Macaulay Culkin Reflects on the Most ’90s Photo You’ve Ever Seen

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Macaulay Culkin visited Ellen for the first time and looked back at his career, including one photo that included three of the most iconic '90s stars.
Have questions about--. because i think anybody. who starts so young in this. business, a lot of-- it. really can screw. you up in many ways. also--. i know. you don't ever see. your money again. because you start working. and you don't really know. how much you're making. because your parents. have control of it. and your just a kid. right. so you don't know. so when you stopped. working at 14,. when did you realize then. you don't have to work again . at what age did. you see your money . i didn't see it. until i turned 18. i call it the slip. of paper meeting,. where they pretty much put a. number on a piece of paper. and slide it across the table. and then, boom. there you go. so i felt like some kid. worked really, really hard,. and i inherited all of. his money pretty much. i had kind of no real sense. but at the same time, it. allows me to treat everything. like a hobby really. i do nothing for. my dinner nowadays. so i can just--. i can do all kinds of. projects that i want to do,. whether it's writing or painting. or do website whatever it is. right. so you worked all that time. and you act like you weren't. the one who worked that hard. but you're the one. who worked that hard. there's a weird disconnect. yeah. so you have this podcast. that you're doing. yes. bunny ears. bunny ears. what is bunny ears . and what-- explain that. oh, gosh. i mean, it is me and. my buddy matt cohen. and we kind of just talk about. things and stuff and stuff. and we do-- sometimes. we have guests. we do a lot of themes. it'll just be a. theme about firsts. just first anythings. or conspiracy theories. or sometimes, we just. shoot the breeze. we've had some. really great guests. we've had-- seth green and. breckin meyer were on together,. which was great. that's great. all right. so you have so many. great experiences. i have these images that. i'd like you to look at. and just first thought. that crosses your mind. my girl, which is 1991. [applause]. that's me. all right. what's your thought there . it was like, stupid girl. [laughter]. i gotta kiss a girl. really . a little bit, yeah. i mean, we got along very well. but at the same time,. it was also like,. this is so embarrassing. but you got to do. what you gotta do. yeah. now you have your. hobbies, because of her. [laughter]. thank you. i agree. all right. and next picture. oh, yeah. that's me doing snl. i was doing simon. and you remember that . heck yeah i do. wow. i remember it because. i did the whole episode. without cue cards. wow. it was-- my father was. quite insistent about that. so i had to memorize. the whole episode. everyone uses cue cards. on saturday night live. but, you know, not the. nine-year-old, i guess. yeah. well. [laughter]. sure. sure. all right. the next one. oh, god. that is the most '90s. photo i've ever seen. [laughter]. that's me and dougie and. urkel and the fresh prince. yeah. yeah. you can tell by my reaction. this is so '90s. i'm probably wearing. reebok pumps or something. all right. the next one. here we go. look at that. wow. look at that gold. look at me shine. yeah. i forgot you were in that video. yeah, me too. totally forgot. [laughter]. and then, next one. yeah. i'm pretty. that's party monster. yeah, party monster. look at that. so you're the ones who saw it. and then, one--. i love the outfits. i love the changeovers. those are great. all right. one more. cool. [laughter] yeah. woo-hoo. that's when i was doing my. band, the pizza underground. we took velvet. underground songs,. and reworded them. to be about pizza. take a bite of the wild slice. waiting for the delivery man. fantastic. one more. oh, there's one more. ooh, we got another one. [laughter]. hey, there you go. they taped the pages closed. sadly. [laughter]. darn it. that's not nice. it's not nice. i was-- it's exciting though. yeah. still had one of my hands. all right. well, i'm so happy that. you came on the show. i'm happy to meet you. me too. and to learn more about. macaulay's bunny ears website. and podcast, you can. go to our website. .
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