Logan Paul | After the Japanese Forest | YouTubers React

Logan Paul | After the Japanese Forest | YouTubers React
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I know I'm a little late on this one, but I was out sick last week, and the Logan Paul scandal is nothing like this the internet has ever seen before! The list of media outlets and content creators who have had words to say about Logan's decision is endless and the consequences from uploading that video are still unfolding. This series is typically titled 'AFTER They Were Famous' but it didn't seem fitting as Logan Paul is still extremely famous. Someone from Generation Z would still likely still tell you that he is the most famous person in the world! There is no question that what he did was wrong. But some things are a little less clear. Will he survive this crisis? Does he deserve to? And did fellow content creators enjoy Logan's mistake a little too much? I'll talk about all that in this video.
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Caption: [music]. funny after logan paul would upload his . we found a dead body in the japanese . suicide forest city of course yeah he . didn't monetize it but logan pool is . gaining massively from his poor man who . decided to take his own life after luke . and paul began receiving an online . bashing from fellow content creators. hollywood stars and mainstream media . major companies pay him considerable. amounts of money to post eye catching . videos but even he says his latest. content was his biggest mistake after . logan paul deleted said video issued an . apology via twitter and fold this up . with a video titled so sorry there's a . lot of things i should have done . differently but i didn't and for that . i'm gonna bottom of my heart i am sorry . after a change. org petition would . collect over 400,000 signatures at the . time of this recording requesting that . logan paul be banned from youtube hey . has the dust settled yet on this one i . know i'm a little late but i was sick . last week and the logan paul scandal is . nothing like the internet has ever seen . before the list of media outlets and . content creators who have had words to . say on logan's decision is endless and . the consequences from uploading that . video are still unfolding now this . series is typically titled after they're . famous but it didn't seem fitting as . logan paul is still extremely famous . someone from generation z would still . likely tell you that he's the most . famous person in the world there's no . question that what he did was wrong but . some things are a little less clear will . he survive this crisis does he deserve . to and did phone contact craters and . join logan's mistake a little too much . i'll talk about all this in this video . with one piece of advice okay listen . closely don't go over there definitely . don't go over what's going on guys my . name's michael craig - coming at you . with an original video titled logan paul . after the japanese forest we're taking a . look at how things played out after . logan posted his now infamous video i've . decided not to post any footage from the . actual. for obvious reasons logan paul was born . on april fool's day of all days yes . april 1st 1995 locally rose to the top . of the vine game clocking in 8 million . followers on the app at 2015 and found . similar success on facebook twitter and. instagram . as of 2017 he became a dominant force on . youtube so much so that i covered him in . both a rich life and before their famous . video and logan well he was kind enough . to react his plan now is to become the . biggest entertainer in the world back . and to be honest i think it's gonna . happen. logan started 2017 with 1. 6 million . subscribers and became the fastest . growing channel ever to surpass 10 . million by august of 2017 at the time of . this recording he has accumulated over . 15 million subscribers and is a . household name as this is merchandise . you know it has maverick apparel or . maybe just maverick actually maverick. apparel suim's let's just say maverick . his youtube channel boasts an average of . 10 million views a day with over 40,000 . new subscribers joining the lowe gang on . the daily now to put this into . perspective the long reigning king . pewdiepie he pulls in around 8 million . views a day and half as many subscribers . now to be fair he's already accumulated . the most ever with almost 60 million at . the time in this recording we talked . about felix we're talking about logan . paw logan paul yes to me to roast him . yes ok . pewdiepie give it to me yeah the force . is pretty strong with this one now with . all these eyeballs on logan it was . pretty remarkable how unscathed he . remain from the critique of fellow cons . of creators the general public and . mainstream media if you ever found dirt . on logan regarding romantic. relationships or bitter friends and for. the most part he dodged all coverage of . anyone trying to publish or promote any . drama surrounding his celebrity . those a long sentence but there were . some questionable events he packed his. buddy in his suitcase for a flight to . france and was kicked in his la . apartment for disturbing the peace then . there were some low blows thrown in his . brother via diss tracks but his charisma . and ambition it allowed most everyone to . overlook any wrongdoing . the best crack made it in was by the . notorious youtube drama artist h3h3 an . item's tv but that happy way back to . 