My lips are cracking….

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What is up guys and welcome back to the blog so to start the day yesterday's vlog is still uploading right now and rachel wants to bring the dogs to the dog park it's really windy outside and it's kind of chilly so right now she's putting griffeys little jacket on did you put chloe's little thing on and i thought rachel is going to put clothes jacket on but instead she put the miss hitting rate come on you're really gonna bring her to the dog park with that on anyways i'm gonna toss the camera over to rachel and rachel is going to vlog when she goes to the dog park and you guys will be able to see the dogs playing around and everything just because i gotta stay here until my blog gets uploaded good girl good girl come on grass committee coming guys hey marco look let's go into good girl come here chloe carbons how are you doing here my treat look good yep you could curl baby uh-huh come on go around that's why i brought you guys here ready freddie goin ok are down so impressed with chard for the day and i know in the other blog a couple days ago you guys really enjoyed when i tossed the camera over to rachel and let her blog a little bit for you guys and she said that she was trying to record in the camera was just not letting her record because i ran out of room on my memory card rachel actually ended up running to albertsons which is a grocery store she got some wheat bread and then she got these white cheddar cheese e poof's and i keep saying cheesy poof's you guys notice when i did the prank on rachel's like the south south park think well math she poops so these cheesy pasta is so fucking good rachel have to get more bread because we ran out of bread to make turkey sandwiches we still have a little bit of turkey left and we also have a whole nother turkey that we still need to cook but i hope you guys did enjoy one race was blogging a little bit for you guys you know she went to the dog park hung out with the dogs chloe can i please take that off you can i take that off you come here he had she's like get that off me dad you're all better and all right devin just got here not too long ago as you guys can tell we switched living rooms took the tv off the entertainment center moved it over here on the table for the perfect call of duty setup i just got to me in turkey sandwich in it is so dry in las vegas right now i woke up this morning everything was fine and now all the sudden my lips are just extremely chap they hurt so bad they're starting to crack what are you doing baby we watchin is it just me are your lips chapped ooh minor so fucking chapter right now i just want to take a bite of a biscuit and i open my mouth like kind of wide and i could just feel like my lips tearing i do have chapstick in my car i just remembered so i'm going to run out and grab that really quick just threw some pork tenderloin in a sink full of lukewarm water or lukewarm or whatever the fuck the name is to defrost that for dinner and then we're also going to have some broccoli and cheese as well i kind of am getting back into playing call of duty a lot recently it is something that i really enjoy doing i used to play a lot when i was younger i kind of got out of it and i also used to play before i started blogging i played a lot and then flogging took up most of my time from being able to play video games but i'm making time now since it is something that i really enjoyed it due to play call of duty and i'm also thinking about possibly starting a game in channel it's just a lot more work that's like more video that i'm gonna have to add it and more thought that i'm gonna have to put into things that would probably just be like commentary and gameplay like meat on you guys funny a stories and shit well i'm fucking working kids and call of duty alright so this meat is fully thought it's roasted garlic and cracked black pepper tenderloin so what i'm gonna do is come in this bag or whatever and then i'm gonna head out and try cooking on the grill even though it is really windy and it's actually way to windy outside to use the grill the flames kept going out even when it was turned all the way up so i guess we're just gonna have to end up baking this pork tenderloin in the oven so the oven is preheating right now maybe this pork tenderloin it looks like heaven forbid smells like heaven to can we need to get some new knives these kitchen knives are so dull and a million that inside looks perfecto yeah i'm a fucking professional i can read directions on google that worked under one in my opinion was so good but rachel thinks its season too much you're gonna be water here this is water oh he does not want the water very sick not one of the water bottle never seen before look i don't have any more dip step step stay stay stay stay particular seven is really trying to prestige on call of duty right now i'm all call of duty to help for the day we played so much today now i'm just going to relax watch a movie with baby we're gonna watch the uninvited i don't think i've seen this before i guess it's supposed to be a somewhat scary movie stop trying to take my fucking armpits stop do you want to come cuddle come on come on baby get up here pick up babe how come you didn't tell me because you just bigger on the camera already guys so it is currently the next day kinda had quite a bit of trouble falling asleep last night i think i'm actually starting to come down with a cold as you bass guitar sound a little congested but today is a day that i can finally switch my internet so as soon as this blog is done getting uploaded i'm gonna be calling a few cable companies in seeing which company offers the best internet so i can finally switch but that's pretty much going to wrap it up for this blog i hope you guys enjoyed know it was kind of a short vlog yesterday was sunday i just felt like being lazy and playing video games jordan just sent me a text message and said 11-50 p. m. las vegas nevada so i think jordans actually going to be coming to las vegas for a few days so that should be pretty interesting we're going to do some crazy shit three dads one house by three dads obviously meet jordan and evan i'm pretty sure we're going to be doing some crazy shit coming up but i need to hurry up and get this vlog uploaded i need to call the cable company and i need to get some new internet and now my blog will be going back up on time again which i'm super-excited for it i know you guys are gonna be excited for it to shout out of the day is going to go out to natalie thorn on twitter thank you so much natalie for following me recently and always reading my tweets i really do appreciate it if you guys would like to be shot out of the day make sure to follow me on all my social media accounts links are in the description below i need to go put on some chapstick and i will see you guys tomorrow
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