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In this guest episode of Learn Quick, Owen (NewGreenShoe) learns to slackline. Thanks to Owen for covering for me whilst I'm on my honeymoon! Owen's a fantastic creator, you should definitely check out his work, especially if you like magic. Thanks again, Owen! I have 1 more guest video on the way, so make sure you're subscribed to stay up to date.
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Currently still on my honeymoon cycling . through wine country in california but . this week we have another guest covering . for us he is going to try and learn to . slackline his name's orion is another . great underrated gem of youtube if you . like him go subscribe to him go check . him out. show him some support with all that said . and done oh and take it away hello hi my . name it's owen it's good to meet you . don't let the knife put you off sorry . usually on my own channel . i make videos about magic content . because that's what i do it's not that . then usually just whatever i feel like . uploading but today i'm going to be . doing something which i have never tried . before i'm going to be attempting to . learn slacklining . [music]. i'm loving this already . okay so we have this setup i have no . experience with this at all . i've never done anything like it so i . don't know where to gauge knowing how to . slackline and not knowing how to . slackline so i'm going to set myself the . primary objective of getting from one . planet slackline for the other and back. again without touching the ground and . about trusting a tree however as a . stretch goal i'm going to set myself . another target to do a forward roll from . standing and then up standing again . without falling off . i don't know how difficult that would be . but let's give it a go as always this is . day one hour zero . [music]. okay halfway done one side to the other . i still gotta do the other way without . touching the ground so i don't know i'm . celebrating . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. that's it there you have it one side to . the other and back again not a front . roll i'm so dead i'm gonna first try and . just do an ordinary. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. this state for now with an added . mattress. [music]. [music]. so this is when i started to realize . that this particular trick was a little . out of my skill range i didn't feel like . i was going to be able to do the trick . any time soon but at the same time i . wanted to learn something so i decided . to pivot my focus and instead try and . learn how to do a butt bounce so i've . made the line lower and tighter in the . hopes that would give me a bit more . bounce so i can actually bounce back up . [music]. [music]. [music]. okay so technically yes my foot did . touch the ground however that's more for . stability than it is power to get me . back up on the snack line . i'm sure if you're in enough time i . could learn how to do this without . putting my feet on the ground at all by . fingers for another day my back hurts so . much. [music]. yes okay so i guess that concludes my . first step i'm sorry i guess i concludes . my first step into learning how to . slackline this feels like a good time to . have a montage but it would essentially . just be me walking and sitting which . you've already seen a lot of instead i. guess i'll jot down what i've learned . for this experience . here's my top three points number one . don't be afraid to put safety . precautions down when learning a new . skill it might seem stupid to have a . mattress on the floor when you're that . close to the ground but when you're . falling onto your back 50 times a day . you'll be glad that you put the extra . safety proportion in number to set your . goals wisely it's good to have ambitious . angles to give you something to strive . towards but here's the amount of time i . spent learning to walk here's the amount . of time i spent trying to do a front . roll and here's the amount of time that . i spent managing to do a seat drop i . could have cut out this whole middle . section and made this whole thing much . easier if i hadn't have been trying to. go for such an ambitious trick just . because it's a trick titled beginner . doesn't mean that you should turn your . nose up on it when actually it's . probably a good idea to get that gradual . learning curve rather than jumping . straight in which i have a tendency to . do number three something that i wasn't . expecting from this was how motivated i. was to keep this challenge going despite . how frustrated i was about the lack of . progress i was making i think this is . partially on to the fact that i was . making a video about it and i wanted to . show the end product in the video so if . you ever feeling like you want to try a . new skill it might be a good idea to set . up a camera and record yourself learning . to do it it might motivate you more i . don't know and that's it really i want . to say a special thank you to michael . kors for giving me this opportunity to . be on his channel i'm very thankful for . that if you guys want to see more . content with me in it you're more than . welcome to go check out my channel if . you want to see magic content or . basically other stuff that i make . haven't really got a theme if you want . to do that you can head over to my . channel called new green shoo cheeky . little plug there take a little self . plug in case you couldn't tell . thank so much for watching i'm gonna go . try and learn how to do a backflip on . the slackline that'll be fun . .
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