Natalie’s Rap 2 – SNL

Natalie Portman shares what's new in her life.
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>>> we're here today with film. star natalie portman. now natalie, the last time you. were here, i heard things got a. little out of control . >> yeah, well i was going. through a really weird time. then, but i've matured a lot. >> well that's good to hear. why don't you fill us in on what. it's like to be you . >> okay, you bish. >> i'm sorry, what . ???. ? yeah, portman portman. portman portman portman. portman. ? your husband and his. friends run out to. portman. messed around and made. the same song twice. here's the words now we. get condoleeza rice. xannies dissolving in my. pino. my man's dance buddy's. not a. ballerino ?. yeah. what happen up a burrito. the only thing i snack on. ? black out and go. mother. [ bleep ] black swan?. ?turn into a foster boy?. >> it seems like you're. almost. exactly the same, but you have. different references. >> it seems the same, but just. up dated. >> do you find it difficult. juggling these kids and movies. >> juggle these nuts. ? i was blazed out, smoking, you. know i'm a doctor ?. ? hell yeah i'm positive, that's. what is going on i'm busting my. prerogatives ?. ? i guess i'm showing my age,. now bend over and spread them. because you're about to get. [ bleep ] ?. i guess i'm showing may age, now. turn over and spread them. because you're about to get. [ bleep ]. >> have you seen the new "star. wars" movies . >> no. >> they're much better than ?. --. ? say something about it mother. [ bleep ], while i -- on your. face and take a [ bleep ] ?. ? on 17 while i sit on your face. and take a ?. ? oh natalie, it's been seven. ? baby, he cries himself to. sleep every night ?. ? that little [ bleep ] ain't. mine ?. ? oh natalie, it's been 12 long. years, you're a mess, carl. >> okay well, that's all the. time we have. natalie, one last question. do you think those times the. times up thing have the impact. you were hoping for . >> how's that for impact . >> actually --. >> no more questions. ???. .
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