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Mike pence vice-president the united . state and whatever the exact opposite of . a silver fox is i'm gonna go with action . weasel and if you're wondering why talk . about pence well with all the recent . focus on who trump is firing in the . white house it is worth remembering the . one person that that cannot actually . happen to president trump cannot but see . mr. pence as the indispensable man in . his inner circle he is brett by statute . the one person in the west wing to whom . donald trump cannot say you're fired. that is true now while in many ways . pence is like any other trump employee . ethically compromised creeps the fuck . out by jared and subjected to all sorts . of unwanted physical contact hence is . constitutionally the only official in . the white house that trump can't fire . and that is worrisome because he is . synonymous with some extreme positions. like his opposition to abortion and gay . rights just listen to our osa who . remember had first-hand experience. working with him we would be begging for . days of trump back if pence became . president that's all of this game he's . extreme i'm christian i love jesus . but he thinks jesus tells him to say . thanks. jesus i say that she's right omarosa is . right there also i'm pretty sure the . original titles of the new and old . testaments were jesus said this and . jesus i say that so . so if pence is that terrifying tonight . let's take a look at him and and if. there are any mike pence supporters. watching this i cannot promise that he . is going to come out of tonight's show . looking great but i can promise that i . will say something nice about him before . this piece is over you have my word on . that. so let's begin pence's reputation is as . the old boring principal to contrast to . donald trump but the truth is he's been . more than willing to defend the . indefensible and while all politicians . equivocate pence is exceptionally good . at dodging tough questions just look at . this interview from just after trump . tweeted entirely falsely that he had won . the popular vote if you just deducted . the millions of people who voted . illegally watch how many times pence . refuses to engage in the premise of the . question that statement is false why is . it responsible to make it well i think i . think the president-elect just wants a . call to call to attention the fact that . that there has been evidence over over . many years of fraud and and and . expressing that reality the pew research . center found evidence of that four years . ago as certainly certainly his right but . you know it's his right to make false . statements well it's it's his right to . express his opinion as a president-elect . to the united states i think one of the . things that's refreshing about our . president-elect and the it's one of the . reasons why i think he made such an . incredible connection with people all . across this country is because he he . tells you what's on his mind but why . make false statements well look i don't . know that that is a false statement . george and neither do you but yes you do . though because everyone knows that . statement was bullshit which is why it's . a little alarming that pence would be so . willing to defend a complete lie by . calling it refreshing because if that's . the standard you can say all sorts of . things in the names of refreshment you . could say mike pence spent four hundred . thousand dollars having his penis . replaced with a marshmallow peep is that . true who knows but try telling me you're . not refreshed hearing about it . but despite lies like that pence is . well-liked among evangelical voters. eight out of ten of whom voted for the . trump pence ticket and he does have . impeccable credentials as a social . conservative pence used to have a local . radio show the mike pence show in the . 90s where he sounded off on hot-button . issues and while current pence is . controlled and polished back then he was . surprisingly animated just listen to him. address one day's topic with some real . contempt in his voice early in the week . we talked about whether or not it was . time to rethink this whole business of . women in the military what the fuck is . that toe he's saying women in the . military with the same perm you skeptics . as we used to describe this whole . business of dinosaurs in medical school . or chair in the starting lineup for the . cleveland cavaliers she's a bench player . at best you restrict her minutes we all . know that look. he wasn't just being provocative there. he means it two years later pence wrote . an editorial attacking the disney film . mulan for showing a woman in combat . concluding women in military bad idea . and if you're thinking well well come on . he grew up in the 1950s it's just a . generational thing no he didn't he's 58 . years old pence is three months younger . than flavor fuckin flake who has no . excuse there. and that was just one of many ludicrous . opinions that pentas expressed over the . years he also argued for the teaching of . intelligent design in schools he . expressed they hoped to consign roe . versus wade to the ash heap of history . and as governor of indiana responded to . an hiv outbreak among drug users by . dragging his feet on allowing needle . exchange programs during which time he . said he was going to go home and pray on . it which and i realize this isn't . necessarily the most relevant criticism . here but can't you do that from the . office but perhaps the issue pence is . most associated with is his hostility to . lgbt rights and it is not just me saying . that his boss seems to think so too . the new yorker setting a campaign . staffer reports that behind closed doors . trump had a habit of mocking vice . president mike pence's religiosity when . the conversation turned to gay rights . trump motion towards pence and joked . don't ask that guy you want to hang them . all look look trump is clearly joking . about that but it is also the kind of . punch line that only works if we all . know the premise behind it to be true . like jokes about terrible airline food . or bad breakups or how people from . toronto a terrified of hard boiled eggs . their jokes based on universal knowledge . we all agree on and the truth is pence . is not and has never been a friend of . the gay community over the years he . sport anti-discrimination laws that . would have protected them . he's also opposed allowing gays to serve . in the military openly or otherwise with . his campaigns website saying . homosexuality is incompatible with . military service and he wants defended . the sanctity of marriage in another . surprisingly passionate speech marriage . was ordained by god instituted in the . law is the glue of the american family . and the safest harbor to raise children . and it must be defended against the . onslaught of the left in the congress in . the courts and if need be in the . constitution of the united states of . america. holy shit if if if i may quote one of . america's greatest philosophers when . pence made national news by signing a . controversial religious freedom. restoration act which many felt enable . businesses to discriminate on the basis . of sexuality and realloc xander and her . wife cynthia believe it's an invitation . to discriminate by refusing service you . know we don't know what restaurants or . what stores we can go into and you know . not be turned away and have to suffer . you know that's degrading it's . embarrassing exactly people were afraid . of being turned away from restaurants . and it is bad enough for someone to . privately dislike you for your sexuality . but it's even worse to be publicly told . that you are too gay for waffles and and . yet and yet when this possibility was . raised to pence by his arch nemesis . george stephanopoulos he refused to even . engage in the question so yes or no if a . florist in indiana refuses to serve a . gay couple at their wedding is that . legal now in indiana george this is this . is where this debate has gone with with . misinformation and it's just a question . sir yes well well this there's been . shameless rhetoric about my state and . about this law and about its intention . all over the internet do you think it . should be legal in the state of indiana . to discriminate against gays or lesbians . george it's a yes or no question come on . hoosiers don't believe in discrimination . that's neither the word yes . nor the word no it's the word hoosier . which isn't an answer to any question . besides what's a good derogatory slang . term for an owl with a drinking problem . look at yourself you're hoosier you're . gonna go fly into a fucking tree get . your life together. fucking hoosier but while hoosiers may . not believe in discrimination mike pence . clearly does and yet interestingly one . specific allegation he's pushed back on. concerns whether or not he supported gay . conversion therapy a question the . frankly didn't come out of nowhere when . mike pence ran for congress in indiana . in the 1990s his campaign agenda . included this resources should be. directed toward those institutions which . provide assistance to those seeking to . change their sexual behavior according . to the vice president spokesperson mr. pence did not and does not support gay . conversion therapy okay . well i personally find that denial . complete horseshit i will acknowledge . that the language on his website was . very carefully worded it does give him . an escape and his denial is the grossest . effort i've seen to reverse a decision . made in the early orts apart from . russell crowe's actual upcoming divorce. auction to settle his 2003 marriage it . is called russell crowe the art of . divorce it's real and it's amazing and . you can buy items such as this leather . jock strap used during the filming of . cinderella man will we be stupid enough . to bid on t
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