My back will never be the same..

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[music]. what's up guys how're you guys doing . today i am feeling amazing you know it's . really funny i actually wanted to get up . really early today so i set myself like . 10 alarms and i woke everybody up into . place besides your day off except myself . i don't get it i need like literally . somebody to wake me up every single day . cuz if not dad doesn't even help why why . is that aiden he's like i got you . he's gonna waking up throw like water or. - at least report it respond to at the . end of the day right although i did not . wake up from my 10:00 alarms i still got . out pretty early grinded i got the gym . out of the way me and 80 killed it this . morning. i ate healthy i'm overall just feeling . very very good i hope you guys are . feeling great as well what i want every . single one of you guys right now is to . make a goal for yourself in your head . what do you want to accomplish this year . personally i want to accomplish making . myself happy this year and also possibly . maybe get my very first acting role . we'll see what happens i'm gonna grind . for it and i know you guys can grind and . do whatever you want as well at the end . of the day our struggles in life come . down to our mental thoughts if you go . into a situation having bad negative . thoughts what do you think the outcomes . gonna do it's not gonna be how you want . it to do so go into every situation with . a positive thought and let's kill it . baby you know i was just gonna aidan . about this and he actually agreed with . me that whenever i come out to la my . sinuses instantly open all like i think . i feel way better in jersey in jersey i . was feeling sick a lot and i hear no. sniffles really any mucus or anything i . think it's just a seasonal sickness bro . i mean obviously in jersey it's raining . a lot right now. weathers all over the place if you guys . saw me did a photo shoot yesterday well . actually drop a fire ass picture on my . instagram i get out at last from 10 i . might be following some of you guys back . that follow me on there but make sure to . check out the picture and give it a like . at 6 . all right so as you guys know since i'm . back into la i've got to come over to . doctor get my back realign my spine . realize that everything i've actually. been feeling very very tight lately so . bro. perfect time to come in my man let's get . you job get it let's get it oh don't . miss that yeah. oh remember that one used to give us . trouble yeah i think the breath had a . mission . i had this day they're permitted man . come on those nerves go into the . intestines right there the legs the . lower body lay on your side here sir in . other words i'm gonna be pooping better . yeah you see the tight they're tight . yeah it's really tight over the past . couple of days up and laying down yeah . especially when i'm laying this i feel . like i have some back pain so i always. have to lay on my side oh when i come . and get readjusted i'm good for a couple . of days if i having that back percent . man and then what we do is we want to . get you to that point where you actually . you can get checked and adjusted every . week maybe every two weeks and depends . on your lifestyle like yeah you work out . the more you take care yourself the less . care you need you to me is that sorry . stand up right here brother . messed up . this is literally one of those things . that i'm like every time i come in here . i'm like scared to do it but i love it . every single time - it's like you get . nervous and then when it's done you're . like oh i feel great . it's a recess with hill man that's when . we say aligned and dialed man he's ready . ready to go man . mmm fucking beef man just got back to . hollywood with my baby now just picked . up some food with these nails it's kind . of like when i take one sock off and . leave the other one on oh no bro feel . like cattle that's pretty weird-looking . it needed rose petals for the skit that . he's about this shoot though why not . just come to this floor you take them . [laughter]. rose petals match one it just needs a . pedal honestly the way these trees work . is so crazy so it like comes out like . that and twirls are round and just keeps . throwing out and so it makes them that's . insane thank you babe this fireplace was . just on and literally the second we . walked out it turned off not even . kidding let's just put it back on but . that's so weird the second we walk out . the door yeah this feels good what . happened what took the whole thing well . there's one of our old apartment . complexes we're also in another old . apartment complex and i'm sure if i just . look down the street could pricey . another one because i've moved so many . times i don't think it's meant to be . every time aidan or one of us goes near. this thing it shuts off and then tries a . like recatch. really windy up it is get out like that . [music]. he loves me she's underage there's a . weird question but can i touch your stem . i guess thanks what and i thought my mom . drank a lot that's that recorded you . know that i know i always hit and . recording too early and then i have to . end up sorry clip so your defense i do . wait a long time sometimes before i like . yeah i'm like wait like an extra like 10 . seconds see if he's gonna say anything i . literally stop recording and then he . starts saying something like actually . you gotta do mike wazowski what are you . doing with asking how do i say what . librarian librarian mom berrien i'm . liberian how does that happen it still . made us the moment you've been waiting . for your whole life what i'm ready . sure give it to me that sounds weird hmm . my name is life ok . you can give me a lennon funk your . lemons like you weren't eating it . oh my gosh liz he's trying to pick. lemons from this lemon tree right now . lemon really fucked up there on the . bright side lemons can be used as like a . cleaning product right i think it's a . true story. oh lizzy let's not get a look see it's . cleaning up the dirt that's on your . floor. oh thanks what are you trying to say . dirty yeah you're