Little Girl Thinks She Owns Planet Earth

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You tube please this video should be . retitled a tutorial on how not to raise . a child what's up guys so a few weeks . ago i made a video on a tv show called . extreme cheapskates. now this monstrosity of a show was . produced by the media company tlc and if . i'm being honest they make some shows . where we all ask ourselves the same. question how the did this make it . on national television . today we're gonna be reacting and . watching another tlc show called . toddlers and tiaras this should be . really fun are you beautiful yes i am . beautiful the look in her eyes and the . tone of her voice makes it look good . there's a group of people behind the . camera pointing ak-47 welcome to. first world issues ladies and gentlemen. there's a group of grown adults with . cameras chasing a toddler through an. event center while she's screaming get . away from me . you judge what's wrong with this scene . [music]. for the stage a little tired she's . getting all frustrated she's kind of got . some little stimulation going on and . that's understandable she needs time to. breathe she has to have herself mentally . prepared to go on stage this video . should be retitled a tutorial on how not . to raise a child . well we have to practice so we can't be . in the practice room because when you're . in the practice room you have to . practice so do you want to practice or . go outside where the babies go is there . an age limit on who can sign up for this . like this girl looks way too young . you know what i'm gonna sign up my old . pal unborn fetus to the competition take . care out in the lobby okay i just wanted . to think that she got sitting here and . do that why are you being like this . cambria doesn't let the girls you know . get away with stuff like she holds them . accountable for their action oh my god . how dares someone be held accountable . for their own actions god forbid they . get punished or yelled at for breaking. something or having a tantrum i'm not . going to i don't want you to yell and . throw fit in here but if we're at home. i'd be like nope timeout yelling scream . yeah you're gonna need to come in here . and you're gonna i'm sorry she's kind of . in like that three major stage right now . like she can get really moody but i . think when it comes down to it like she . loves to be on that stage so i trust . cambree . i see how her girls are successful so . she's gonna do great this is one time of . a prison 2018 i love you all be right . back sorry . there can someone let me know in three . minutes you don't know anything but . you're about true gangsters right here . you need to back off no you need to back . off bitch why the does this guy . have a goat in his hands like didn't . someone explain what the hell's . happening around here we're all in our . 40s the fighting outside is going to . solve anything except for someone going . to jail take the goat safe to go come on . i'm ashamed that i had to sit in a room . with such ignorance i'm trying to walk . away from the situation like 10 times i . walk away from this and ten times one of . those ass comes back i'm like don't you . old bitches have something else today oh . really. last time i saw you were charge of . nothing about people what is wrong with . you whatever he wants to say he doesn't . know what choice gentlemen is alessandra . honey honey honey . these little ass here would like to see . a cinderella story so can you pick up so . that these but can feel better at all . they're like jabba the hutt's too lazy . to pick up goat because she's . eating too many pieces of fried butter . so she's making her slave i mean her . daughter do it my kids don't care . they'll be happy to pick up we live on a . farm lady don't start and there won't be . any. you know what i got to get away from . this play you need to bend down you'll . get a paper towel i need to clean up the . goat crap and if you can't do it then . maybe have your husband wiped some sweat. off his face and he can use his hands . i'm gonna mess that's why you're . standing where you're standing any . smaller than mine but then again her . camel toe was much larger than anybody . he's welcome to america ladies and gents . [laughter]. [music]. my name is juana and my daughter . mackenzie may be new to the pageant . world but she's still rocked the stage . mackenzie does wear her crowns a lot. every time you see her she probably has . her crown on her head because she is . definitely the little princess um i . think this girl had too many pixie . sticks or a gram of cocaine . contestant number three mackenzie . [music]. mackenzie is definitely a diva and she . doesn't want to practice i really don't . want to force her because i believe if i . do then she won't do it at all for me i . have a little sister and watching this . is giving me nightmares i mean if she . ever acted like this i would pack my. bags and move to mars she is an only . tough it is hard to keep mackenzie in a . good mood because she is 4 years old and . it's hard to keep a four-year-old . entertained well you don't have that. attitude like all i wanted to do was get . my rollers . she's like attitude me or whatever . that's not cool don't do that . i'm a nice i would have been late if i . just would have waited here i was . actually . salads doesn't stay up late i think the . toddlers are genuinely more well-behaved . than the adults like these grown women . are having tantrums in front of their . children but anyone what i can conclude . from watching this is that tlc is a . network that pumps out the weirdest . creations known to mankind and anytime i . see a toddler wearing a tiara after this. i'm gonna have flashbacks to this . nightmare but before we go i just want . to let you guys know that i have a . discord server that i'm very active in . and i'd love to meet you the links in . the description and join sometime i'll . talk to you guys but anyways thank you . guys so much for watching if you enjoyed . this video make sure to like and . subscribe and until next time see you . guys. [music]. [music]. .

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