2016 but like his net he's got like some . big-ass nits he's like big nips yeah . like sometimes you just see a dude . topless and you're like you got big nips. dug near to the end of 2017 logan did . catch some heat from flow bots for . covering their song no handlebars and . the way they thought was sexist you have . to see this masterpiece is like a master . thesis in this project he can count some . fascinating twists of logic ascribes a. woman's body like it's just an object. but that pretty much blew over without . any real repercussions logan would . eventually faced criticism for how we. handled himself with japan pretty much . in general yeah pretty fair . the game seems to be malfunctioning . macho broken honestly bro i'm done with . these fish i'm now realizing why they . tried to arrest me last year but really . none of this would come up until he . entered the suicide forest. well his kid brother jake face near . constant criticism throughout 2017 . logan's image remained pretty . squeaky-clean but that'll change with . logan's final upload of the year the . repercussions. they were astronomical literally we are. denting the universe why myself was one . of the six billion viewers who clicked . on the video and watched it in its . entirety. logan stayed into the intro that the . video was not monetized . and the feel of the video from start to . finish was off par compared to your . typical logan paul vlog video the edit . was sad and are always positive . animated host was uncomfortable and . awkward after 24 hours the video was . removed from youtube and there's been . plenty of speculation on regarding who . removed the video was a youtube or was . it logan paul no according to members of . youtube's trusted flagger team the video . was flagged on youtube but the moderator . who reviewed it allowed to stay online. as a result the video not only stayed up . it was also featured at number 10 on the . youtubes trending page this despite the . fact that the video had clearly broken . youtube's guidelines which specifically . state that it's not okay to post violent . or gory content that's primarily . intended to be shocking sensational or . disrespectful susan watch tv youtube's . chief executive recently announced that. it would hire 10,000 staff to police the . site stepping up its war against violent . and disturbing content a youtube . spokesperson also said our hearts go out . to the family of the person featured in . the video youtube prohibits violent or . gory content posted in the shocking. sensational or disrespectful manner if a . video is graphic it can only remain on . the site when supported by appropriate . educational or documentary information. and in some cases it will be age gated . we partner with safety groups such the . national suicide prevention lifeline to. provide educational resources that are . incorporated in our youtube safety . center okay . the youtube did apply a strike on . logan's channel now for those of you who . don't know a strike is a temporary flag . on a user's account which can accrue and . result in a permanent ban as in three . strikes and you're out other channels . that reposted paul's videos . predominantly due to outrage while they . were also hit with strikes but after 24 . hours loaded paul and his team well they . were the ones that decided that the . video should be removed from the . internet this likely had something to do . with the shitshow of backlash that was . coming his way the first was from . mainstream star aaron paul perhaps cuz . he was getting his own backlash through . association of sharing the same last . name this was just the tip of the . iceberg though other a listers included . sophie turner zach braff chrissy teigen . and they all added their own two cents . by now logan had issued a public apology . via twitter which read i'm sorry this is . a first for me . i've never faced criticism like this . before because i've never made a mistake . like this before i'm surrounded by good . people and believe i make good decisions . but i'm still a human being i can be . wrong now if you want to read that whole . thing feel free to pause the video but . this apology was heavily criticized for . its use of the word i people started . calling him a narcissist and this . apology was widely overlooked then the . youtubers started sending out their own . tweets in regard to this video i'm dr. pewdiepie justine lauren diy philip . defranco rob dyke the dolan twins . superwoman and casey nice tat who gave . some really good advice dear logan you . can make a donation to the national . suicide lifeline or give airtime on your . youtube