know you tweeted at me but . now we can like profit off of this it . was it was nothing like that i don't . even have his email like we generally . just wanted to beat this year of each . other so we're doing makes me the most . mad cuz i know it's gonna be successful . obviously people are gonna be excited to . watch people fight it's just human . nature every case i beat youtuber joe . weller in a boxing match in front of . 8,000 fans in attendance in london in. addition there were over 1. 6 million . watching the match live and in the first. 30 days the boxing match had well over . 25 million views across youtube wow . i haven't that case i thought i said oh . i don't need to know anything . i'm literally punched him . [laughter]. i'm so up for seeing other youtubers box . because i feel like it's another logan . paul stine i can't wrap my saying no . logan polestar and trust me this is just . a straight boxing match that is that i . don't know like whether or not boxing . like fighting is gonna be like a good . thing or a bad thing for the platform . the fact that they're like expanding out . of like the youtube dimension and into . the real world dimension i think is. super cool i'll even think of it like . that but you know when you put it in . that perspective it's kind of cool still . gonna beat the shelvin though i'm going . to enjoy it there are some that are . critiquing the fight arguing that this . is another attempt to distract audiences . from logan's recent troubles within the . online community and another way for . creators to make money i didn't even see . that aspect but because we were saying . that as well it's it's kind of annoying . because obviously what he did before . it's just fucking stupid but ultimately . i just come from a boxing right and i . just come to him to box and he said yes . and that's it like i didn't go okay this . will this will distract everyone from . his previous nod and happens i don't for . logan pull by any means . i fucking hate both of them jake boy i . love them okay sign a recent interview . talked about how drama is always an. eye-catcher and that his recent success . to some degree comes from drama that he . finds unfortunate but at the same time . has talked about how you need to evolve . with what is working yeah well that's . not the way i mean people say any . publicity is good publicity but no it's . not really the case people will hate you . there's also many people feeling that . these feuds and the build-up around them . are all for clickbait views hype and . money and although they will box it's . all basically a setup yeah if you see . two big youtubers fighting it's going to . attract attention no matter what and . there's no there's nothing i can do . about it there's nothing to do it's just . how it is i'm not trying to use this for . views i'm just doing what i normally do. you tuber showcase everything and . entertain august like 24 know all the . hype for the trash talk . who do you think will win the match case . they are local paul or do you not care i . hope ksi wins thank you doing trains . boxing like i just feel like he's got . the upper hand already done this once . and he's already done training for a lot . longer logan paul he's had a background . in wrestling but in boxing so i think. doesn't affect my life either way . [laughter]. fucking brilliant. no i am so gasps with this fight holy . shit man i want to slap him so hard so . hard that people are gonna look at this . and oh shit . judge you should go pro you never know . man you never know anyway it's been your . boy kiss ology they bt i will see you . guys in a bit . shower fb take care no i'm all . [music]. .
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