Laura Simpson Sets the Record Straight About Her Night With Wayne Rooney | This Morning

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29-year-old office worker Laura Simpson shares what really happened when she was caught sharing a car with footballer Wayne Rooney.
Broadcast on 14/09/2017
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Very brave to stick your head above the . parapet why are you here . well basically to make sure that what . i've said in the papers isn't actually. what upset sorry that was wrong so you . reckon you reckon that you've been . you've been its very inaccurate yes i'm . not said anything all right well let's . let's clarify a few of those bits today . so this is august 31st yeah so you've . drove to your friend's house you punch . car outside this is the car in question . yeah you went from there to a bar had a . couple of drinks view proseccos and then . after that you went to this nightclub in . wilson this is symposium nightclub and . there's a big group of you and wayne. rooney is in a group nearby you did you . did you know who he was i obviously knew . who was jeff just did it it wasn't . interacting it was just more drinks we . had we kind of overflow it's a different . part of the baron and ended up doing the . same survey again same area because . there's there's been reports that have . obviously even at the center of this . media storm and there's been lots of . reports that actually this is you've got . previous on this and this is what you do . that you go laps you do laps looking for . flowers and and so is that what would . you say to that is that not tuned i . can't i don't know who is writing all . this but have you ever been out with a . footballer before have you ever met a . footballer in a club before yeah so you . have been out with footballers yeah just . you think that's where maybe where they . got their previous i think maybe they've. done a bit of digging but other than . lives there's nothing it's not something . that i do so have you so so i mean that . is obviously something that's for us to . hear you know is quite an important part . of the story is the fact that you have . in the past . dated footballers so so when it comes to . that particular night in question i've . got to ask you did you have your eye on . him no not at all it was night why it . wasn't i wasn't aware of anything that . owned this round is really it wasn't . anything in question it was just we just . fell into talking to each other in the . company that we was in and that was the . top and bottom of it and so so that's . fair enough okay i mean you're a group . of mates if he's got a group of his . mates and you've got your mates you're . all. club you're all chatting oh it's wayne . really no it's fine you're quite . obviously attracted to footballers as. you busy as you've said is that not true . well no that's not true i'm not just . attracted to footballers i think that's. just kind of something that's been . portrayed purely because of who he is . and how the media's lit it up . you've been out footballs before . previous yeah but not solely footballers. okay so won't so you you then decide and . this is this is the bit i think where . you know it begins to roll slightly out . of control yes no from their marriage . point of view is the fact that you end . up in in the car together okay yeah so . you've left your car at your mates house . yeah and so how come you ended up in the . car together who's whose idea was that . what was the conversation basically just . got a cab and then because it's a bit of . a whirlwind really there was no . conversation we just ended up at my cab . at my car from getting out of the cab . and then obviously but he does take it . to that knicks yeah she doesn't it's not . just crashing mates or you know he's not . looking for a new friend you're probably . not looking for a new friend it's you're . you're in a car together with a man yeah . that's married i mean my thing would be . as a female as a you know sisterhood i . wouldn't get in a car with a married man . but then you've i was a couple of drinks . down even then i wouldn't yeah but then . it then it that wasn't discussed as what . was going to happen so in my eyes have . done nothing wrong . maybe you've got an economy account with . a married man you got a car with a . madman but if i got in the car with you . were dancing could be all over the . newspapers yeah i think you probably . bloody would know i mean like michael i. mean i mean kind of if it was just a . general person i don't think it would be . as portrayed as this but it's still it's . still that it's still question again not . be in the newspapers as philip schofield . i did make a gainer in a car with a . woman who is not his wife . having just picked her up in a club just . trip myself up there and then any . general married man if it was anybody. else it wouldn't be and if you know . still be the same it wouldn't be an . issue publicly but morally it would . still be the same issue . no because it's been blown out of . proportion what was was it was about to . happen . well apparently gonna happen well you . said yes you said i think he was unsure . of what we were doing as i was . what were you doing driving down the. road if you if if the incident which we. can't talk about hadn't happened you'd . both continued in that car what would . have happened. where were you going what were you gonna . do go home i think when we spoke very . briefly at the beginning this about the . reports in the newspaper and yeah and . it's hard it's hard to it's hard to . understand because they are reported as . quoted directly from you and you can . explain this afterwards were he kept . admiring my clingy top and asking what. size they were saying are they real we . had a kiss a hug and some banter . harmless fun never said that so whereas . this direct quote come from for one i. had a t-shirt on a baggy t-shirt for two . i've not kissed and i'm not called him . and if that would have happened i think . they would have been a lot more coverage . of that because it was in a bar so then . were talking about my mouth and that's . being dealt with but you spoke to the . paper after that after this happened . after a spoken to clean a spoke went in . the newspaper because that store there . was a story that had been run and that's . when i'd spoken to her before i'd spoken . to them just to try and clear my name . but i was there with all the stories out . there that is true and you have been . misquoted then that is that's been dealt . with well yeah that's been dealt with so . do you feel like you've something of a . scapegoat here oh yeah because i just . feel like i've been thrown under the bus . with all the quotes that have been being . kind of published i anything i do say . further is is just i didn't will feel in . a fire really because they're never . gonna get rid of those quotes no witness . are always the headlines so of course . which is better attracting yeah . you. .
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