right goodbye mister . goodbye he's examining my nails right . now okay well one they need to be cut . your family has really good nail genes. your mom grandma and sabrina . i'll have bom now i get the hand fire . now can you explain to me what no jeans . are that's ridicu nose in eugene i guess . i got no jeans toe that we should . probably cut that out so what do we want . what do we do now hey examine my nails . scratching ourselves and shit. hello yo what up bro hey what's going on . man yo horn ah give me a sec i got my . mom on the other line yo yo what's up oh . yeah yeah yeah that's fine all right . i'll be back in like a little bit yeah . what up bro hey yo your reception sounds . a little weird yeah i know i just . stretch out the antenna okay yeah i'm . good yeah i don't know why but like i'm . not flexible at all but i could . literally like pull my legs over my head . like it's nothing yeah but i can't do it . with like i can't do anything else. flexible what are you gonna show us. lizzie um if i ruin it i will go get you . more okay what are you gonna do you can . at least told me what you were doing get . onto the to-do list i don't know i have . to do makeup i guess are you gonna put . the flowers back all right let's check . our to-do list so we need to do text . stevie through aidan i'll be great okay . bro. okay that isn't know you know your . girlfriend's word when she's just . sitting back here smelling a candle . [music]. [music]. at least oriented chris just said he had . like a million q-tips in his pockets it . is fucking who just screamed my name did . you hear that oh joey i didn't know you . lived there i didn't know you live next . to chris what the fuck you know it's. crazy i literally came your place the . other day i didn't realize that you live . next to chris oh yeah you would that . makes no sense. well anyway chris had a bunch of q-tips. in his answer he literally pulled out . like a shit ton of them let's go yeah do . it jump in why not just say you can't . all right all right joey salads here did . you know 1 in 10 people die from jumping . inaudible is he's trying to go somewhere . with their eyes closed that's the wall . [music]. she somehow got through i think she . thinks i'm still with her what's wrong . you thought i was still there what you . told me to take your phone so i stole it . and ran well hello there how are you now . that you changed you were changed moron . what is it what's better it's gonna be . so awkward it's gonna be so awkward like . yeah i can't get in my place go yo dude . that was so funny . damn man it started pouring out in la . what happened yeah this is what i fuckin . busted my ass on the hoverboard remember . yeah that was the worst man i fuckin . almost died lizzy's like lance would you . do today watch the vlog yeah that's what . you do not always sometimes shut up no i . don't i don't do that shitty life nah i . guess so. oh slips and falls this area is actually . really slippery the stars there's no . grip whatsoever. lizzy stay away from the tasty . every time we come here she gets a tasty . cake and she eats so much junk food i . don't know how she's not fatter than . there you eat more junk food that i do i . did i miss these sandwiches they look so . appetizing right now would you get a . girl i got turkey i just hit my head on . this fucking thing right yeah i love you . guys heard that yeah you heard that . would you get it i got a number you know . whatever that thing is they're laughing . at how i wrapped my sandwich because i . don't want to eat the whole thing it . looks like he's got ripped off at . chipotle i don't know it was easier i'll . eat the other half later was just fun . bob squeaky boots he did the laugh he . did the left get it get it get it do it . do it do it do it do it do it like a . little kid on christmas dude you ain't . gonna do it . wow bro you're making wow what oh shit . he doesn't like his mouth being recorded. as i do i don't know why chris is like a . superhero with this laughs he's trying . to hide his identity trying to hide the . laugh i'm not sure you guys how to do it . oh chris rock in the 210 hoodie blasted . ebay no no don't go there . su 10. com well you can't get the camel . merch so you knew that . oh dropping her phone again hanging . tuber and chris walks out the door he's . like okay what colors the cars like it's . a red toyota corolla as i'm saying that . really drives by us coincidence over the . jerry's right now and i can't find their . place anywhere and then i just see peaks. parked out front so i'm like alright . this is the place there's jerry bringing . out the trash oh what up bro hey wow . my god he's attacking lizzy oh shoot oh . rose like my dog can't pet it without . peaks what's good yo i'm playing for . tonight bro get the fuck lizzi's . literally laying on the dog's ass he . dropped you the ball as a girl now mine . oh oh i didn't see that one lizzy make . sure she don't pee on you either they're . fighting now ha ha chris you about to . ride with jerry you got harley . [music]. rydym in . you ain't never get it back oh jerry . hold on hold on what about these bikes . bro it's taken any of these out oh you . write you write how much torque this. shit got bro love horsepower the . stickers add a lot of horsepower oh . that's the real horse right there bro oh . shit he's going he's out of here yo you . but old kris is catching up oh he got . the bail in everything what's wrong dude . the dog just got so mad okay if i wasn't . mad but it was picking up the toy. flinged its head one way knocked the cup . over and now there's water everywhere . that was funny i wish i recorded it come. over and everyone falls asleep kristen . was your sleep all right guys that is . gonna do it for today's video i hope you . guys enjoyed if you did make sure to . smash that thumbs up button do not . forget to turn on my post notifications . i give notification shoutouts every . single day to people that have my notif . stern dog . here's today's shoutouts at a day . boom-boom-boom-boom and other than that . i will see you guys next time peace . [music]. [applause]. .
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