channel to experts in the field . to share information about prevention or . even work with suicide prevention . nonprofits to make psas about suicide. prevention. now other youtubers got to work on their. own response videos boogie2988 willie . was one of the first you need to find an . adult who will help you with these types . of things you can afford an entire pr . team dude and if you don't have one now . you need one you desperately need one of . course this was big news for the news . channels that was probably some of the . most messed up vlog footage i think has . ever been posted to youtube there's a . reason pewdiepie so far ahead of. everyone else no one knows you to better . than him and he was fast to react . wasn't really surprised by the fact that . once logan paul found a dead body that . he acted like a jackass . it didn't really come as a shock to me . then there were some unexpected videos . babe but your favorite creators i've . seen junkies go from being my fans to . logan fans and when i see that i care so . much the angry grandpa show what they . got in on the action he was like yo give . me give me give me the camera . what you are not gonna believe this well . as the story continued to grow a . youtuber on the rise by the name of . cabos well he gave his reaction to the . deleted content which landed him . millions of views and even coverage on. canadian television and i need to show . his next part of the vlog and it's a . horrible horrible thing to see and i'm . gonna blow it a lot more i'm gonna blur . it way more than logan did because he . didn't blow it enough but you get it's a . dead body it wasn't just youtubers who . were sharing their opinions soon after . mainstream media stars and mainstream. media fully reporting on the drama and . the 2018 award for absolutely was . scum-sucking bottom-feeder content of a . piece of crap goes to you may not know . that your kids are watching this guy but . with a huge impressionable audience this . year he was ranked by forbes magazine as . one of the top entertainment influencers . in the world maybe no one's laughing the . suicide the laughing at him joking . around near the guy who committed . suicide like i'm not saying you should . do it he definitely shouldn't i don't . want to see it but it's kind of funny i . would love to stop there but this story . has become a lightning rod for more more . craters big and small to voice their . opinions i'm just gonna start naming off . all the channels who reported on this . and like this isn't even half of them . not even a quarter it's like a drop in . the bucket here we go . a bee family with 7 million views philip . defranco with 3 million views vitaly . used this in a vlog with 1 million views . christian tell boston with 3. 5 million . views comedyshortsgamer with 2 million . views there was more wolfie true jordy . furious pete. keemstar of course and be honest even . it's very clear that logan did something . wrong dear i feel like people have kind . of been piling on top of them just a . couple days ago after the initial launch . of the infamous video a january 2nd 2018 . logan dropped an apology video called so . sorry i've made a severe and continuous . lapse of my judgment and i don't expect . to be forgiven i'm simply here to . apologize in that video logan made the. move of telling his fans not to defend . him or his video for my fans who are . defending my actions . please don't they do not deserve to be . defended that was an important move . because while the rest of the world was . criticizing logan for his mistakes much . of his audience was defending him in . fact this philip defranco points out . prior to outsiders criticizing the . insensitivity of the video logan's core . audience gave the video a ton of likes . they didn't have a problem with what he . did and will likely defend him no matter. what so in terms of logan's career it . seems to be far from over but it is on . pause for the time being on january 3rd . 2018 logan tweeted taking time to. reflect no vlog for now see you soon at . the time of this recording it's been six . days since logan dropped his apology . video and he is still yet to release a . new vlog but on january 5th tmz in the . daily mail they published the first. picture of logan since his announcement . that he was taking a break probably a . good thing he went for a run . the dude really needs to clear his head . and finally get in shape just kidding . about the last part for the rest of the . story we'll have to wait and see because . this is after the japanese for hearst so . i'm probably not gonna do this again . yeah i'm like oh crap thanks check it . out this video you might want to check. out her after their famous playlist . because we've done keaton jones we did . macaulay culkin that one was a big hit. and we've done tons of a listers and. viral stars after the rise to fame but . things got ugly . be sure to browse around hit subscribe . if you're new to this channel see you . guys in the next one . .

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