Lauren London Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Lauren London goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles, and talks Cali-centric sneakers and if a sequel to "ATL" is on its way.
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[music]. [applause]. [music]. what's up ari bodies joe from conflicts . were in la a flight club with actress. lauren london gonna do some sneaker . shopping tonight gonna see what she's . feeling what she's not and then. hopefully she's gonna buy some sneakers . [music]. lauren warned in la still live in la yes . talk about la centric footwear you know . cortese's . well growing up for sure like all my. uncle's were cortezes if it was like yo . g hood boys definitely had awesome card . sizes nwa really i think kind of like . yeah if a boy can't see with some black . cortese and a black t-shirt we're like a . la hat on he was getting a number so . it's cute to see it come back actually . happy yeah these are like the classic . colorway and what do you think about a . shoe that could come out again this . summer and still have that great impact . see i don't feel like they ever went out . of style and i don't know if that's just . because i am in la i feel like that was . always a shoe that you can get to go . with any outfit if you were like not . sure what to put on your foot and like a . chuck you know anyway it's kind of the . same thing you bring up chuck taylors do . you still think that is the la chew yes . over everything . vans cortes everything depends on what . side of the street you're on but i'm . gonna always choose a check over. anything . lauren described your style in high. school break it down so i was very . low-key i always had like a hoodie on . maybe a perry ellis jacket even for like . a not a good moment to i was wearing . like some type of jordan or adidas ice . or my hair back in a really low bun . maybe sometimes with the big ol swoop or . baby hair hoop earrings you know regular . la ghetto og i hear you what were some . of your favorite jordans these actually . still i wear these like out to dinner . trying to be you know sassy and cute . jordan 1 2 3 the black sea mints are . like classic my favorite probably one of . the best ever made . no seriously and i so happy and my dad . they were it like in my car my dad . opened up the passenger door and the . shoes fell out of the car and i kept . driving so they only have one seam it . you've never got the other side no and . i'm have to pay like $500 we're gonna . complete the pair the karma is coming . back lauren your character on the game . there was a scene where someone had . dirty sneakers on you played him for us . but something happened in real life okay . i was in middle school i was in the . eighth grade and these were really big . when i was in eighth grade 13 so really . being and if you had some of these a lot . too were getting robbed for these . actually jacked and there was this boy . had a crush on he'll go on name and the . boy came to school with these like he . was like one of the first ones with . these and. left school and came back to school with . nothing on he came back and somebody had . robbed him for the shoe so you came back . crying to school his socks on and i was . brought him for me i mean he just came . to everybody like i just got jack you . know when i was like damn that's . unfortunate now you got your jordans and . you got robbed and you crying it's quiet . total turner . it's quiet boy yeah i couldn't you know . i couldn't do it like that no more . turned off it was . [music]. every few weeks on your instagram and . aaliya picture will pop up her style is . adored even more so maybe now than it. was in the past talk about how much of a . fashion icon she is and how it resonates. with you i mean growing up i alia was . who we looked up to and listened to and . i feel like her style was so effortless . and easy and she was comfortable she . never looked like she was forcing. anything and i always try to keep that . in mind when i'm getting dressed or . going somewhere that it just it belongs . to me i don't belong to the outfit . that's like ali akana incorporating that . a lot she was so cool and like she's . swaggy and she's perfect we see a lot of . women getting sneaker deals rihanna . kendall jenner teyana taylor do you . think we're a little late on that and . someone like alia should have had a yes . we're late on that we're late on . everything that women are just now . getting we should have been head and she . should have everybody should have this . thinker do they know it's true . [music]. we got to talk about the iconic video. front with pharrell jay-z working with . pharrell back then you know he has his . shoes here did you realize how much of a . style icon he was i think being around . his presence you kind of filled the . genius around him and you have to . respect that but for me i was 17 years . old in that video and i was in the 12th . grade i was working for paul hunter at . the time and he calls me at the office . and he's like pharrell needs a regular . looking girl in this video fly down in . miami so they full heat down in miami . because i was a regular looking girl and . i had no idea what i was getting into i . just know that i have to go to miami and . be in the video and the rest is history. i mean you were young but did you think . like this guy is gonna rule the fashion . world one day it doesn't surprise me i . don't know if i like looked at it in . that way because i was 17 in my mind was . elsewhere but it does not surprise me at . all another iconic character nunu atl . talked about her style what was it like . shooting atlanta it was very very hot i . remember it was very very hot and i we . wanted to keep her style close to like . what the kids were wearing in atlanta at . that time so she was like streep as . simple but like flirty and fun so that . was this fun because i was comfortable . time i never had it like wear heels and . every few years and now it seems like . even months there's rumors that there's . gonna be another atl yeah can you give . us any inkling to if that's gonna happen . i know that they are working on it okay . and i know that it is something that . trying to push forward i don't know so . much that would be a great ti question . but what i do know is that as much as . the fans wanted we wanted to we talked . about everything now the easy part you . get the browser shelves hopefully you . get those black cement threes . oh my gosh right yeah that'll be great . [music]. oh can i have these oil one my gosh i'm . the black sea news days am i sighs . everything okay and these in my side . [music]. thank you your total is 1231 and 89 . cents thank you. [music]. so lauren came through kept it super og . told some great stories thanks so much . thank you. [music]. .

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