Miley Cyrus Carpool Karaoke

James and Miley Cyrus drive to work while singing her biggest hits, playing High or Not High, and trying to make themselves cry.
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Hey there it's me. i am stuck in. the worst traffic. >> there is no chance you're. around just to help me use the. car pool lane, is there . for real . are you serious . thank you. yeah, i'm right outside. you're amazing. thank you. oh. ? james ?. >> james: thank you so much. for helping me. oh, man. this traffic is killer!. do you mind if we listen to some. music . let's see what's on the radio. >> sure, yeah. ? ? ?. 'till we see the sunlight. ? alright. so la da da di. ? we like to party. dancing with molly. ? doing whatever we want. this is our house. ? this is our rules. and we can't stop. ? and we won't stop. can't you see it's we. ? who own the night. can't you see it we. ? who bout' that life. and we can't stop. ? and we won't stop. we run things. ? things don't run we. don't take nothing from nobody. ? yeah, yeah. you're a really really good. driver. >> james: i'm not. i'm a (bleep) driver. >> james: really . all the wrecks i have have. pretty much been in my own. driveway because i can't even. get out of the driveway. >> james: they have been in. your driveway because you hit. stuff . >> yes. the most recent one was a pretty. good one. i was at the voicette, i was the. last one to leave and i backed. my car into the sound trailer,. into their stairwell, and it hit. the back windshield, shattered. the entire windshield -- not. like a crack, the whole. windshield, like, had to be. replaced. >> james: right. but i didn't tell anyone. i just left. so i did a hit and run. >> james: at the set of the. voice . >> at the set. i had to go back the next day. i called the manager the next. day and said, can i park. somewhere else because they're. going to see i'm in a rental. car. >> james: sure. i don't show up and i tell. adam and blake, i totally. wrecked the voice sound trailer,. but i was micked already. >> james: oh, my god!. so i told on myself even. though i went through all the. craziness to not get busted. the struggles i'm facing. ? the chances i'm taking. sometimes might knock me down. ? but no, i'm not breaking. i may not know it. ? but these are the moments that. i'm gonna remember most, yeah. ? just gotta keep going. and i, i got to be strong. ? just keep pushing on. 'cause there's always gonna be. ? another mountain. i'm always gonna wanna. ? make it move. always gonna be an uphill battle. ? sometimes i'm gonna. have to lose. ? ain't about how fast. i get there. ? ain't about what's waiting. on the other side. ? it's the climb, yeah. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: your tongue makes. less of an appearance today than. it used to. ( laughter ). it was out all the time. that was a long time. keep it there. i've actually got some. correspondence that we needed to. do. >> oh, okay. >> james: that's great. okay. ( laughter ). that is amazing. don't move. wait there. there's a few of these. that's great. oh, this is wonderful. very good. ? i hopped off the plane. at l. a. x. ? with a dream. and my cardigan. ? welcome to the land of. fame excess. ? am i gonna fit in. jumped in the cab. ? here i am for the first time. look to my right. ? and i see the hollywood sign. this is all so crazy. ? everybody seems so famous. my tummy's turnin' and i'm. ? feelin' kinda home sick. too much pressure. ? and i'm nervous. that's when the taxi man turned. ? on the radio. and a jay-z song was on. ? and the jay-z song was on. and the jay-z song was on. ? so i put my hands up. they're playing my song. ? the butterflies fly away. i'm noddin' my head like 'yeah'. ? i'm movin' my hips like 'yeah'. i got my hands up. ? they're playing my song. i know i'm gonna be okay. ? yeah, it's a party. in the u. s. a. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: what's the biggest. change in your life been from. where you were at the vmas and. where you are today, what's. changed in your life . >> i think the first vmas the. 2013 twerking led me to being. the activist i am now because i. realized if that many people. were going to talk about. something that i did or. something that i do, then i. should make it a good thing and. i should make it something that. can change people's lives rather. than be a controversial. conversation that does nothing. but become a fun halloween. costume for people. >> james: yeah. and i think there was. something when i first stopped. doing hannah montana saying i'm. not that, i want you to know who. i really am. but i love that was me and is me. and is a part of me, and i think. i've allowed that childhood self. to shine through a little bit. more because i'm not trying to. run away from it, i'm town to. embrace it. i think that's good, everyone. should embrace who you used to. be because it made you who you. are now. >> james: i thought you were. just going to say i stopped. smoking weed. ( laughter ). >> i truly would love to smoke. some weed. feels like. ? i just woke up. like all this time. ? i've been asleep. even though it's not who i am. ? i'm not afraid. of who i used to be. ? no one stays the same. you know what goes up. ( cheers and applause ). ? must come down. and change is a thing. ? you can count on. i feel so much younger now. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: i'm going to tell. you points in your life and you. tell me high or not high. >> the answer is already high. on a scale of one to ten. >> james: okay. vmas. >> zero. >> james: what . i canceled and got too. scared. >> james: there must have been. something in your system. >> no, that's me. that's how insane i am. that's just normal. >> james: okay. first time you listened to achia. breaky heart. >> i wassent but wish i was big. time. >> james: wrecking ball. ten. >> james: when you're on the. ball, high as hell. >> yes. ? we clawed, we chained. our hearts in vain. ? we jumped, never asking why. we kissed, i fell. ? under your spell. a love no one could deny. ? don't you ever say. i just walked away. ? i will always want you. i can't live a lie. ? running for my life. i will always want you. ? i came in like a wrecking ball. i never hit so hard in love. ? all i wanted was to. break your walls. ? all you ever did was. break me. ? yeah, you wreck me. i never hit so hard in love. ? i just wanted you to let me in. and instead of using force. ? i guess i should've let you in. ? don't you ever say. i just walked away. ? i will always want you. i came in like a wrecking ball. ? i never hit so hard in love. all i wanted was to. ? break your walls. all you ever did was. ? break me. ? yeah, you, you wreck me. yeah, you, you wreck me. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: you made yourself. cry in that video. >> i really was crying, though. >> james: you were actually. crying . i wasn't -- it wasn't tear. stick. >> no. i had a puppy who died that was,. like, my number one and i. thought about my puppy the whole. time. >> james: you can make. yourself cry like that . >> i don't think so. i'm not really sad right now. i'm pretty happy. i'm not sad but i had it right. there. >> james: really think about. that puppy. >> that's all i got. can you do it . >> james: let's try it. it's coming, hold on. i'm going to get the tears. ( laughter ). nothing's happening. i'm smiling over here. ( laughter ). that's so bad. ( laughter ). that's not good. i was just, like -- that was,. like, insane. ( laughter ). >> james: this is so stupid. you have tears in your eyes. >> james: i know. i'm in the car with miley cyrus,. we just pulled up to somebody's. house, trying to make each other. cry. ( laughter ). i always thought i would sink. ? so i never swam. i never went boatin'. ? don't get how they. are floatin'. ? and sometimes i get so scared. of what i can't understand. ? but here i am. next to you. ? the sky is more blue. in malibu. ? next to you. in malibu. ? next to you. ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ( cheers and applause ). ? next to you. ? the sky is more blue. in malibu. ? next to you. in malibu. >> james: oh, thank you so. much for helping me get to work. you're the absolute best. >> thank you for having me. >> james: come observe. i had a great time. would have been more fun if we. hot body camera this thing. ( laughter ). don't you think . >> james: we can arrange that. let me talk to my bosses. >> that would be great. ( cheers and applause ). .

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