Logan Paul’s Brother Roasted Me!!! (EXPOSED)

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[music]. here we go again last week i was in some . drama this dewdrops a 30 minute video on . me dish track and then you know i . respond and i also drop a diss track and . then he drops a response to my response . and i could have dropped the response . that his response to my response but . that just would've kept going it i just . had to put into it because you were just . playing out haiti you're just making fun . of me for no reason then i would have . shown you this especially got so much . dislike so many dislikes the most. popular is video no yes that eliminated . a lot of haters aquila lated why aren't . we hearing these made-up words in your . song yeah guys are drama club elated a . lot of views and the reason why i . brought this up is because i mean jay . paul just roasted me you made a lot of . points in this video just taking me down . sounds a bully . you said you've made my career you said . i wanted to join team 10 i knew you were . saying some insane insane stuff but the. top and off you call your mom and tell . her that it's your big day because this . will make you the most relevant that you . ever been i mean you say some crazy . stuff but this right here is insane how . can you think that bro the most relevant . you've been your life was when you. dropped every day brooke we're in the . song you just alisa and then magically i . don't know where a couple days you your . brother just started hating each other . you guys randomly just start having . internet beef but like i know brothers. do say the darndest things sometimes but . like was it really serious enough to . drop diss tracks and diss tracks and . videos about each other i mean you guys . could either just like call each other . up and squash that island up anyways . alissa's and jake beef was actually . really not jake just randomly just . dissed her and she was the best she . doesn't how to rap she can i mean we . made a song and it bang and then . randomly a couple days later logan and . jake no longer they just magically loved . each other there's another one big happy . family basically whether the drama was . real or fake you were involved in drama . that you started so for you to say this . people shouldn't be like beefing over . the internet and like going back and . forth and back in corner you really were . just fake beefing with your brother for . views when he was surrounded by all this . controversy he was you know he's six to . seven million . right and that was even long i was like . a couple months ago best word a few . muslim he's getting three sometimes two . mil of videos on his channel was dying . and so he bought a new house to try to . revive his channel and it kind of worked . but it's not quite there yesterday's . like know what let's start some drama . lets roast rice cup and he instantly . pumps on the hatred well look jake good . try buddy good try come in yourself you. know high five but i feel bad for you i . really do because you literally sure . just took your own advice why would . anybody stop beef with rice gum he'll . cook you up are you really dumb enough . this was jake before you got like really . big but like you were a fan of me the . funniest thing is she was actually . spitting some facts there's a reason why . they call him rice gum why you take it . serious he does it just for fun you . still couldn't rap back that he's still . gonna rap now but a low key and that . song he was spitting some facts but . never take it out he already won oh well . what he says is mostly true that's why i . bought this room is so straight-up facts . like that is just for real though like . that's a hundred percent accurate he . knows what's up but you just understand . that in his rose video he made it seem . like he's my dad like he was above me . and all along he's been admired like . it's one thing to watch my video it's . another thing to watch the video like . and comment but jake went out of his way. to make a song just type in me up like . that's the next level fanboy regardless . like i said jake said some insane crazy . stuff that i feel like i deserve to . defend myself cuz that's not fair right . so just hear me out but this is gonna be . a good one he talked about how nick and . tessa are fat and he is body shaming . then cause now for fascinating body . shaming when i really wasn't and i'll. just explain our elevator is spacious . doors is just not that big where if two . people were to go in there it would. break you were just over capacity i'm . gonna said anyways name it i just don't . happen to not like nick and test them . because of our past experience you know . we i have my reasons but i wasn't fat . shaming body shaming if anything i was . elevator shaming so sorry it's your . elevator. any elevators out there if anything. ma'am but nowadays internet is very . sensitive and i could see why you know . people might see that as body shaming a . specially i mean i was joking i didn't . mean to say that but i'm sorry for doing . that no but that being said jay call has . no room no room to call me out for this . oh it's just one muffin why not what . their body saw this type of stuff like . that would just ruin their experience at . the pool they would always try to cover. up it how do you come out and call me . out when you film these type of videos . and we treated these type of stuff i . know if he were gonna say this was the . old him this was back then on the find . these are all old tweets guys i wasn't . even gonna bring up all stuff i really . wasn't but he did it first the one . example is like the rape thing like how . can you support how can you even make . fun of that as a human being but the . thing is what i said three years ago was . unexpected she rarely caught me off . guard and i just flipped out i . accidentally said something i didn't . mean i said sorry jake on the other hand . was purposely making these videos just . fat shaving and body shaving it wasn't . an accident he's sad that he directed it . he failed it he was a part of it he was . in it you posted it just for what to . make jokes about fat people like does . that make yourself feel cool but look . jake also if you're a firm believer of . no fat jokes no fat shaming no body . shake if you're that much of a firm . believer that you need to call our own . dad is that your dad a grown-ass man . went out of his way to call a fan fat . you have no room to call me out for . fashion any when you've been doing it . for who whoever knows how long and we . all know who he starts to make fun of. suicide and by implying that i should. kill myself i guess i got some . explaining to do so in jake's house tour . video he asked the viewers he asked if . you guys comment where you think and . what you think should go in different . places but guys i don't know what i want . to put in here i need your help with . this like what should i put in here does . anyone know what he doped like furniture . that size unique and cool and oh i . wouldn't just randomly tell him to put a . chair in a rope in his house but he . asked for the help and i just cracked a . really bad joke and said for decoration . put a rope there and for furniture put a . chair there but i wasn't implying jake . to go commit suicide. tend to go commit suicide it was just it . was a reaction video and i just tried to . be funny and just did a really bad job . but did what i say encourage my viewers . to go out there and kill themselves know . did what i say increase the rate of . suicide now the guys i'm not delusional . unlike jake when i mess up i know i mess . up and i will say your and own up to my . mistakes so with that being said i am . sorry to everyone that took offense to . my joke it wasn't even a joke it wasn't . funny at all. and i'm so sorry to everyone that took . an offense including jake i'm sorry it's . all the families that had to suffer . because of suicide i'm sorry . deeply to you guys too for just being . very very insensitive and it's just . something that should be joe and for you . to make fun of somebody for their . attributes that they might not be able . to control is and you need to be stopped . stop being a piece of there is more to. the world out there than bringing people . down byxis steve in his video that like . all i do everything i put out is just . negative everything i put out is always . a roast this this this when in reality. that's not even true bro yeah i roast . people but there's two days there's. challenges there's vlogs there's music . videos like i do other stuff besides . just roast all these youtubers are. always on the same stuff like they're . always so happy only so oh i want to be . a good role model please change them a . little positive i positive and like yeah . that's cool but like i just want to be . different and surprisingly enough . there's actually people out there that . enjoy and me making roses which also . encourages me to do it even more but the . thing is i'm like kind of confused. because why is he offended did he make . that song . i lost similar to my a million . subscribers i thought that you would . understand my sense of humor why you . take you serious he does it just for fun . but they're calling me out for being a . bully and a terrible person he perceives . the same you're making fun of something . that could be out of someone's control . and everyone should feel comfortable in . their own bodies and everyone can look . however the they want i agree that is a . very very good point but how are you . gonna just say that when you've done yes. where are you from i'm from kazakhstan . the reason but it sounds like you're . just gonna blow someone up be like send . the news that's a fan where he was from. and from the fans . so if he makes a bob joke not only was . he born there and something that he . can't even control but dude that's . racist that's how you good cuz you laugh . like
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