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I Was going about my day doing my daily vlog and I was headed grocery shopping until 6ix9ine pulled up and kidnapped my girlfriend worst day ever!!!
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[music]. [music]. you tuned into today's blood like at the . same shirt on from yesterday but it cost . a lot of money so destiny because he do . not know how to wake up in the morning . okay i go in this house beat on the . dough slap him oh rapist girl . wait wait wait that's too far mac can't . rape his girl you're gonna go away go . runic on gang we got chapo with us . that's my baby boy gimme kiss new berry . okay okay we just made its ruling . apartment complex and we're gonna wake. him up police department . open up for being that ass hey homer . what's up today's the day we passed the . test hiv test what's up you asleep or us . being yummy. so you mean to tell me why we was . calling him he was up was who was doing . sabra whoa whoa come on well we got . stuff to do money to me and it's not to . be wasted bro where you been looking . like you just came back from the capital . well he was doing something to was you . drilling the net oh hey jess i know . y'all hate to see us but i am just . trying to be a better person in steering . on the right direction of society okay i . know man i know man it's time to wake up . brother it's 12 o'clock and y'all ain't . doing nothing production nothing . productive you was real it was produced . i reproduce you know what you gotta text . message that's real fix . that's real fame hey you look like a . leper the waterspout yeah okay . watch this bye . what's that you're drinking bro man . lemonade look watered-down man who made . a lemonade. [laughter]. you look like a black guy with your hair . like that who told you to get a . philippine my time i got a philippine . putos we get a philippine what's the . easier is he selling drugs still 16 year . old dope dealer huh i guess you owe him . chopper will chop oh hey man my snake . got out again guess what you ready to . start today yeah the get money . odessa yo cersei get money i pull out . the race showing what you working with . do we have a match buzz squarepants the . green match like really what's that what . is you doing right hands in your pants . what you trying i said the green the . green top we're mad sure he did you beat . it. oh wait no time out how about the level . for tonight what are you talking about . ronnie thank you is referring to gay sal . cannon cop the goddamn merch at wwf . under my shops last merch i mean what a . mic merge slave may what you do mate . no but you can't be pissed in your mom . that's why your mommy's feeling dizzy . what was i pissed in oh . nothing home on crazy you think aliens . room oh hey tell me what you told me a . long time ago why you got people like i. said before i got a rule ii interrupted . by this freak guy right here tell me . white when you were young why should you . have a pet rats had a pet rat he found . it on the floor he crazy i went to the . flea market pitt rock you use the e to . the cellar to smoke smoke smoke rock you . think we should go to the bikini bottom. i think we should . okay race huh playing that races oh one . love okay you like it did you put that . there. or he put that there whoa what if i kill . you homer . huh you ever had a drill a hole in your . head wooden one another hole in your ass . whoa whoa your murderer oh i thought it . was a real sword so this is a plant huh . huh just a plant that sword so it mean . if you plant the sore and you pull it up . no you are a viking be the one to pull . it out hey lowell knows almost devil . worshipers that's me we're gonna make . that is here you go welcome acknowledge . may i take your order please pull around . so i can suck your deed what the fuck . wait wait wait i ain't mean to say . nothing don't count the days make the . days count muhammad ali huh why . everything on your wall gotta be goddamn. black huh i gotta be black clothes why . you ain't got mexican quotes on there . i'm going to the quisiera tomorrow . oh rats must die homer each other for my . tongue in this cage snag allah come on . do this do this right half rabies . comer asco do a tree bill trick boy do . drink don't drink bill tree idiot don't . you know cuz you just building know why . you want to be instigated oh cuz he . black asking or a super . where would you know i sleep early in . his morning wake up wake up oh you went . to sleep let me guess let me sleep my . boy damn. hey bae what's good what's good boy girl . boy girl boy girl whoa whoa whoa wait . wait wait what a dildo i'm telling you . as a dildo saber truly oh know what they . say right. no wait i really do with you aunt cass . oh . looking in i went march nome railroad . all the years of my life here what joke . you always trying to throw water know if . he's just trying to phone it yeah wait . wait wait no whoa whoa whoa it turns out . there was no way and we gotta get some . one two three hey let me lick your ass . huh we just made razor came what are you . getting homer again maybe huh i see i'm . gonna kiss kiss you feel upset right now . blue blue i need to test that no bro . this airplane wait give me a box mate a . box oh i'm sorry . look at that pineapple under the sea oh . my girl wait let me suck it with bread . you got big money now wait wait wait . what you going with that thank you my . dear. and bay let me eat my food you hear the . brakes too hard. hold on baby you need to shut the hell . up and suck my fur there why are you . driving like this . oh my god i'm gonna lose my mind . you didn't lose i don't want to hear it . hey omer what you want to eat you say . you've seen them people that do what . they can right how about we put a box we . put a metal detector up there too so . lucky. whoa wait wait i know it's dangerous if . we put a box in his there oh what'd you . talk about . wait wait wait wait if we dig deep deep . deep deep deep what do it lead us oh oh . what i please golden treasure what about . you mr. dan shak you know what happened . off the goonies the dude got hit by hey . gang we added some windex we finna go in . there and get some stuff for the crib . you already know what it is make that . babish murder back down we got my bar . right here you really like but i think . it's oh no you'd get to the ground what . go in front of money you just need to . come up with a new line you know we . tuned in we just made it to win diggs . we're gonna get some stuff what you got . take this out my i'm trying to get on . what you got on you trying to fill a . pool of with coke coca-cola you serious . with our child . [music]. [music]. come on let's go. [applause]. [music]. .
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