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Hey guys! Most of you may know that I was adopted, but I never really talk about it. I am hoping sharing my story can help someone else that may be struggling with a similar situation. If you have any questions for me, just let me know in the comments below.

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Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website:
Hey guys so it's that time again story . time with me and i'm really excited to . talk to you guys about how i was adopted . and my childhood a lot of people are . like oh my god she's not really italian . she's from chile santiago but it's facts . i was adopted and i don't really talk . about it just because i just feel like . my family is my family you know i never . really thought oh . like what's my birth mother like what's . my you know birth family like because . i'm so content with my adopted parents . and my adopted life and family but you . know i i thought about it once i started . to get older like what does my mom look . like what does my dad look like so story . story time right now i was adopted at . six months from santiago chile and i was . adapted by helen and andrew polizzi and . they came they flew all the way to chile. to come pick me up and they said right . when they saw me i was like mom my dad . died so it was like meant to be i could . tell because you know things just work . out that way it's called fate so i was. always meant to be with my adoptive . parents which i don't even do i hate the . adoptive parents because they're my . parents it's weird i'm just it doesn't . affect me like that like other adoptive . adopted kids feel i guess i'm just very . content with it so six months they . picked me up from santiago chile and the . rest is history . my parents lived in upstate new york . morrow new york to be exact but it's . like the newburgh area an hour out of . albany two hours out of the city so like . in the middle of that i grew up there . everyone was amazing so even though my . nationality is chilena i grew up italian . so i feel like when people said what you . when people say to me what's your . nationality i say i'm chilena but i grew . up italian so i feel like i'm both . but yeah my parents have always been . amazing and anytime i did ask because i . always knew they didn't have to tell me . they didn't have to sit me down at ten . and be like nicole you're adopted like i . knew i'm like we don't look like i'm . brown you're white this doesn't make . sense but like i always knew in my heart . that i was adopted and i was totally . fine with it so i would say once i was . like 16 17 i was like i started to think . all right why didn't my birth parents . want me what do they look like do i have . any brothers and sisters because i grew . up in only child so i always wanted like . you know a brother or sister to hang out . with hate being an only child because it . makes me a bitter bitch that i am today . so that's why i want like 10 kids so . they don't feel that way but yeah i . started to be like alright what do they . look like were they from and every time. i would ask my parents they would get . upset my mom would be like huh let's not . talk about it i just could tell they . would get upset because they didn't want . to like tell me the truth or they didn't . want me to think that they're not my . parents which was never the case so i . just stopped asking and eventually when. i was like 21 22 i got my dad drunk and . i was like dad can you just tell me what . went on like why was i up for adoption . and basically you know my birth parents . had other siblings and they couldn't . afford me womp so i can't even imagine . because i have two kids like putting up . a child for adoption to give them a . better life like that's so amazing for . them that shows how much they loved me. but also i could never do that i could . never do that so i can't even imagine . how they felt giving me up but thank you . for that but yeah my dad was just like . they had other siblings they couldn't. they couldn't afford me and they just . wanted to give me the best life ever so . i was like alright that's fine but now . 90 thinking about my birth parents i'm . like mm i always wanted a brother or . sister what did they look like do they . act like me and you know what i ever . want to meet them i think i would i . definitely think i would want to meet my . birth family but . how would we communicate because i took . spanish for three years and i failed . every single time which is so weird . because i'm naturally supposed to speak . spanish and i can't i'm like hola como . estas like i'm an asshole about it so if . i didn't meet them we would have to use . an interpreter because i can't speak . spanish at all but i'm definitely open . for that opportunity and i know a lot of . people a lot of my fans that are adopted . they always ask me questions like do you . ever want to meet them do you ever have . contact with them my mom is still iffy . about it like when i bring it up so i . don't like bringing it up but i feel . like i'm 30 years old i could do it . myself so they really wanted to meet my . birth family i could actually figure it . out i just i don't have the time right . now you know and what i was growing up i . always wanted someone to look like me . and i was like off i really just want . someone to look like me because . obviously my mom and my dad didn't look . like me so once i had my kids that kind . of filled that void of okay like my . daughter's my twin my son looks 50/50 . like me and my husband so like i was. fine with that but in the back of my . head i'm always curious to meet my birth . family so i don't know maybe that could . be a vlog maybe i could do it one day . when i have time you know i'm definitely . interested i don't know what i'm gonna . do it but i'm interested but overall . being an adoptive kid i am blessed that . the fact that i have my adopted parents . they gave me an amazing life and they . deal with my which is crazy and i . always wonder if i never was adopted and . i stayed with my birth parents would i . still be a hot mess like this just in . spanish probably i feel like i was . always meant to be this hot mess but i'm . definitely thankful for my life so if . you guys are adopted ask me questions . because i would love to talk about it . more i never really talked about it just . because it's not like a thing for me . like i'm i'm fine with it i'm content so . i would love to talk more about it so if . you guys are adopted or you have. questions about it or you want to adopt . which is so amazing comment below i will . do another video about it . and you know maybe when i have time i'll . try for my birth parents who knows all . right so i love you guys and make sure . you tune in next week or the week's . coming because i'm gonna do more . storytime and thanks for listening mwah . love you bye . 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