My Mom and Dad learn about what happened at Boogie's house and we also discover some suspicious things about Kidbehindacamera.
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Hey there j0 commentaries here it is a chill saturday that's how you know my hair's down guys look at this but it's more even it for those that love the psycho series its back it's the same chord that went all the way to the more ability what's coming to you because we are playing virtual reality i put it on and it's three mornings my moms playing russian blood right now absolutely horrifying one gun i'm just going to shoot with the left hand anyway don't you just do it she's doing yeah god [music] a psychic dead then everyone was freaking out on that crazy huh she was screaming like fucking pewdiepie back in the day and dad's trying out this first level is taking super-seriously then no it wasn't a weird coming out of it yeah and local dollar arm and it wasn't my clothes js do it just got done taking your temperature she thought she was sick and yeah she just got done drinking hot tea so it's like over a hundred degrees she's like oh my god i'm sick and she's like i was like no you just drink hot tea so then she's all limited cold water then it was like 96 degrees no that's because you just fucking drink drink juice and then now it's and then i took it again it was 98 points90 a voice say well i think your are vacant so whatever attention is that what it is because jazz she has been the videos for a while guys we would even know yourself now we're gonna now that's all that's it i mean working days are actually about the show my parents the new album have them listen to it's coming out in a bit not sure when exactly but yeah it's pretty good like weeks it's pretty good week's been pretty good but don't stop jackie's juliet we're going to get some sushi right now i mean really haven't gotten sushi in a long time that's been our like favorite pastime back when she was in college and she's not anymore it's weird and fall semester like i know she was in college she's the one that graduated but like i got used to her being in college so i mean we're kind of reliving it winter will get some nice warm soosh guys sorry it looks like i was crying a little bit list of the album again dude i don't get emotional emotional over many things but when i hear a good a good song or i will watch a really fucking profound movie get emotional and you don't want this album fucking killer guys fucking killer can't wait for it to come out please look look at this julie copy we look anything like me we would you look so good looking real good with sushi we have the same exact thank you everything you do is we got some sushi right now probably go back home place of er we've been obsessed with vr is non stop it its rights actually like us to where we got last night i didn't even have concerning show you how did you hear about this please yeah play w just seen the places you know yeah i mean i was watching some things around it are you gonna tell your parents about that going to do they watch the videos and i'm not about that don't even know what i said i would you know if i tell them that they'll never let me go anywhere ever again in my life they were saying before i left like it's 42 year-old 40-year old man say it was also pretty so what i don't look like jacket either way but maybe this is a good test to see if they actually watch my videos which i don't i don't know where we don't talk about please don't know about tricked me i know it's like oh yeah i'm surprised you for bringing me like oh shoot i mean i'd be out of the house because i do this dude just saw your man about the cock walk me pick what we all coming from yeah we got some sushi yeah domo domo ya termino homo haha good one thankee you up to the minute you get out here like are so serious butterfly i was hoping sorry you guys had to wait 48 longer could be our read up hows it already is just a better knowledge it going to be there met the definitions man sleeping that wow nice i watch my other videos watching my bullshit what i want to watch that pickle fucking i'm not a movie watch this guy is a separate times maybe it's that good what is this i didn't expect why do you keep expecting to see i'm not trying to see the choconut i'm trying to see what is this well business this is a shed so on his property did you look in there and i couldn't even tell her that was wider picture and i didn't know what he was going for this challenge yeah you're still watching through yeah we're looking through his stuff i mean i was kinda have kidding this i don't understand ya there i looked through his eyes look through his pool house look through is a what are you whatever that shed the garage thing i looked through a shed proposed definitely well this thing's behalf of that fine back me heart behind their property they were so worried about you that's why you came expecting to sit i'm not trying to see the talking about no i'm not trying to see if he was going to anything but they were so paranoid about this that's what do you say i don't want to keep a big room is a shed where what is it really i said is if you don't be like the pool area there was a gate that goes back to a fenced-in area that was a neighbor's place now it is oh we could play but where is that telling you go back go back like three more clicks going keep going right there what the fuck is x there you go so what it do that's a vet here you know we're in here and now let's see the gate back there so we are going to worry about what games open and let me hop that alright well i don't know i don't know what that fun yeah yeah i guess you don't want to do is you just like the type of all in boxing like titanfall boxing wow journey to enjoy your plane bye bitch nice nice oh wow oh sweet was i'm it's about time i got one of these i always wanted one of these fucking things going to do with this do some really fucked up with it does that mean let me guess what me does that mean whenever whenever i didn't remember seeing that shit i'm start looking a little susan stuff was good watch it watch it disappointing we're closer now available soldier you think in the long as you can keep the opponent will be able to move right here right here watch we think it's your backyard your 20 fingers should be there dude where's it coming from doing has me to show a submission yes it is the fucking shit dude look at this guy y-yeah i'm gonna analyze your hero no more shit fine i say that joke you might even say that joke had no response i i shouldn't like where you comin from mike look at who you're having so no you put a snickers out-of-pocket fight through that mouth down south people got our house and one know people of outhouses they had fucking sheds they have sheds apparently hid behind fences in my thing dude dude that is like the equivalent of having like a fake bookcase that you pull a book and it opens up a hidden dungeon or some shit like that just shook aka their fucking hands on me and screw screw us scruffy-looking rules for looking and not finding it we wasted all that time it was raining former fit well i guess it was behind the neighbors dude it's it's it's weird there's gotta be some more there's gotta be some more proof is there any other shit going on in value if i found that maybe i just did it maybe i just bought into it dude i just get a benefit down i do have fun while give up you i'm gonna move this portion here everyone else it's all good don't forget about that jesse what did i just see oh why don't we use what did i just see on your channel when you went to boys okay well okay well that was a prank alright that was not something i didn't what did you see if he's got a shirt off that was not see you got something to tell me anything tell you do you want to be used to see her that yet i'll tell my fam and pounces on you in a bed for a partner that too i know what that was all right michael michael green pickle boy set that shit up apparently booking i should like that you got my board that's you have to report thing is i mean we were trying to little bit but it's all it's whatever now because because parker help me out we got out its fine but it was a fireworks up in the attic you could have been seriously hurt held but hit you in the leg back deluge it was but it was a phone-based i like fucking metalcore some shit done did he knocks and fireworks up into the yeah he did but you know what we're here now and it was all praying it was all but that's not funny i don't worry about you do a print like yours old i agree but i sold cogs i was going to but we did i stuff too soon what time does your fucking surprising sg-1 you don't have big youtubers like this i'm gonna benefit of the doubt we've done pranks before they got it they got it out for you it's it's pretty guys that's wait that's not a pretty nice out there that's i mean that's that's one thing for sure i'm just i'm sorry i just something like that you will write your i don't know where it is right now i hate to say it but we were right it was as though you just show up and go to some 42-year old guy's house what i don't think he's actually he's not actually that committees a little bit crazy but that was just a little thing a lot crazy ok everybody everybody gable jesse right now you were looking out for your best interests you trust people and you jump parker into that to parker's already i've already heard it fucking tenfold and parker so it's fine my buttholes intact and totally get what you get and then waiting for them to do it to you when they got everything is out to get you know it's michael michael said this whole thing and i was looking i was looking on here right let's watch this little part here this is on my channel through me for not seeing it right here where he's coming from but we think it's coming back he's coming back from reward wherever you sold action on that video rights going back from there almost beyond what does that look money is probably find some shit and then get multiple over your eyes the whole time you were there i mean i to

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