Meryl Streep on Mariah Carey ‘Bitch Stole My Seat’

Meryl talks about Oprah's Golden Globes speech and potential presidential bid, and she reveals how she really felt about Mariah Carey stealing her seat.
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Meryl Streep on Mariah Carey 'Bitch Stole My Seat'
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Caption: How is everything . did you have fun last night at . the golden globes . >> oh, yeah. what a wild night. >> jimmy: was it a wild night . >> yeah, it was weird. >> jimmy: yeah. it was a different -- well, . certainly not your usual show. >> no. and oprah launched her . presidential campaign, i think. [ cheers and applause ]. >> jimmy: you think there's any . chance she really will run for . president . >> i don't know. i think, you know, we've had . some television people run. >> jimmy: right. >> have you ever thought about . it . >> jimmy: uh, not seriously, no. i think that would be a terrible. thing for the country if i . whether president. i would ruin things almost . immediately. but you do look at what's going . on, and you go, maybe i wouldn't. be so bad. so she has not discussed perhaps. a running mate type of situation. with you, your endorsement, . anything like that . >> nobody. somebody from the stage, they . said tom hanks, and he seemed . ready to go, so -- . >> jimmy: yeah, that would be a . formidable -- . >> that would be a pretty good . ticket. >> jimmy: i think you'd have to . go somebody outside of hollywood. for the running mate. you know how some people are. too many celebrities. >> maybe, or you could just keep. it in hollywood. you could have the rock as, you . know, joint chiefs of staff. you could have -- . >> jimmy: secretary of defense. >> you could have harrison ford . running defense. >> jimmy: harrison ford just on . the plane whenever there's an . air force one-type flight. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i saw something that . said mariah carey stole your . seat. is that true that that actually . happened . >> bitch stole my seat. yeah, i came over, and there she. was next to spielberg, sucking . up. >> jimmy: i see, yeah. >> so i said -- she says, oh, my. god, they made me sit down . because we were moving. they make you -- they say, five,. four, three, two, one, wherever . you are, everybody has to drop . to their -- . >> jimmy: it's like musical . chairs in a way. you were left out. >> i said, no, new york o, stay . i'll sit on your lap because, . you know. >> jimmy: why not . that's an odd thing. who else was at your table . spielberg was at your table . >> and tom and rita. >> jimmy: tom hanks. >> kate capshaw. stacie schneider, runs fox. amy pascal, who is the producer . of "the post. ". kristi mckos co-krieger, who is . stephen's associate, and she's . the producer of the movie with . amy. and they brought it to stephen. so it's a whole bunch of women . who -- . >> jimmy: does even anytime at . this event . >> no. >> jimmy: nobody really eats the. food . >> no. the food is done by the time . everybody comes into the hall. it's taken away. >> jimmy: i ready a story and . you would know if it's true or . not. that trump's team requested a . copy of your movie to screen at . camp david over the weekend. >> somebody told me that . backstage. >> jimmy: so you don't know . anything about that . >> no, but i'm sure i will. [ applause ]. >> jimmy: seems like if he had . seen it, he would have reacted . in some way, like, you know, . nixon was mistreated. >> unless he really liked it. >> jimmy: he probably would . really -- i think he would . probably miss the whole point of. it. >> it's a very patriotic movie. it's a patriotic movie. maybe he did like it, and he . .

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