mr. marbles 9th birthday

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Yes i mean you probably want to go to . that maybe you birthday is it your . birthday well technically no but it kind . of is right it's sort of models birthday . today and i say sort of because it was . yesterday but i got home last night we . didn't have the day to celebrate so . today it was a beep 9th birthday . celebration we're taking them to a . little doggy shop getting some treats . get them a cake for the candles maybe an . outfit and when you're leaving you at . home every time is one of their . birthdays we just take the birthday dog . and leave the other two we're going to . head out in just a sec and begin the . celebration he's extra handy on his . birthday he knows when it's his birthday . my boat it's your birthday happy . birthday muffled humming awesome chickie . oh hello there this is your birthday . there's no other dog even though it's . the day after his birthday we don't know . if these are all truly spoiled marble i. got home last night sorry i missed your . birthday but we're going to make it up . to you i'm going to spoil you nice and . good boy he knows look at it we're going . to the place where you got a stack that . we huggums like from the balloons and . the woman in here is like we told the . owner of the maxwell dog or whatever you . like laughs really hard really yeah yeah . that is where we got this blue yeah . are we going to you alicia get in the. black bar the boutique members in it you . want to go to the marvel is such a . simple man that he's like a little . difficult to spoil you know like you. can't get him extravagant things because . he just likes the basics is a simple man . probably you want time . yolo egg how do you want to egg clear . pretended that what you wanted yeah oh . you're so sweet and like i think he does . i get a birthday with the blue small one . okay and then the yellow and blue one of . the little dumber they're so nice . looking oh we got your friend what you . want to starbucks i was you seem a. little grumpy you are and coffee huh oh . my god i'm thinking leaning towards no . but there is a at corrector and you want . to be corrected airlines yuck bitter . this teacher mommy i'm going oh my god . oh my god yeah looks like marble size it . is double my level how do you like your . new little run wrong room we should get . it definitely okay nick . and she's n eternally attend it can be a . bad and a car seat . my god you're so chill with it he like . doesn't mind it at all can just relax . baby i mean it was sort of a joke the . key press he doesn't want to walk any i . mean i know you're an old man this is . like just kind of really like for my god . forbid like an entire and another . i have a suitcase dog one of those . people now i loved it - teeth on that . and i'm dating one of those people now . so i'm also one of those people that oh . my god he's cruising go conquer you can . clean it . he's not the one he let her pet him here . in the suitcase . he's still relaxed now i can't even . marketing modifications here i give it . some big wheels and it started off as a . joke it's not really a joke anymore is . it i always saw people with these like . in the airports and like boxes never say . never. it's like strap the seatbelt through . that and it's a car seat all right you . go there you go you buckle up yeah baby . you might want to send the bags i think . this on seats taken you a suitcase dog. now alright so it is time for marvel's . candles we intended on doing this a . little while ago but i got incredibly . sad tracted with editing and now here we. are are you supposed to put candalyn . it's like legit rock hard . oh guys we have an extra dog in the. house right now it is guilty i know why . do you guys know yogi's kill z here oh . yeah is debbie's dog and we're watching . her for a few days and she's being a . good girl like guilty if debbie's . watching guilty say hi mommy there's . cake in now for you know it's models for . dogs to just quadruple the amount of fun . that we would normally have this is . getting stuck now i don't know why you . think this is for you but it is so not . here we go there flow and babies are . flowing good i did take an editing break . play players on gnome chris and we got . some chicken dinner we want six seven . eight nine ah the cake of splitting and . one for good luck . happy birthday miles we can't find the . birthday hat we don't know where i went . yeah it's like heavier than his head oh . here we go oh my goodness marvell feel . shelly in silly hat is your breath happy . birthday happy birthday to you . hey i'm turning into a big fire but my . birthday's getting everything ok to be . fair that was like i was like someone . taking into a giant bonfire for your . with and having a giant blow it out and . we can't save this it's gonna go bad . well i said has a shelf life like six . months . oh let me know more another wonderful . year with mr. marbles i feel lucky to be . with him he's a great dog . .
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